Dec 25, 2013

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Kodo Weblog Renovation

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Kodo Weblog Renovation


新設 鼓童ブログ

We have given the Kodo Weblog a brand new look, making it easier to read by separating the Japanese and English parts into two separate pages. We will be making regular updates, so please keep an eye out for new posts!

New Kodo Blog

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Dec 08, 2013

花岡哲海 2013年12月8日
Tetsumi Hanaoka Dec 8, 2013

「鼓童ワン・アース・ツアー〜神秘」 上手袖編

舞台がスムーズに進行するためには、袖の中が整理整頓されてなければなりません! 曲の順番ごとに太鼓やバチ、小道具を並べて、しっかりと準備して本番にそなえます。



"Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery" Stage Left Series

For the concert to progress smoothly, we have to keep the wings organised! We prepare for each piece by arranging the taiko, drumsticks and so on in the order we need to use them.

Hey! Who's that practising in the corner of my shot?

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Dec 07, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年12月7日
Kodo Online Store Dec 7, 2013

Introducing a new "Kodo x Shinzaburo Hanpu Collaboration Bag"!



This bag, featuring the uroko (scale) design on Kodo's stage costumes, was made in collaboration with the famous Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu store in Higashiyama, Kyoto.
A limited number are available at Kodo concert venues and from the Kodo Online Store, so be in quick to get yours! (We're not sure if more will be made, so don't miss out!)

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Nov 12, 2013

辻小夜 2013年11月9日
Sayo Tsuji Nov 9, 2013



The "Kodo Genki Club" joined the Local Ekiden Relay Race. Kiyoko, Shinichi, Yoshikazu, Kazuki and I passed the sash from member to member and comfortably ran 25.7km total in 2hrs 2mins & 17secs. Thank you everyone who cheered us on!

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Oct 28, 2013

見留知弘 2013年10月28日
Tomohiro Mitome Oct 27, 2013



All of the Amaterasu performances have come to an end.
Thank you very much to everyone who came along.

Tomohiro Mitome

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Oct 05, 2013

見留知弘 2013年10月5日
Tomohiro Mitome Oct 5, 2013



At last, the curtain will rise for our first performance of "Amaterasu" in Minami-za Theater in Kyoto. Thank you all for the full house. We will do the best until the last day of the performances on the 27th.


October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
"Amaterasu" (Kyoto)

Tomohiro Mitome

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Sep 29, 2013

見留知弘 2013年9月29日
Tomohiro Mitome Sep 29, 2013




Our performances of "Amaterasu" at Hakataza Theater have come to an end. Thank you very much to everyone who came along. Following suit from the Tokyo ACT Theater concerts, we had a full house and standing tickets sold every day.

Next, we will be waiting for everyone in Kyoto for the performances at Minami-za Kabuki Theater.

Tomohiro Mitome


September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
"Amaterasu" (Fukuoka, Kyoto)

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Sep 19, 2013

見留知弘 2013年9月19日
Tomohiro Mitome Sep 19, 2013



On a day off from our Hakataza Theater performances, a group of us went on an optional day trip to Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture to visit the opening of Amaterasu's cave.

First we paid a visit to Amano Iwato Shrine, went to the shrine precinct where the cave is, and then on to Amano Yasukawara. This is the place where it is said that all the gods and goddesses gathered, so I really wanted everyone to see it. Afterwards, we paid a visit to Aradate Shrine. This is where Ameno-uzume and Sarutahiko are deified, a home to the gods of performing arts.





Then we went to Takachiho Shrine. There are around 100 shrines in the town of Takachiho, and this shrine is said to be ranked the highest. In front of the main shrine there were crops that looked like offerings, and when I asked about them I was told that the locals brought foxtail millet there because it is a crop associated with huge harvests. When we paid homage at the main shrine, we saw the iron guardian lion-dogs made in the Kamakura Period (important cultural assets) and we were given an explanation of the various theories of Aun and this shrine's theory.

There was a statue of Ameno-uzume at the entrance of Takachiho Shrine.

It was a clear day on our pilgramage and on the way home we saw a beautiful sunset. Refreshed, we will do our best in the upcoming performances, too.


September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
"Amaterasu" (Fukuoka, Kyoto)

Tomohiro Mitome

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Sep 17, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年9月17日
Kodo Online Store Sep 17, 2013


今治タオル(日本製 綿100%)のガーゼマフラーを特別にダブルで編み上げ、ストールとしてもお使いいただけるように仕上げました。一枚一枚職人による手織り、手染めの数量限定生産です。アマテラス公演会場にて発売中です。博多座にご来場の際には、ぜひ、鼓童グッズの販売コーナーにお立ち寄りくださいませ。

"Kodo Original Stole"
Now on sale at our "Amaterasu" performances!

This stole is a special double-weave version of the Imabari Towel gauze scarf, made from 100% cotton. The stoles are all handmade and only a limited number have been produced. When you come to see Amaterasu at Hakataza Theater, please visit the Kodo goods corner and have a look!

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Sep 05, 2013

鼓童 News 2013年9月5日
Kodo News Sep 5 2013


アマテラス博多座公演、本日初日です! 皆様のご来場をお待ち致しております。

太鼓芸能集団 鼓童

Today is the first performance of "Amaterasu" at Hakataza Theater!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone here!

Kodo, Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble


September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
"Amaterasu" (Fukuoka, Kyoto)

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Sep 03, 2013

松田菜瑠美 2013年9月3日
Narumi Matsuda Sep 3, 2013

9月の藤本吉利と藤本容子のゲスト出演情報です! 第2回目となる「祭響 -saikyou-」公演、今年はプログラムを変えて大阪堺市で行います。鼓童のほか、三宅島芸能同志会、和知太鼓保存会、そして地元堺市で活動する和太鼓京が出演します。和太鼓を中心とした濃い舞台が見れること間違いなしです。是非お越しください!

お問い合わせ:和太鼓 京 代表 土師(はぜ) Tel: 090-5678-9241(平日19:00〜21:00)

藤本吉利・藤本容子ゲスト出演「祭響 -saikyou-」

Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Yoko Fujimoto Guest Appearances in "Saikyou"

The 2nd "Saikyou" concert will be held this year in Osaka's Sakai City, featuring a brand new program. Yoshikazu & Yoko Fujimoto will appear with Miyakejima Geino Doshikai, Wachi Daiko Hozonkai, and local taiko group Wadaiko Miyako. Come along and feel the power, thrill and fun of Japanese taiko with your eyes, ears, body and soul!

September 22 (Sun) Mihara Cultural Hall, Sakai, Osaka
Doors Open: 18:00 / Start: 18:30
Advance/ At-the-door: 3,500 yen
Inquiries: Wadaiko Miyako Leader Mr. Haze Tel. 090-5678-9241 (Weekdays 19:00 - 21:00)

Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Yoko Fujimoto Guest Appearances in "Saikyou"

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Aug 26, 2013

見留知弘 2013年8月26日
Tomohiro Mitome Aug 26, 2013

Thank you very much for coming to Earth Celebration 2013.


This picture shows our farewell taiko at the port on the 26th.

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Aug 22, 2013

藤本容子 2013年8月22日
Yoko Fujimoto Aug 22, 2013

Yoko Fujimoto & Masami MIyazaki's "Song Jack-in-the-Box": We're getting ready excitedly!!!



日時:8月25日(日) 10:00〜11:00

An hour of singing nostalgic Japanese nursery songs while playing taiko and other rhythmical instruments. Please take part in this fun time with your kids! We are waiting for you all and hope it's a big group!

Date & Time: Aug. 25 (Sun) 10:00 – 11:00
Venue: Rito Centre 3F
Participation Fee: Adult-and-child pair ticket 3,000 yen
Additional participants: One adult 2,500 yen, One child 500 yen
Requirements: Ages 3 to 8
Instructors: Yoko Fujimoto, Masami Miyazaki (Kodo)
Notes: This event will be conducted in Japanese.

アース・セレブレーション 2013

August 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun)
Earth Celebration 2013

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Aug 19, 2013

見留知弘 2013年8月19日 Tomohiro Mitome Aug 19, 2013


EC 2013 is this weekend!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone here!!!
The leader of taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo



アース・セレブレーション 2013

August 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun)
Earth Celebration 2013

Tomohiro Mitome

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Aug 13, 2013

鼓童 News 2013年8月13日
Kodo News Aug 13, 2013




収録曲:M1 男の火祭り
    M2 お酒と一緒に
    M3 男の火祭り(オリジナル・カラオケ)
    M4 お酒と一緒に(オリジナル・カラオケ)

Kodo Participation in Recording of Fuyumi Sakamoto's Enka Song "Otoko no Himatsuri"

Kodo took part in the recording of Fuyumi Sakamoto's first enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad) song in five years, "Otoko no Himatsuri" (Men's Fire Festival). The theme of this song is Wakayama Prefecture's renowned Nachi Fire Festival. This piece joins Ms. Sakamoto's enka repertoire of "male songs" and "rousing anthems to fire up Japanese men." Kodo's Tomohiro Mitome, Mitsuru Ishizuka, and Tsuyoshi Maeda participated in the recording.
CD on sale: Oct 2, 2013
Price: 1,200

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Jul 27, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年7月27日
Kodo Online Store July 27, 2013



【タオル】EC2013 ふわりタオル 生成り/ターコイズ

愛媛の「今治タオル」製の、ざっくりした織りの布に「Earth Celebration」のロゴがプリントされています。首に巻いたり、汗を拭うのにもお使いいただけます。今年は人気の「生成り」と「ターコイズ」の2色。気になる方はお早めにお求めください!


Earth Celebration 2013 merchandise is on sale now. These towels were made in Imabari, Ehime, a famous place for towel production. They include the Earth Celebration logo. You can wear it around your neck like a scarf and even use it to wipe your brow in the summer heat. This year, 2 popular colors are available: off-white and turquoise. Please order your favorite color while stocks last!
Price: 2,800 yen
For orders and inquiries in English, please email:

アース・セレブレーション 2013

August 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun)
Earth Celebration 2013

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Jul 17, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年7月17日
Kodo Online Store July 17, 2013

iPhone5用 ウッドケース入荷!


A wooden case for iPhone5 is available now. It was on sale at the Amaterasu performance venue in Tokyo and is now available at Kodo Online Store!
Price: 5,000 yen
For orders and inquiries in English, please email:


iPhone5用 ウッドケース

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Jul 09, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年7月9日
Kodo Online Store July 9, 2013



【バッグ】EC2013 トートバッグ生成り 赤/紺


【バッグ】EC2013 トートバッグ 黒


Earth Celebration 2013 merchandise is on sale now. This convenient tote bag is large enough to fit all sorts of things.
Size: H 36cm × W 37cm × D 10cm
Price: 1,500 yen
For orders and inquiries in English, please email:

アース・セレブレーション 2013

August 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun)
Earth Celebration 2013

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Jul 08, 2013

松浦充長 2013年7月8日
Mitsunaga Matsuura July 8, 2013

昨日は七夕。アマテラス公演 スサノオ役の小田洋介が笹を持って来てくれたので、みんなで願い事を書きました。

A Wish for Tanabata (The Star Festival)

Yesterday was Tanabata. Amaterasu's Susano'o, a.k.a. Yosuke Oda brought in some bamboo fronds, so we all wrote our wishes and decorated them.

Image185His card reads: A wish for everyone's health, Yosuke

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Jul 07, 2013

鼓童 News 2013年7月7日
Kodo News July 8, 2013

アマテラス公演会場にて、鼓童グッズ・CD・DVDを3,000円以上お買い上げのお客様に【アマテラス スサノオ役 小田 洋介サイン入り鼓童オリジナルポストカード】をプレゼント!

Kodo Original Postcard Present

We are giving original Kodo postcards signed by Yosuke Oda, who plays Susano'o in "Amaterasu," to people who purchase Kodo merchandise to the value of 3,000 yen or more at the Amaterasu concert venue.

There are a limited number, so this offer is available only while stocks last.

日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」

July, September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
(Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)

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Jul 06, 2013

松浦充長 2013年7月6日
Mitsunaga Matsuura July 6, 2013



The 3rd day of “Amaterasu.”
It got so hot today. It seems like we just had opening night, and in a flash, we've already had 3 performances. We are thankful to hear that standing tickets have been purchased every day. There is some merchandise that is only available at the ACT Theater, so when you come to the theater, please come by the original goods stand!

日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」

July, September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
(Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)

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Jul 02, 2013

鼓童News 2013年7月2日
Kodo News July 2, 2013

A massive banner has appeared at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo.


It's almost July 4th, our opening night!
We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」

July, September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
(Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)

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Jun 28, 2013

松浦充長 2013年6月28日
Mitsunaga Matsuura Jun 28, 2013



■日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」
・7月4日(木)〜28日(日)東京都港区 赤坂ACTシアター
・9月5日(木)〜29日(日)福岡県福岡市 博多座
・10月5日(土)〜27日(日)京都府京都市 南座

Today our rehearsals for "Amaterasu" on Sado Island finished, and we are about to depart for Tokyo. Tamasaburo Bando and Kodo are joined by former Takarazuka Revue male role star Harei Aine for this production with a brand new cast. Seven years have passed since our first "Amaterasu" collaboration in 2007. Don't miss our fresh rendition of this classic tale!

Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
July 4 (Thu) - 28 (Sun) Akasaka ACT Theater, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Sep. 5 (Thu) - 29 (Sun) Hakataza Theater, Fukuoka City
Oct. 5 (Sat) - 27 (Sun) Minami-za Kabuki Theater, Kyoto City

日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」

July, September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
(Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)


■Harei Aine Special Appearance at EC 2013!
Former Takarazuka Revue male role star Harei Aine, who plays the role of Ameno-uzume in“Amaterasu" with Tamasaburo Bando and Kodo, will appear at Earth Celebration 2013's final Shiroyama concert as a special guest.

アース・セレブレーション 2013

August 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun)
Earth Celebration 2013

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Jun 20, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年6月20日
Kodo Online Store June 20, 2013

Earth Celebration 2013 merchandise is on sale now. It is very popular, so please buy your favorite items sooner rather than later.


【Tシャツ】EC2013 #3 ドルマンスリーブ

【T-shirt】EC2013 #3 Dolman Sleeve
M size only. 50% cotton & 50% polyester. Light and soft. Black print on the heather red base.


【Tシャツ】EC2013 #4 チュニックタンクトップ

【T-shirt】EC2013 #4 Tunic Tank Top
M size only. 50% cotton & 50% polyester. Cute, draped style. A-line silhouette. You can layer over other items. White print on black base.


Kodo Online Store
*This page is in Japanese only, but you can use it to check the color, design and price. For orders and inquires, please contact the Kodo Online Store directly by email.
Earth Celebration 2013

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Jun 14, 2013

鼓童オンラインストア 2013年6月14日
Kodo Online Store June 14, 2013

Earth Celebration 2013 merchandise is on sale now!



▲EC2013 #1 インディゴ/ Indigo

▲EC2013 #2 バーガンディ/ Burgundy


Size: XS - XL (XS is a 160cm children's size), 100% cotton with stencilled logos and illustrations. This T-shirts breathes well and is comfortable to wear because the print does not use oil ink.


Kodo Online Store
*This page is in Japanese only, but you can use it to check the color, design and price. For orders and inquiries, please contact the Kodo Online Store directly by email.
Earth Celebration 2013

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Jun 05, 2013

洲﨑拓郎 2013年6月5日 Takuro Susaki June 5, 2013


本日より、いよいよ「ワン・アース・ツアー2013 〜伝説」浅草連続公演が始まります。また、浅草千秋楽の6月9日には、公演をUSTREAMにてインターネット生中継を行います。劇場内では、配信のための準備も着々と進んでおります。


The Asakusa performances of "Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend" begin today. The finale on June 9th will be broadcast live online via Ustream. We are getting ready for the broadcast at the theater already.

Whether you come to the theatre or watch the performance on your computer screen, we hope you'll enjoy the concerts with us!


鼓童ワン・アース・ツアー2013 〜伝説 浅草公演USTREAM生中継

Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend Japan Finale Performance in Asakusa to be broadcast live online.

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May 31, 2013

鼓童News 2013年5月31日 
Kodo News May 31, 2013





日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」


Announcing appearance on radio.
Shogo, the musical director for Amaterasu, will be on TBS Radio as a special guest. You can hear about his thoughts regarding the "Amaterasu" performances and his experience with Kodo. It was recorded yesterday and Shogo and the radio personality, Mr. Saito, took this commemorative photo together at the recording.

Program: Entertainment Express 954
Date & Time: June 2 (Sun) 20:30 - 21:00
Radio Station: TBS Radio
July, September and October in 2013
Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"

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2013年5月31日 鼓童オンラインストア
May 31, 2013 Kodo Online Store



This is an announcement about Earth Celebration 2013 (Aug. 23-25) merchandise. Now all EC goods are on sale prior to the festival through the Kodo Online Store. There is only a limited number of each design for sale, so we recommend buying your favorite items sooner rather than later. The Kodo Online Store with EC goods is in Japanese only, so to order the Earth Celebration official goods in English, have a look at the items on the Japanese site, and then please contact the Kodo Online Store directly by email:

Kodo Online Store

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花岡哲海 2013年5月31日
Tetsumi Hanaoka May 31, 2013

「伝説」ここが見所! シリーズ(6) 

"Legend" Check This Out! Series (6)
Tetsumi Hanaoka



My recommendation is definitely "Onidaiko!" Onidako is a demon dance, but the demons are good ones, giving us abundant crops and good health. As a wish for your health, I will become a demon and perform with all my might. I hope you'll like it!


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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住吉佑太 2013年5月31日
Yuta Sumiyoshi May 31, 2013

「伝説」ここが見所! シリーズ(5)

"Legend" Check This Out! Series (5)
Yuta Sumiyoshi



I think that in "Legend," you have to check out "Kaden." This is a monumental piece that was composed for
this "Legend" tour with a range of parts from precise, delicate rhythms to the energetic collision of six individual personalities. Each day brings its own sound, and we play off each other in response to that sound with everything we have. Please come to the theater to witness this calculated form of improvisation.


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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May 25, 2013

阿部研三 2013年5月25日
Kenzo Abe May 25, 2013

「伝説」ここが見所! シリーズ(4)

"Legend" Check This Out! Series (4)
Kenzo Abe




The 1st half & 2nd half contrast of stillness and motion. Especially, "Tsukimachi" in 2nd half is an energetic piece, which is an arrangement of Hachijo Daiko. The rhythm is very worldy, so please look forward to the ensemble's sound when they beat both the skins and the rims of the taiko. You may be surprised to find the way drumsticks move to make such sounds.

Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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May 22, 2013

石塚充 2013年5月22日
Mitsuru Ishizuka May 22, 2013

「伝説」ここが見所! シリーズ(3)
石塚 充

"Legend" Check This Out! Series (3)
Mitsuru Ishizuka



I recommend seeing Kenta playing "O-daiko."




His body is like a marlin's, very strong and supple. His drumming produces roaring sounds and his simple, calm character creates a deep, flavorful rhythm. If you hear his taiko close-up, your heart will surely be roused! If you need more vitality for tomorrow, you must see it today!

Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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松田菜瑠美 2013年5月22日
Narumi Matsuda May 22, 2013




After lunch, Yoshikazu invited us to dance onikenbai. "I brought fans and bamboo sticks (instead of swords), so you can just come along and dance!" "Yes" is the only word I was able to say... Some of us (staff, not performers) got out of breath, but it was nice to be on the ground and to feel the wind outside.

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May 21, 2013

松浦充長 2013年5月21日
Mitsunaga Matsuura May 21, 2013


富山へ向け移動中、お世話になっている浅野太鼓さんへ寄らさせていただきました。偶然にも奈良 薬師寺 管主 山田法胤様も立ち寄られており、中込 健太の大太鼓を聞いていただきました。帰り際に皆さんで記念写真を1枚!

Visiting Asano Taiko.
On the way to Toyama, we visited Asano Taiko, who make our drums. The priest of famous Yakushiji Temple in Nara was also visiting there unexpectedly and we were able to have him listen Kenta's o-daiko. Here is a commemorative photograph before we left!


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May 20, 2013

松浦充長 2013年5月20日
Mitsunaga Matsuura May 20, 2013


We performed with Miyakejima Geino Doshikai in their concert "Matsurine.” In this festival of men, the taiko performers were very dignified and I felt their perspiration was so cleansing.


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May 17, 2013

宮﨑正美 2013年5月17日
Masami Miyazaki May 17, 2013


"Legend" Check This Out! Series (2)
Masami Miyazaki


This "Legend" tour began around this time last year, and after touring abroad, now we are back on the road in Japan again.


Our performance is more powerful than ever now, so even if you saw it last year, you'll find plenty to see if you come again. Please join us and experience the resounding echoes of our taiko, with the audience and Kodo as one. I like this feeling!


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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鼓童 News 2013年5月17日
Kodo News May 17, 2013




5月26日(日) 13:00~13:54 BS-TBS(予定)
6月1日(土)  16:30~17:00 TBS(予定)
6月9日(日)  12:00~12:55 tvk(テレビ神奈川)(予定)


日本ロレックス PRESENTS 「アマテラス」

July, September, October 2013
Tamasaburo Bando & Kodo Collaboration
Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
(Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)

A program related to the "Amaterasu" performances will be on air soon in Japan. It features a segment where you'll see the unique personalities of various Kodo members, too! We hope you can tune in.

■Broadcast Date:
May 26 (Sun) 13:00 - 13:54 BS - TBS (TBC)
June 1 (Sat) 16:30 - 17:00 TBS (TBC)
June 9 (Sun) 12:00 - 12:55 tvk (TBC)

This program was filmed at Kodo Village on wintery Sado Island in January, and we had a round-table talk with Tamasaburo. It is a rare opportunity to see his frankness. And, our rehearsal with Harei Aine, former Takarazuka Revue male role star, is featured, too. Don't miss it!

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May 16, 2013

辻勝 2013年5月16日
Masaru Tsuji May 16, 2013


The Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend is on the road now.
Today, we've started a new series of posts to introduce the highlights of this performance through the eyes of our performers.


「伝説」ここが見所! シリーズ(1)辻 勝
Masaru Tsuji
May 15, 2013
"Legend" Check This Out! Series (1)

米は噛めば噛むほど甘みが出てきます。僕らの舞台も噛めば噛むほど甘みが… いや、深みが出てきます。去年入った新人の成長も頼もしく、僕達先輩も負けじと磨きをかけております。

The more you chew rice, the sweeter it tastes.
The more you chew our performance, the sweeter… no, the richer it becomes.
The new performers who joined Kodo last year have really grown, and all of us senior members continue to hone our own skills, not to be outdone.



Check out "O-daiko" when you see the performance.
It's interesting that the way each performer's energy is released as they play the big drum is different everyday.
Kenta Nakagome plays first, then next up is Mitsuru Ishizuka who reacts to that drumming, undauntedly, in his performance. Then the third performer, new face Yuta Sumiyoshi comes in to take over and completely devotes his whole body to drumming towards the climax of the piece.
Even just watching this from the wings really fires you up every time.


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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May 15, 2013

松田菜瑠美 2013年5月15日
Narumi Matsuda May 15, 2013


May 14-15, 2013
School Performances in Masuda City and Yoshika Town, Shimane.
Every time we go to a school we are excited to see what kind of children are waiting there for us.
At these schools, the children laughed during the light-hearted pices, concentrated with wide eyes during Yosuke's O-daiko performance, and clapped along to the beat of the encore piece. The children react to us so freely, and it really gives us a boost!


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May 13, 2013

吉井盛悟 2013年5月13日
Shogo Yoshii May 13, 2013





Kenta is making taiko drumsticks in anticipation of our collaboration with Miyakejima Geino Doshikai at "Matsurine."

祭音 -MATSURINE- 2013

Shogo Yoshii

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西村信之 2013年5月13日
Nobuyuki Nishimura May 13, 2013






I saw many Kodo posters around Asakusa. The famous new tower, “Tokyo Sky Tree” is reflected beautifully on the glass wall of the building. There are so many attractions to discover in Asakusa!
Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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May 12, 2013

松田菜瑠美 2013年5月12日
Narumi Matsuda May 12, 2013

「鼓童交流公演 in 川本町」



Kodo Workshop-Performance in Kawamoto Town.
Kawamoto in Shimane is a town surrounded by beautiful mountains. It had been 5 years since Kodo's last visit there.
The weather was so sunny and the sound of taiko booming there had such a feel-good echo.
In the finale of the concert, we enjoyed a lively performance with local taiko group Gogawa Daiko.

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May 11, 2013

松浦充長 2013年5月11日
Mitsunaga Matsuura May 11, 2013

齊藤 栄一WS 富山市立宮野小学校

5月23日富山市オーバードホールで公演する、鼓童ワン・アース・ツアー2013〜伝説のプレイベントとして齊藤 栄一が富山市立宮野小学校5,6年生対象にWSをいたしました。太鼓が好きで素直な宮野小学校児童に、齊藤 栄一の思いが伝わったひと時でした。


■チューリップテレビ(齊藤 栄一 宮野小学校WS ニュース)

Eiichi Saito’s Workshop in Miyano Elementary School, Toyama City
It was held as a pre-event for our Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend performance. Eiichi gave a workshop to 5th and 6th graders from Miyano Elementary School. He was able to convey his heart to good school children who like taiko.

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May 09, 2013

西村信之 2013年5月9日
Nobuyuki Nishimra May 9, 2013







Asakusa is a fun place to find new things. 0ne day, I saw Tokyo Sky Tree with green lights and then another day, I saw it with red ones. They were so beautiful.
Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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May 08, 2013

松浦充長 2013年5月8日
Mitsunaga Matuura May 8, 2013


1組目 取手市で活動する本陣太鼓の皆様。


2組目 お腹の赤ちゃんは8ヶ月だそうです!


3組目 外国の方々もお友達と一緒にご来場。


4組目 ご夫婦、お友達と一緒にご来場。





The first performance of “Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend in Japan” was held in Toride, Ibaragi. Our audience showed us great smiles. (Thank you for accepting to be featured on our weblog!)
Thank you very much for coming to see our performance, everyone!
Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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May 07, 2013

松浦充長 2013年5月7日
Mitsunaga Matuura May 7, 2013




芸術監督: 坂東玉三郎
鼓童ワン・アースツアー2013 ~伝説


We left Kodo Village to begin our tours. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the theaters!
May - June
Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend
School Workshop Performances

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May 05, 2013

西村信之 2013年5月5日その2
Nobuyuki Nishimura May 5, 2012 Part 2





鼓童ワン・アースツアー2013 〜伝説


I walked around Asakusa today.
Pictures from above: Hanayashiki (the first amusement park in Japan), Panda bus (shuttle bus) and a Kodo poster on the bus
For more information about Asakusa, please check our monthly newsletter, Kodo eNews!
Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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西村信之 2013年5月5日その1 
Nobuyuki Nishimura May 5, 2013 Part 1





鼓童ワン・アースツアー2013 〜伝説


I walked around Asakusa today.
Pictures from above: Denbouin Street, Mokubakan Theater and the street
For more information about Asakusa, please check our monthly newsletter, Kodo eNews!
Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend

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Apr 30, 2013

西村信之 2013年4月30日その2
Nobuyuki Nishimura Apr 30, 2013 Part2


During “Japanese Golden Week,” long-term holidays, many people visit Senso Temple. You may purchase a bag of smoke from an incense burner, which we say that you will be clever if you let your head be enveloped with.



Via Senso Temple from the Asakusa Stn., you can reach the Asakusa Public Hall. In front of the hall, there is a section called “Star’s Square.” Here, you will see handprints and autographs of actors and entertainers related to Asakusa. There are 291 handprints! Our artistic director Tamasaburo Bando’s one is there, too. Please come to check it over at the venue!


News20130501oet_poster_jp_s芸術監督: 坂東玉三郎
鼓童ワン・アースツアー2013 ~伝説


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend
Artistic Director: Tamasaburo Bando

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西村信之 2013年4月30日その1
Nobuyuki Nishimura Apr 30, 2013 Part1



From June 6 to 9, we will have 4 performances in Asakusa Public Hall after 30 years' break. This time, we prepare a lot of special tour plans for you to enjoy Asakusa. We have put together special coupons for meals in Asakusa or visits to Tokyo Skytree. Please do not miss this special occasion!

News20130501oet_poster_jp_s芸術監督: 坂東玉三郎
鼓童ワン・アースツアー2013 ~伝説


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend
Artistic Director: Tamasaburo Bando

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Apr 23, 2013

松田菜瑠美 2013年4月23日
Narumi Matsuda Apr 23, 2013

新潟日報 メディアシップ「出航祭」

新潟市万代地区に、新潟日報社の新社屋として地上20階の高層ビル「メディアシップ」が誕生しました。この建物、現代の北前船をイメージしたそうで、曲線を描くフォルムがユニークなビルです。そのオープン記念となる「出航祭」 でのスペシャルステージでした。



出演者:小島千絵子 、藤本容子 、山口幹文 、見留知弘、中込健太、 草洋介

新潟日報 メディアシップ「出航祭」

On Apr 13, 2013
Niigata Nippo Media Ship "Shukkosai" Kodo Special Performance (Niigata City)
The new company office building of newspaper Niigata Nippo, "Media Ship," has opened in the Bandai Area of Niigata City. This building was designed using the shape of "Kitamaebune" or northern-bound ships (which once flourished in the Japan sea, carrying people, goods and culture from port to port in Edo-period Japan) and has very unique curved lines. We gave a special, lively performance at its opening event "Shukkosai" to celebrate the building's "maiden voyage," surrounded by 700 to 800 audience.
Performers: Chieko Kojima, Yoko Fujimoto, Motofumi Yamaguchi, Tomohiro Mitome, Kenta Nakagome, Yosuke Kusa
Apr 13, 2013
Niigata Nippo Media Ship "Shukkosai"
Kodo Special Performance (Niigata City)

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Apr 19, 2013

中込健太 2013年4月19日
Kenta Nakagome Apr 19, 2013









イエーェェエ エーエェエ 若さ二度ない コレワーイセーエェエ

イエーェェエ エーエェエ 七重八重咲け コレワーイセーエェエ


祭音 -MATSURINE- 2013

◀◀Read from the beginning
【Unrelenting Excitement】
Excitement of Matsurine has never cooled down and we have talked a lot about it ever since in our usual Kodo life, especially when we drink. Matsurine has become an unforgettable performance for us. The more days that passed, the stronger we wanted to perform that concert again. So, we are very happy to get a chance to perform it again. I am very excited to create this festival with my friends. Please come along and experience our power-packed taiko performance.

Yehhhh…, wakasa nido nai (youth never comes back), kore wa ise eee…
Yehhhh…, nanae yae sake (bloom seven or eight times), kore wa ise eee…
(Lyrics from Miyake Island Kiyariuta,)

May 20 (Mon) Kodo Guest Appearance Matsurine 2013 (Sakai, Osaka)
Kenta Nakagome

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Apr 18, 2013

中込健太 2013年4月18日
Kenta Nakagome Apr 18, 2013










◀◀ひとつ前に戻る / ▶▶続く

祭音 -MATSURINE- 2013

◀◀Read from the beginning
【One Letter】
Kazuhiro Tsumura, Mr. Akio Tsumura’s eldest son, was one of my own fellow apprentices who I spent 2 years with at the Kodo Apprentice Centre. I was very glad to play taiko with him again. After that concert, I received a letter from Kazuhiro. In that letter, he wrote his thoughts about the Matsurine performance and the word “doshi” which means a comrade, as in his “fellow taiko player.” It made me so happy. We hadn’t played taiko together for some time, and Kazuhiro’s taiko had become more powerful and it had the strong air of a “Miyake man.” He impressed me and led me to reconsider what taiko is for me. I feel grateful to play taiko with him as a comrade.
◀◀Back / ▶▶Next
May 20 (Mon) Kodo Guest Appearance Matsurine 2013 (Sakai, Osaka)
Kenta Nakagome

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Apr 17, 2013

中込健太 2013年4月17日その2
Kenta Nakagome Apr 17, 2013 Part2









◀◀ひとつ前に戻る / ▶▶続く

祭音 -MATSURINE- 2013

◀◀Read from the beginning
【Shocking Taiko】
I was blown away when I felt the taiko performance of Mr. Akio Tsumura and the members of Doshikai at Matsurine firsthand. At the same time, I was surprised that they were able to create a performance for an hour and a half with the rhythm of Miyake and the audience was enlivened as if they were at the actual festival. We usually perform for 1.5 to 2 hours by playing several pieces, but they were able to move the audience with just their Miyake rhythm. Each sound they made fulfilled my ideals of what taiko is. I felt “This is real taiko!” I was very lucky to join them for this performance and other Kodo members surely got something special from the experience, too. It was a legendary concert.
◀◀Back / ▶▶Next
May 20 (Mon) Kodo Guest Appearance Matsurine 2013 (Sakai, Osaka)
Kenta Nakagome

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中込健太 2013年4月17日その1
Kenta Nakagome, Apr 17, 2013 Part1

News20130520matsurine_s5月20日、三宅島芸能同志会主催「祭音 −MATSURINE− 2013」に鼓童メンバーがゲスト出演します。







祭音 -MATSURINE- 2013

On May 20, Kodo members will make a guest appearance in “Matsurine 2013” featuring Miyakejima Geino Doshikai. Kenta, who will perform in this concert, would like to share his thoughts about this performance with you all. Please come along for a power-packed performance by both groups!
Matsurine: First Performance in 2011】(By Kenta Nakagome)
“Miyake” is one of Kodo’s well-known pieces and Mr. Akio Tsumura, the leader of Miyakejima Geino Doshikai, has been teaching us this traditional taiko style from the festival of Miyake Island and supporting us for almost 30 years. The first Matsurine was held in 2011 to commemorate Mr. Tsumura’s 60th birthday and he invited Kodo members to perform with him. In a way, this experience was very shocking to me.
May 20 (Mon) Kodo Guest Appearance Matsurine 2013 (Sakai, Osaka)
Kenta Nakagome

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Apr 15, 2013

小島千絵子 2013年4月15日
Chieko Kojima Apr 15, 2013

和歌山県 日高川町 道成寺 「桜•舞•道成寺」にて 

芸能の聖地、安珍清姫の伝説の地、道成寺での ゆきあひ公演。清姫の心のままに、舞い尽くしました。



「桜・舞・道成寺」にて ゆきあひ~清姫~

Recently I went to Hidakagawa in Wakayama for "Cherry Blossoms, Dance, Dojoji" at Dojoji Temple. My Yukiai performance was held at this temple: a holy place for performing arts and the theme of the legendary story of Anchin and Kiyohime. I danced my heart out as “Kiyohime.” Cherry blossoms petals were sometimes blown around by the wind, which became a wonderful stage effect. This performance encapsulated my tenacity for the stage.
Kodo Website "Kiyohime" at "Cherry Blossoms, Dance, Dojoji"
Chieko Kojima

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Mar 19, 2013

鼓童 News 2013年3月19日
Kodo News Mar 19, 2013


このたび、ARTE(Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne)製作による鼓童のドキュメンタリー番組が放送されました。鼓童の舞台や佐渡での活動を交えてながら、主に鼓童の研修生の様子が描かれた54分間にわたる番組です。ARTEはフランス・ドイツ共同出資のテレビ局で、この番組は現在ARTE公式サイトで3月24日までご覧いただけます。どうぞご覧ください。

Documentary About Kodo Broadcast Abroad

A new documentary by ARTE (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne) was broadcasted in Europe on March 18th. This 54-minute program takes a look at the Kodo Apprentice Centre, the Kodo ensemble on stage, and our group's activities on Sado Island. ARTE is a European public-service cultural television channel that targets audiences in French and German. This program is currently available for viewing on ARTE's official website, for 7 days since its recent air date. We hope you will take the opportunity to watch this in-depth look at Kodo on Sado Island.


Kodo - Les Tambours du Diable (French version)

Kodo - Die Teufelstrommler (German version)

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Mar 15, 2013

藤本吉利 3月15日その1
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Mar 15, 2013 Part 1

2月28日〜3月2日 『藤本吉利太鼓合宿 in うと』







>> その2へ続く

“Taiko Camp in Uto with Kodo's Yoshikazu Fujimoto (Feb 28 – Mar 2)”
12 people joined this workshop. In Uto, 26 special odaiko have remained since Edo period to beckon rain. All of them were made of Zelkova wood and each of them was carved from one trunk. Most of them are more than 90 cm in diameter. You may recognize the wooden stars around the drum heads. It is said that they are used as tacks instead of iron ones. At the beginning of the workshop, we made drum sticks and at the end, the participants performed at the opening of the “Kodo Uto Special Concert Featuring Uto Odaiko.”
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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藤本吉利 3月15日その2 
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Mar 15, 2013 Part 2

鼓童宇土特別公演〜うとの宝物 知られざる宇土大太鼓の魅力〜




“Kodo Uto Special Concert Featuring Uto Odaiko”
Daisuke Takata, a former Kodo apprentice, produced this special concert as the hall manager of Uto Shimin Kaikan. Yu Imafuku, Yosuke Oda (Kodo) and I played different Uto Odaiko as requested by Mr. Takata. The hall had a full house and both the audience and the performers got very excited. We played Irodori as an encore. I felt that Mr. Takada’s dream for people in Uto to recognize the greatness of Uto Odaiko came true.
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Mar 01, 2013

松浦充長 2013年3月1日
Mitsunaga Matsuura Mar 1, 2013

熊本県宇土市 交流公演


元研修生 高田大介さんのお声掛けで実現した宇土市での交流公演。演奏者のユーモアあふれる公演に小学生は演奏に釘付け! 宇土市には地区ごとに雨乞い大太鼓があり、現存で26基あるそうです。地元の大太鼓を鼓童が演奏し、子ども達が少しでも太鼓に興味を持ってもらえたらと思います。


Workshop-Performance in Uto city.
Daisuke Takata, a former apprentice, organized this event. Children were glued to our unique performance. In Uto city, there are about 26 odaiko (big drums) to pray for rain. I hope that the children there became interested in their own taiko through our O-daiko performance.
By the way, "Kumamon," Kumamoto's local bear mascot, is very famous and can be seen all over Kumamoto!

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Feb 16, 2013

松田菜瑠美 2013年2月16日
Narumi Matsuda Feb 16, 2013



地代 純(じだい・じゅん)

Four of the apprentices who have just finished the two-year programme became junior members on Feb. 1.
From the left: Kosuke Urushikubo, Koki Miura, Jun Jidai and Masato Fukushima. They feel fresh and reset as their new lives begin!

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Feb 15, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年2月15日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Feb 15, 2013





演舞会場へ、いざ出陣! 会場は村の広場です。










最後の最後に腰鼓に挑戦!! 格好だけは一人前かな?


Today, I visited Ansai County, which is famous for its taiko style. When I arrived, I found a big red taiko on top of the mountain. The event venue was a public square of the village. I was very excited because I felt that this was the place where I could most fulfill my purpose as “Japan Cultural Envoy.” I was glad. It was fun. We were fired up! I appreciate all of you.
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Feb 13, 2013

見留知弘 2013年2月13日
Tomohiro Mitome Feb 13, 2013







I joined the members of “Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend – USA” after watching “Kaguyahime” in Paris. The tour is in Chicago, Illinois now. On this tour, the performers are mainly mid-career and new members. I saw the stage as a member of the audience. Usually, at the performances abroad, the audience concentrates on the stage until the end of each piece, though we hear the clapping from the audience at the performances in Japan. When it was the curtain call after “Yatai-bayashi,” the audience stood up, one person after the other, and we received a standing ovation and calls of “Bravo.” I felt the wave of clapping and jubilance rushing over me. By visiting Europe and the USA this time, I felt the local acceptance of Kodo’s performance, Tamasaburo’s direction, and Japanese culture.
We took a group photo after the performance!
Tomohiro Mitome

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Feb 12, 2013

小島千絵子 2013年2月12日
Chieko Kojima Feb 12, 2013





Life in Barcelona.
It is a great town. It is not that noisy, but exciting and filled with a fascinating joy. I rented an apartment house, enjoy window-shopping and take a dance lesson every day. I stay near Sagrada Família and it is a great place for shopping…, there was a lot of retail-temptation! I am impressed by everyone’s daily life here. On Sunday, I went to see a soccer game by FC Barcelona!
Chieko Kojima

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Feb 11, 2013

小島千絵子 2013年2月11日その2
Chieko Kojima Feb 11, 2013 Part 2




De las uvas al 'mochi' | Barcelona |
Any nou japonès a Barcelona
Akiba Station: Eventos: Mochitsuki Taikai 2013 Barcelona (もちつき大会バルセロナ)

I performed with children at the Japanese Association’s “Pounding Mochi Festival.” It was amazing for me to hear the familiar rhythms of “Miyake” and “Yatai-bayashi” in this place so far away from Japan.
Chieko Kojima

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小島千絵子 2013年2月11日その1
Chieko Kojima Feb 11, 2013 Part 1






Long time, no see, everyone! I am in Barcelona in Spain, which is famous for Gaudi. I was sent as “Japan Cultural Envoy” to introduce Japanese culture.
In this Japanese school, there are taiko lessons in the curriculum and they have taiko drums. The 5th and 6th graders are taking taiko lessons. I showed my taiko performance and dance, and I saw their taiko performance. They asked me questions such as “How can we make a big sound?” “How do you hold the drum sticks?,” with sparkling eyes.
Chieko Kojima

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Feb 10, 2013

見留知弘 2013年2月10日
Tomohiro Mitome Feb 10, 2013



1: まずはオペラ座の正面、1875年に落成式だそうです。
2: 舞台の傾斜について
3: 舞台下手から見た客席と、天井画シャガール。
4: オーケストラピット下手側に並んだ、西洋楽器群。


5、6: オーケストラピット上手側に並んだ鼓童の楽器群。
7: 月の象徴、大桶太鼓。
8: オーケストラピット上手側からの眺め。
9、10: 開演前と終演後の舞台と客席。




I went to see the “Kaguyahime” performance at Opéra National de Paris' Palais Garnier. It was composed by Mr. Maki Ishii, a composer of our famous piece, “Monochrome,” and choreographed by Jiří Kylián. This ballet performance combines Japanese and Western culture, and was first performed in 1988. Kodo took part in it with the Paris Opera Ballet at Opéra Bastille from June to July in 2010 and the performance was well received. Last year, it was performed in Montreal, Canada, and this time, at the world's highest-ranked theater and home of the Paris Opera, the celebrated Palais Garnier. Of course, the performance was amazing. I am reporting on it through my photos from both the performer’s and audience’s point of view.
After the performance, I took a commemorative photograph with the cast and our friend from the Netherlands, Frank-san, who was the manager of Dutch band BLOF. We hope that we will get a chance to perform “Kaguyahime” in Japan in the future.
Tomohiro Mitome

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Feb 06, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年2月6日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Feb 6, 2013


Today, I had a day off in Hangzhou, China. I went sightseeing and took a stroll about the streets.






Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Feb 05, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年2月5日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Feb 5, 2013




Today, I came to Hangzhou Japanese School and had a 45-minute performance & workshop. There are taiko at this school and all of the students had a chance to play them with me and we enjoyed the time together. After the performance, the school principal said, “I felt the heart of Japan today. I felt it very strongly especially because we are far away from Japan.” I was very glad to hear that.
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Feb 04, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年2月4日その2
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Feb 4, 2013 Part2




I came to Shanghai Japanese School’s HongQiao Campus. I performed and had a workshop during their lunch break. This school has a taiko club. There was a nice welcome board in front of the gym. Thank you so much!
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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藤本吉利 2013年2月4日その1
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Feb 4, 2013 Part1




I had a performance and workshop at Shanghai Japanese School’s Pudong Campus. About 500 elementary school students gathered in the gym. It was established six years ago and more than1000 students aged 6 to 15 years old study at this school. There are a lot of taiko at the school, but there is no one who can teach the pupils how to play. What a shame!
I asked one of the boys to play okedo-daiko and I played shinobue (bamboo flute) with him. The students looked so interested and rushed to join the workshop.

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Feb 01, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年2月1日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Feb 1, 2013





Tonight, I went to perform at a Japanese restaurant. I played the shinobue (bamboo flute), invited the audience to play chappa (cymbals) along with my taiko, and ended up with my “O-daiko” (big drum) solo. This odaiko didn’t bounce like a Japanese taiko, so it was hard for me to play, but I enjoyed it. My driver said, “I was impressed.” That makes me so happy.

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Jan 30, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年1月30日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Jan 30, 2013












Performance at the Japanese Embassy in China.
About 176 people came and most of them were Chinese. This time, I am the only one to perform, so I brought only one “Okedo-daiko” with me. After the performance, I led a workshop. The Minister said that he would like to visit to Sado Island!
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Jan 29, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年1月29日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Jan 29, 2013






I had a meeting with Mr. Yamamoto in the afternoon and went to a Japanese restaurant owned by Allan, a friend of Mr. Yamamoto. There was a big taiko there and all of a sudden, I was asked to play it. Mr Yamamoto enjoyed it, so I was invited to play it on the night of Feb. 1. This is a very popular restaurant and always packed with people. I’m really looking forward it!
On that night, I was invited to dinner by the Japanese minister in China, Mr. Mikami. We talked a lot!

Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Jan 28, 2013

内田依利 2013年1月28日
Eri Uchida Jan 28, 2013










鼓童 | バレエ公演『輝夜姫 Kaguyahime』パリ・オペラ座(ガルニエ宮)公演に出演

Here we are! We will start practicing with the ballet dancers and all other musicians today. The performances will start so soon!
Kodo |Kodo Appearance in Ballet Performance "Kaguyahime" at Opéra National de Paris' Palais Garnier (France)

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鼓童 News 2013年1月28日
Kodo News Jan 28, 2013



鼓童ウェブサイト | アマテラス

In 2013, musical dance play "Amaterasu" returns. It will be performed at Akasaka Act Theater in Tokyo in July, Hakataza Theater in Fukuoka City in September and Minami-za in Kyoto City in October. Today, we had a press conference in Tokyo. Tamasaburo Bando, Tomohiro Mitome (Kodo’s ensemble leader), Shogo Yoshii (musical director for “Amaterasu”) and Harei Aine who will play one of the lead roles, “Amenouzume,” appeared and answered questions from the press. The performances will last for 3 months. We will present a fascinating performance with a brand new cast.
Kodo website | Amaterus

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藤本吉利 2013年1月28日
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Jan 28, 2013





As a Japan Culture Envoy from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, I am giving workshops and demonstrations in China now. For the first time, I went to the Japanese School of Beijing to have a performance. There were about 400 children and I performed for about 45 mins. I was so happy that some children came up to give me a “high-five.”
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Jan 27, 2013

藤本吉利 2013年1月27日その2
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Jan 27, 2013 Part 2





Today, I went to learn one of the Chinese martial arts “Hakkeisho” from a master at Beijing Language and Culture University. After the practice, I was invited to the master’s house and his wife cooked me wonderful Chinese food. Most of them were new dishes to me and they were all so delicious. We sang and danced together, and had a great time. I hope to visit them again.
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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藤本吉利 2013年1月27日 その1
Yoshikazu Fujimoto Jan 27, 2013 Part 1

吉利 中国写真アルバム
Yoshikazu’s China 2013 Photo Album




* Yoshikazu Fujimoto was named as "Japan Cultural Envoy” from the Agency for Cultural Affairs and he has been holding workshops and demonstrations, etc, in China.
*The Agency for Cultural Affairs names artists, persons of culture, researchers, and people related to culture as "Japan Cultural Envoys" for a fixed period, and sends them to various places abroad to introduce Japanese culture, improve the image of Japanese culture, and create a network for people of culture and artists.
Kodo website
Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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Jan 26, 2013

内田依利 2013年1月26日
Eri Uchida Jan 26, 2013

幕が開けたらなかなか休みのないスケジュール。その前のオフを利用して、片道400kmかけて行って参りました。フランスの誇る世界遺産、Le Mont Saint Michel!!!











Once the performance “Kaguyahime” starts, there will be almost no days off in our schedule. So, before that, I went to Mont Saint Michel 400km away from Paris. The construction started in 708 and it is still being restored, so you will see a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architectures. Everything was amazing. I also saw a blue sky, which is very rare in this winter season. I am sure that the performance “Kaguyahime” will be a great success.

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Jan 21, 2013

内田依利 2013年1月21日
Eri Uchida Jan 21, 2013

1月は仕事始めから、息つく暇もないまま、怒濤のごとく先々の稽古をし、気がつけばもう早、世界のオペラ座ガルニエ宮での【輝夜姫 Kaguyahime】公演に向けてパリへ出発です。一足先に出る私達を、みんながお見送りに出てきてくれましたー!




In January, the days have gone so fast. It’s time for some of us to leave Japan for "Kaguyahime," which will be held in at Opéra National de Paris' Palais Garnier. Kodo members, who won’t take part in "Kaguyahime," gathered to see us off.
I am always impressed when I see the fareweller‘s appearance become smaller and I hear their sound to get smaller as we go away. When we come back to Sado, the other performers will be in the U.S, so this time, it was a farewell to each other.
A new year has begun. Wherever we are, we will all do our best. I hope all of us will be in a good health on tour, and we look forward to seeing you all.

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Nov 19, 2012

山口康子 2012年11月19日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Nov 19, 2012


秋の研修所のひとこま。このところ雨続きで、なかなかできなかった脱穀と干し柿作りを手分けして行う研修所長と研修生たちです。干し柿は1600個以上! も吊るしたそうですが、研修生の旺盛な食欲を見ると、お米も柿もあっという間になくなってしまいそうです。

A scene from the Kodo Apprentice Centre in autumn. The apprentices and the head of the centre worked together threshing rice and making dried persimmons after a stretch of rainy days. They made 1,600 dried persimmons. Judging by their robust appetites, both the rice and persimmons will be gone soon!

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Nov 17, 2012

山口康子 2012年11月17日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Nov 17, 2012




Shinchan-sensei(*) was invited to be the instructor for a training program offered by the Sado City Council Sports Promotion Committee. It was held at Kanai Noh Theater. We had a great experience with participants all wearing the same sportswear.
*Shinchan-sensei: Mr. Shinichi Sogo, the Tatakokan taiko instructor (Kodo Cultural Foundation staff member)

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Nov 04, 2012

見留知弘 2012年11月6日
Tomohiro Mitome Nov , 6, 2012





佐渡国羽茂郡 宿根木 有田久四郎 
佐渡国 小木町 佐々木伊八郎
佐渡国羽茂郡 深浦村 佐久間治右衛門


佐渡国羽茂郡 宿根木 佐藤伊左衛門

Now, we are performing at “Tamasaburo Bando Special Performances” in Kagawa Prefecture. The performance will close on 11th, but the tickets have already been sold out.
Kotohira-gū is a shinto shrine for a god of safe seafaring and prosperous business. Shukunegi area near Kodo Village was a port of Kitamae-bune, a shipping route in Japan from the Edo to the Meiji periods. I heard that many shipping agents from Sado had come to Kotohira-gū to pray and offer votive stone lanterns. So, I looked for them between the performances. I walked all around the precincts, but was not able to find them. Then, I found three on the street and one in front of the station, which are all written “Sado.” (I guess they were offered at the end of Edo or the Meiji period.)
Shukunegi Community Hall, which Kodo Special Performances were held last spring and summer, was used as a classical playhouse before. It is said that visiting Kotohira-gu had a great influence to Sado culture.
Tomohiro Mitome

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Oct 31, 2012

松浦充長 2012年10月31日 
Mitsunaga Matsuura Oct 31, 2012

坂東玉三郎特別公演 金丸座




-"Tamasaburo Bando Special Performances" in Kanamaru-za-
Kodo members have arrived at the Old Konpira Oshibai Kabuki Theater (Kanamaru-za) in Kotohira, Kagawa. The performance will start tomorrow. Taiko suits Japanese classical playhouse very well!

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Oct 27, 2012

Melanie Taylor 0ct. 27, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年10月27日


The series of "Kaguyahime: Princess de la Lune" performances in Montreal with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens have come to an end. Here is a cast photo I took minutes after the final curtain came down. Lots of smiles, but we were not alone feeling quite sad it was over. It was such a rush to play with the company, percussionists and Gagaku musicians.



The ballet had two casts of dancers, so there were 2 women performing the role of Kaguyahime. Here are Mari, Maya, Masayuki and Yuiichiro with Eva Kolarova as Kaguyahime. They look a little starstruck.... moonstruck?

バレエダンサーはダブルキャストで、輝夜姫を演じた女性は2人。その一人であるEva Kolarovaさんと一緒に、麻梨、真弥、雅幸、裕一郎が写真を撮りました。いかがでしょうか?


Here are Kusasuke and Masayuki with dancer Sam Colbey from Australia. After our fun tour in Australia, they were pleased to meet an Aussie in Montreal, too.
We hope to see everyone from Les Grands Ballets again soon!

草介と雅幸は、オーストラリアから来たダンサーのSam Colbeyさんと一緒に写真を撮りました。楽しかったオーストラリアツアーの後、モントリオールでもオーストラリア人に会えて、感激のメンバー達。


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Melanie Taylor Oct 22, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年10月22日

I just joined our members in Montreal for the last week of the Kaguyahime performances.
Today we had a day off and five of our members went to have a special ballet lesson taught by Japanese dancers who are performing in Kaguyahime. I followed along to capture this wonderful chance with my camera.



After a lot of stretching on the floor, Kodo took to the bar for basic exercises. Kodo found a few muscles they hadn't used in a while.



The dancers seemed surprised how flexible the Kodo performers are, but I was surprised how tall they looked with such nice posture when they were being taught.



Maya probably grew 3 centimetres.



Masayuki certainly looks the part, but is he ready to dance?



Alas, not yet. After Mahomi taught our members a section from the first act of Kaguyahime and we ran it through a few times, we could really appreciate that ballet is so much more difficult than it looks, even when we know the music so well.
We'll all be watching them with new-found respect for their art next time!



A big thanks to our teachers from Les Grands Ballets Canadiens: Mahomi, Hikota, and Kenji.


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Oct 13, 2012

内田依利 2012年10月13日
Eri Uchida Oct 13, 2012




There are statues around the world that have familiar poses to me. In Australia, I found one doing a demon dance.
When I was jogging in the town of Montreal… I found a statue playing Miyake with all its might!
Google Map

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Oct 09, 2012

秋元淳 2012年10月9日
Jun Akimoto Oct 9, 2012




The rehearsals for Kaguyahime in Montreal have been going well in preparation for the first performance on the 11th. We will have 11 performances this time. There are 45 dancers and 6 of them are Canadian. The others are all from abroad. There are 2 Japanese dancers, too, so the stage is very international. The stage rehearsals have been going well with the dancers, but it is a hard job to work out the plans and make the exact timings as the stage technical arrangement is on a very large-scale. Here, I am showing you some offstage scenes!


1) 舞台上にぽっかり浮かぶお月様(サークル・パーカッション所有の大太鼓)。
2) 今回もオケピは楽器で一杯。
3) ダンサーたち興味津々でオケピを覗き込む。
4) 小田洋介の大太鼓を写真に撮るダンサー。
5) ついにダンサーも我慢できずに大太鼓初挑戦。
6) 舞台奥上手、齊藤栄一の太鼓セット。中太鼓足下のモニターに注目!
7) 舞台奥下手、ティンパニスト・フランソワさんのティンパニセットと銅鑼!
8) 謎の鏡面体たち。
9) 謎の物体その2(舞台袖にて)。

1) The moon floating on the stage. (An O-daiko from Circle Percussion)
2) The Orchestra pit full of musical instruments.
3) Dancers peeking into the orchestra pit very curiously.
4) Dancers taking pictures of Yosuke playing o-daiko.
5) Finally, the dancers cannot help but try playing the o-daiko.
6) Stage left: Eiichi’s taiko set. Please check out the monitor under the taiko.
7) Stage right: A set of timpani and a gong of the timpanist, Francois.
8) Mysterious mirrors
9) Mysterious things Part 2 (in the stage wing)

Photo: Damian Siqueiros
Dancers: Tetyana Martyanova and Yadil Suarez Llerena

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Oct 08, 2012

鼓童村だより 2012年10月8日
News from Kodo Village Oct 8, 2012



Mushrooms growing in Kodo Village. (All poisonous…) This is called “Amanita virgineoides.”



Do you know the names of the other mushrooms below?


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Oct 03, 2012

秋元淳 2012年10月3日 
Jun Akimoto Oct 3, 2012


The tour members left Australia and arrived in Canada. We are all doing well. Today, from the afternoon, we had a rehearsal with the conductor, Michael de Roo, the Gagaku (Japanese court music) musicians and Western percussion ensemble members.


We set up the taiko borrowed from Circle Percussion (percussion group in Netherlands).


The Western percussion ensemble members in Canada tried “Yatai-Bayashi.”


The rehearsal was conducted by Michael de Roo. Tomorrow, we will have the last rehearsal in the rehearsal room and we will start the stage rehearsal from the day after tomorrow.
Photo: Damian Siqueiros
Dancers: Tetyana Martyanova and Yadil Suarez Llerena

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Sep 29, 2012

内田依利 2012年9月29日その3
Eri Uchida Sep 29, 2012 Part 3


We are leaving Australia after the two-week-long tour. It was the first time for me to have a tour with another taiko group. All of us tried to communicate with TaikOz members using Japanese and English, and we had a lot of cultural exchange with them through more than words.



On the day we left, there was something in Yuichiro’s backpack…



…yes, his memorial koala! Australia! TaikOz! Thank you for a wonderful time!

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内田依利 2012年9月29日その2
Eri Uchida Sep 29, 2012 Part 2





It was the very next day after the Australian tour finished. We went to Riley Lee’s solo concert. I cannot imagine having a concert right after the tour… he is so tough. In a small church, only one Shakuhachi. “I don't need your applause after each piece, Please relax and listen as you feel your own breathing.” It was a wonderful time for us to refresh ourselves after the tour, kind of like meditation. He is the first foreigner to become the grand master of the Shakuhachi. Look at all the CDS he has made.

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内田依利 2012年9月29日その1
Eri Uchida Sep 29, 2012 Part 1




What I wanted to see in Australia was not only koalas, but also a performance by Aborigines, the native people of Australia. I had no chances all tour, but at last I was able to listen to a “didgeridoo” next to the Opera House. I was also able to take a picture with him, totally like a tourist. I went to the Aboriginal art gallery, too, and I found their arts so energetic. I hope to get a chance to do exchange with them sometime in the future.

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Sep 28, 2012

十河伸一 2012年9月28日
Shinichi Sogo Sep 28, 2012




The other day, “Burikatsu-kun” came to Tatakokan (Sado Island Taiko Centre). He is the image character of “Sado natural yellowtail cutlet rice bowl,” one of the local cuisines on Sado. He plays taiko very well!
The “Local Character Championship 2012” is being held now and he is entered in it. He came to do PR for that, too.

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Sep 24, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 24, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月24日


A picture paints a thousand words. This one features 2600 people.
Here we are at Hamer Hall in Melbourne. The newly refurbished hall was gorgeous and during our rehearsal, one of the TaikOz members suggested we take a photo on stage, then another one said, "Wouldn't it be great if the audience was here?"
So at the curtain call, Riley asked for their help and I came up on stage to take this photo. I wasn't nervous in front of all those people. I was nervous about getting this picture right. It captured our night in Melbourne perfectly!


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Sep 23, 2012

内田依利 2012年9月23日 その2
Eri Uchida Sep 23, 2012 Part 2





岩首祭り「鬼太鼓が結んだ絆」(月刊 鼓童 2011年12月号)

A travel day.
Kodo apprentices learn a demon dance in Iwakubi on Sado. In September, there is Iwakubi Festival and I was thinking about how I could not make it to join in this year, but I found a statue in Melbourne, who is making a pose of Iwakubi demon dance!
*There are many traditional performing arts passed down in Sado. The Iwakubi demon dance has been taught to our group from the time of “Sado-no Kuni Ondekoza.”

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内田依利 2012年9月23日その1
Eri Uchida Sep 23, 2012 Part 1





In Melbourne, we performed in such an interesting-shaped theater. Because the home ground of one of the ballet companies is next to this theater, there were many fabulous dancers in it. Seeing them, I straightened my own posture. Under the blue sky, a Sunday Market was also held. Many families came as it was a holiday. I recharged my batteries with the sunset, surrounded by the warm atmosphere and under the sky. It was a full house at the theater today, too.

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Sep 21, 2012

内田依利 2012年9月21日その2
Eri Uchida Sep 21, 2012 Part 2


This is a “Wild Life Park” where you can feed the kangaroos by hand.


“Let’s take a picture together,” says Yuichiro to a kangaroo, sitting down next to one.


But, when it came closer, Yuichiro looked a little afraid.



The kangaroo didn’t care about his reaction because...


えさが欲しかっただけね just wanted to be fed.




Yuichiro also tried to feed an ostrich. In the end, he threw the feed to him.


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内田依利 2012年9月21日その1
Eri Uchida Sep 21, 2012 Part 1

オーストラリアに来たからには! 念願のコアラを抱っこしてきました。




We came to Australia, where our dream came true: we got to hold koalas! Did you know there aren’t many places where you can hold them? The image of koalas is cute, and I was worried if not, but they were really so cute. We were all satisfied. Yuichiro had a slack-jawed smile all over his face. The koala in Kusasuke’s arms was trying to get away. They are fluffy and soft, and so cute. I heard that koalas sleep for 20 hours and are awake for 4 hours, and they just keep on eating their only food, eucalyptus. Someone mumbled "what are they living for?" but I think they are so cute and that is reason enough for them to exist.


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Sep 20, 2012

内田依利 2012年9月20日
Eri Uchida Sep 20, 2012




A macho man from Kodo and a macho man from TaikOz. Anton loves training. He said he never misses his daily training, no matter what happens. Even when he is on a tour, and has a weigh limit for his baggage, he brings his chin up bar.


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Sep 14, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 14, 2012 
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月14日


Here we are with Kerryn and Ian of TaikOz on the roof of our concert venue in Brisbane. It's a great place for a photo shoot with the city lights, but the reason we are up there is to perform on the 6 o'clock news during the weather bulletin on Channel 9.
On Friday, everyone in Australia is checking the weekend weather, so I'm sure a lot of people saw us. And the weather forecast for Brisbane was sunny, so they must have enjoyed our segment all the more!


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Sep 13, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 13, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月13日


After two days of travel from Sado to Tokyo to Sydney, and four jam-packed days of rehearsals with TaikOz, Yoko's "Voice Circle" workshop was just what my ears and heart needed to unwind. It was a wonderful union of harmonies and smiles. I'm sure the participants are still singing the Japanese tunes they learnt with Yoko.


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Sep 12, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 12, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月12日


A big thank you to all the gorgeous people who came along to "Chieko Kojima's Onna-uchi (Women's Style Taiko) Basics" workshop in Sydney.
Here are some snaps from the workshop. The lovely ladies in yukata certainly made it feel like Earth Celebration again, despite the cool spring air.


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Sep 11, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 11, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月11日


Tonight Yosuke taught his first taiko workshop in Australia. He was looking forward to it so much, so even after a hard day of rehearsals, his energy levels were soaring.
The participants made really good sounding beats together and their smiles were huge. I was helping out with the translation a bit, but ended up having a lot of fun just by being in the same space as all of them. So now I'm looking forward to the Melbourne session already.


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Sep 10, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 10, 2012
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月10日

20120910melanie01Today we loaded our drums into Studio 301 in Sydney where we are rehearsing for our Australian collaboration tour with TaikOz.
Masayuki joined performer Kevin and production manager Craig in a space that looks like an internet cafe.


20120910melanie02Then he was busy tuning drums for the rehearsal. We sent a container of drums from Japan, so it's great to unpack them all and give them some attention after the long sea journey.


20120910melanie03Yosuke was testing TaikOz hirado drum stand to make sure it was Tomoe-proof. That piece certainly packs a punch.


20120910melanie04Later in rehearsals, Kusasuke was put to the test, rehearsing a duet with shakuhachi grand master Riley Lee. Go Kusasuke! Give it your all!


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Sep 09, 2012

Melanie Taylor Sep 9, 2012 
メラニー・テイラー 2012年9月9日

Today we arrived in Australia for our tour with local taiko ensemble TaikOz.
I'll send some taiko photos soon, and koalas if we see them, but here are some happy cast member faces for now.



Eiichi and TaikOz's general manager David hit it off right away. We can't tell them apart.


In the evening, I took Mari to see Sydney Harbour and the Opera House before dinner. I thought she was going to eat kangaroo for her first meal, but she went with the lamb.
There are 12 of us on this tour, and 7 of the performers have never been to Oceania. We are all looking forward to our concerts and travels in Australia for the rest of the month.



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Aug 27, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年8月27日
Kodo News Aug 27, 2012

日本テレビ「1億人の大質問!? 笑ってこらえて!」に鼓童が出演します。出演コーナーは、番組を観てのお楽しみ!
番組名:日本テレビ「1億人の大質問!? 笑ってこらえて!」

Kodo will appear in Nihon TV's "Ichi Oku-nin no Dai shitsumon!? Waratte Koraete!" (Question for one hundred million people!? Waratte Koraete!)
Watch to see which corner features Kodo!

Date & Time: August 29 (Wed) 19:56 - 20:54
Program Name: Nihon TV
Program Website

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Aug 20, 2012

見留知弘 2012年8月20日 Aug 20, 2012 Tomohiro Mitome

アース・セレブレーション 2012
写真は20日 小木港での送り太鼓の様子です。
すべての皆様に ありがとう

Earth Celebration 2012
We were blessed with sunny weather and now the hot, exciting three days have come to an end.
Thank you very much to everyone who joined us this year!!!
These photos are from the farewell taiko (okuri daiko) on August 20th.
We said thank to everyone!

Tomohiro Mitome

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Jul 03, 2012

見留知弘 2012年7月3日
Tomohiro Mitome July 3, 2012







Dadan received great acclaim at Paris’ Théâtre du Châtelet in February. Now the production is back in Japan, in ACT Theater, Akasaka, Tokyo. I found a big poster in front of the theater.
*Tickets for Yokohama are very limited on July 7th and sold out on the 8th. We hope to see you at the theater!

Tomohiro Mitome

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Jul 01, 2012

辻小夜 2012年7月1日
Sayo Tsuji July 1, 2012



Some Kodo members left on the ferry for the Dadan tour. Carrying thoughts of members and family remaining on Sado in their hearts, the tour started here.


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Jun 21, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月21日
Eri Uchida June 21, 2012




And I, Eri Uchida, have taken a great journey, trying hard to perform new pieces and new instruments.

Eri2012photo: Melanie Taylor

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Jun 20, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月20日
Eri Uchida June 20, 2012





Kusasuke was a comical character on this tour. So, when Kusasuke introduced himself, the children roared with laughter. He stayed in that character, so by the end of the performance, the other Kodo members were having trouble keeping a straight face around him.

Eri2012photo: Melanie Taylor

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松田菜瑠美 2012年6月20日
Narumi Matsuda June 20, 2012



All members from both One Earth Tour and School Performance Workshop Tour have returned to Kodo Village on Sado. They unpacked the gear efficiently and speedily. They all had great expressions on their faces, showing their various encounters and that they had finished their tours safely. We appreciate all of you who came to see our performances and who cared for us on the road!

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Jun 15, 2012

Melanie Taylor June 15, 2012 Part 2
メラニー・テイラー 2012年6月15日 その2

I wore my new 2012 version Kodo One Earth Tour t-shirt when I joined our school tour and found many of the members also sporting theirs.
If you like the red on black as much as we do, you can order your own at the Kodo Online Store:



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Melanie Taylor June 15, 2012 Part 1
メラニー・テイラー 2012年6月15日 その1

I went to mainland Niigata to join the School Workshop-Performance tour for one day. The cast and staff were all well after weeks of touring in Western and Southern Japan, and I met up with them in the final week of their tour, once they came back to Niigata, to do a report for Kodo eNews.
Today they had 2 performances at one primary school, so for a change they didn't have to pack up and travel during their "lunchtime." After an energetic morning performance, I thought they might relax a bit during the break, but they all stayed warmed up.
Here are Yosuke and Mariko testing their fitness on the standing jump measure.

新潟の交流公演を見に行ってきました。四国、九州を一カ月ほど回った後でしたが、みんなとても元気でした。ツアーも残すところあと一週間。新潟まで戻ってきたので、Kodo eNews(英語のメールニュースレター)の取材をしてきました。


Eri and Yuichiro were warming up for the afternoon performance. You might think they are beaming just because they love taiko, but actually their faces became huge smiles when I, well really my camera, appeared in front of them. The sign of a true performer, showtime or not.
Performing twice a day with all your might, it's a lot of hard work (and so hot in school gyms without a/c). But they are brimming with energy, just like the kids they perform in front of each day. It's contagious. I feel revitalized just from spending one day at school with them.



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Jun 08, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月8日
Eri Uchida June 8, 2012




On this tour, the MC is mellow-talking Yuichiro Funabashi.
He is the oldest performer on this tour, but he doesn't look it at all.


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Jun 07, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月7日
Eri Uchida June 7, 2012




終演後、いろんなところから "ようちゃーん!" と大人気です

Yosuke took on the role of director for the first time on this tour. He is well known as a “power hitter,” but on this tour, he also sings. He is really popular, so after the performances we hear kids calling out “Yo-chan!”


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Jun 06, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月6日
Eri Uchida June 6, 2012




Mariko Omi.
She can eat as much as a man.
From elementary school through high school life, for all 12 years, she was neither absent nor late to school.


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Jun 05, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月5日
Eri Uchida June 5, 2012




Masayuki Sakamoto is such a "camera boy" on this tour. Be careful not to lose it!


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Jun 04, 2012

内田依利 2012年6月4日
Eri Uchida June 4, 2012



We are halfway through the School Workshop Performance Tour now. I'll introduce the members of this tour. Maya is from Miyazaki, which is famous for mangoes and free-range chicken. Because she is from Kyushu, she is very energetic here!


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Jun 02, 2012

松田菜瑠美 2012年6月2日
Narumi Matsuda June 2, 2012

研修生 〜スタッフ研修〜



Kodo Apprentices: Staff Training

When Kodo apprentices are in their second year, there are two different programmes on offer, depending on whether they wish to become a performer or a staff member. Today, two apprentices who wish to become staff members had training at the Kodo office. They study hard about the wide variety of work that Kodo does. They have to think a lot and they gain a lot of experience during their intense training.

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May 26, 2012

内田依利 2012年5月26日
Eri Uchida May 26, 2012


The School Workshop Performance Tour is in Kyushu now.

20120526eri01_2熊本県人吉のICを降りて、山道を走ること1時間弱。五木村に到着しました! まるでふるさとに来たかのようななつかしさあり。

We got off at Hitoyoshi Interchange in Kumamoto and drove for almost one hour. We arrived at Itsuki Village. It feels like everyone's "hometown," and reminds us the good old days.





The inn prepared a BBQ for us, and the proprietress told us a great story of Itsuki and let us listen to her sing a lullaby of Itsuki in her special costume.



The fresh air made us feel so much better, so we are refreshed for the rest of our time in Kyushu, where it is getting hotter and hotter.


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May 25, 2012

松田菜瑠美 2012年5月25日
Narumi Matsuda May 25, 2012





Cleaning the Kodo vehicles is one of the important jobs for new members.

Shogo is inspecting (?) their work.

Yuta gave me a great smile.

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May 24, 2012

松田菜瑠美 2012年5月24日
Narumi Matsuda May 24, 2012



I'm here at the performance in Nagano, which is famous for Zenkoji Temple.
Here is Mitsuru, watching the rehearsal. He looks at the whole stage and gives them directions. I thought he looked so reliable, but he started exaggerating his movements after he recognized my camera was out.

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May 22, 2012

洲﨑純子 2012年5月21日
Junko Susaki May 21, 2012  




Tomohiro Mitome will appear on TBS Radio talk program "Nobuhiko Shima no Enerugisshu Talk" (Nobuhiko Shima's Energetic Talk) and he went along for the recording already. Mr. Shima came and watched the May 12 Kodo performance. During the interview they talked about the performance and for 80 minutes he asked many questions such as "How do you do that style of drumming?" refering to certain parts, so the interview was thorough. You can see in the photo that Tomohiro was relaxed once it was over, and Mr Shima sure looked happy posing with the drumsticks. This programme will be broadcast nationwide on June 17, so we hope you can tune in.

Programme Title: TBS Radio "Nobuhiko Shima no Enerugisshu Talk" (Nobuhiko Shima's Energetic Talk)
Personalities: Nobuhiko Shima (business journalist), Yuko Yasuda (announcer)
Broadcast Date & Time: June 17 (Sun) 23:00 – 23:30
Note: To be broadcast nationwide. The broadcast date will be the same, but the time will differ for each station. HBC (Hokkaido), TBC (Sendai), KNB (Toyama), CBC (Nagoya), ABC (Osaka), RCC (Hiroshima), RNC (Takamatsu), RKB (Fukuoka), RBC (Okinawa)

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May 20, 2012

内田依利 2012年5月20日
Eri Uchida May 20, 2012





On the way from Shikoku to Kyushu.
There are only nine School Workshop Performance Tour members, so we often get together, even during our breaks.


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May 18, 2012

安藤良子 2012年5月18日
Yoshiko Ando May 18, 2012





The School Workshop-Performance Tour visited Yawatahama, Ozu and Uchiko in Ehime where we had 10 performances and used taiko to communicate with students from 32 schools. On the last day, we were at Uchiko-za. We took a picture with the people from the board of education in Uchiko, who helped to unload and load our truck.

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May 09, 2012

鼓童News 2012年5月9日
Kodo News May 9, 2012

小田洋介、中込健太が5月5日深夜のラジオ番組「Dream Theater」に出演しました。その模様を何度でも聴くことができます。

Dream=夢についてゲストとお話しする「Dream Theater」

さらに今回の「One Earth Tour」についても伺います。(番組サイトより)

番組名:TOKYO FM「Dream Theater」深夜25:00〜放送

Yosuke and Kenta appeared on a radio program called “Dream Theater” at midnight on May 5. You can listen to the broadcast as many times as you like. Please download the music file on the website below and listen to it.

“In “Dream Theater,” we talk about dreams with our guests. Tonight’s guests are members of taiko ensemble Kodo. We will ask them about the profoundness of taiko, their thoughts on traveling all over the world and their next tour called One Earth Tour.” (From the radio program website)

Title: TOKYO FM “Dream Theater” 1:00 am-

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Apr 28, 2012

山口康子 2012年4月28日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Apr 28, 2012



We had a casual meeting between Friends of Kodo members and Chairman of Kodo Cultural Foundation. Because we are having Sado Special Performances at this time, most of participants are from outside of Sado Island. At the patio of Sado Island Taiko Centre, we had lunch using a lot of foodstuffs from the local area and talked a lot before the show. We would like to arrange it again.

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Apr 27, 2012

Melanie Taylor Apr 27, 2012 Part 2 
メラニーテイラー 2012年4月27日その2

Golden Week starts tomorrow in Japan, which is a cluster of public holidays. Kodo will be performing on Sado (almost!) every day from today until May 6.


20120427melanie201Today in Shukunegi, the hall where the "Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island" started today was sporting some giant carp flags for Children's Day next week.


20120427melanie202_2Here is the first audience going in to see the opening concert for the performance series. Shukunegi certainly rolled out the red carpet with perfect weather for us all. We welcomed over 130 people!


20120427melanie203In front of the hall was a stall of handcrafts, where a few Kodo members, including Kodo Cultural Foundation chairman Mr. Shimazaki bought magic bamboo fly swats that "don't smush flies but still kill them." It felt like an informercial hearing the spiel, I wonder if it depends on who is using it as to how the fly ends up...
I'm going to see the performance with friends tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing who has come to Sado for it, I'm sure there will be some familiar faces from our December concerts and Kodo Juku, etc.


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Melanie Taylor April 27, 2012
メラニーテイラー 2012年4月27日

Today I went to see the School Workshop-Performance tour rehearsing.
They were working on a new piece...


20120427melanie01It's hard to tell from the photo, but it was really good. Catchy and comedic! Masayuki wasn't so sure, but I assured him he was spot on. Can you see who the artistic director is for this programme?


20120427melanie02It's Yosuke Oda! (We have 3 performers called Yosuke now, but he's the only one we call Yosuke.) Don't worry, he's not sitting down much.
He'll be drumming full-steam with the cast, too. Today after 10 minutes of kneeling and directing, he couldn't wait to leap back into action.
If you want to see this new programme in public, there will be a performance in Kasuya, Fukuoka on May 12.
Kodo Workshop-Performance (Kasuya, Fukuoka)

鼓童 交流公演(福岡県糟屋郡粕屋町)

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Apr 14, 2012

松浦充長 2012年4月14日 
Mitsunaga Matsuura Apr 14, 2012



写真左)大太鼓では、見留 知弘、中込 健太、住吉 佑太(演奏順未決定)3名が打ち込みます。

Yesterday, we ran through “Kodo One Earth Tour 2012: Legend.” With the advice of our director, we will brush it up for the tour. Please look forward to it.

Kodo One Earth Tour: Legend
To the right) drums for a new piece
To the left) Tomohiro, Kenta, Yuta will play O-daiko. (orders undecided)

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Apr 06, 2012

松浦充長 2012年4月6日
Mitsunaga Matsuura Apr 6, 2012


4月に入り、いよいよ春ツアーへ向けての稽古が始まります! 今日は新準メンバーの稽古発表会。1月から3月の間佐渡で稽古し、5月のツアーで舞台に立ちます。お楽しみに!


[New Junior Members Rehearsal Recital]

It's April now, and soon the rehearsals for our spring tours will begin! Today was the rehearsal recital by the new junior members. They rehearsed on Sado from January to March, and they will all be on stage in May on tour. Look forward to that!

Kodo One Earth Tour 2012: Legend
Shogo Komatsuzaki, Akiko Ando, Yosuke Inoue, Yuta Sumiyoshi, Tetsumi Hanaoka

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Mar 30, 2012

新井武志 2012年3月30日
Takeshi Arai Mar 30, 2012

Kodo Trucks Get a New Look


Everyone, thank you all for coming along to our 30th anniversary tour concerts in Japan last year. Our trucks have just changed their "outfits" in preparation for the upcoming "Legend" tour.



First we took off their 2011 costumes,



cleaned their bodies,



put their new costumes on,



on the back, too,



and they're ready.


皆様、「鼓童ワン・アースツアー2012 〜伝説」お楽しみに。

This year these trucks will run around all over Japan.
We hope you are all looking forward to "Kodo One Earth Tour 2012: Legend."

鼓童ワン・アースツアー2012 〜伝説
Kodo One Earth Tour 2012: Legend

Takeshi Arai

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Mar 26, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年3月26日
Kodo News Mar 26, 2012

鼓童芸術監督 坂東玉三郎さんがTBS番組「はなまるマーケット」の「はなまるカフェ」というトークコーナーに出演されます。7月開催の「打男 DADAN」の紹介もあります。是非ご覧ください。



Kodo's new artistic director Tamasaburo Bando is going to appear on TV in the "Hanamaru Cafe" segment of TBS's "Hanamaru Market". They will introduce the "Dadan" concerts coming up in July. We hope you'll tune in if you're in Japan.

■Date & Time: Mar. 30 from 8:30am
■Programme Name: TBS "Hanamaru Market"

Hanamaru Market|TBS TV

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Feb 29, 2012

新井武志 2012年2月29日
Takeshi Arai Feb 29, 2012




Today we have a joint rehearsal with the apprentices.
It's Onikenbai (demon sword dance).

The person at the end... from behind it lookslike Eiichi, aka Banana Odjisan?

Just as I thought, it is him.
So his leg is really all better now.
We can't let ourselves be beaten by the kids born in the 90's.
Of course, up in the front row, you can see our ensemble leader, too.

Takeshi Arai

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Feb 25, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年2月25日
Kodo News Feb 25, 2012

Kodo Apprentice Centre Featured on Hidetoshi Nakata Official Site

元サッカー日本代表の中田英寿さんが昨年11月に研修所に来所され、このたび中田英寿公式サイト「」で紹介されました。中田さんは、日本文化をより多くの人に知ってもらう「きっかけ」をつくり、文化の継承・発展を促すことを目的に「ReVALUE NIPPON(リバリューニッポン)」というプロジェクトを立ち上げ、日本全国各地を取材されています。各地の工芸、食、芸能などを紹介するシリーズで現在、新潟県が取り上げられています。また公式携帯サイト(有料)では映像も配信されています。

佐渡島で育まれる音 太鼓芸能集団「鼓童」


Former Japanese soccer representative Hidetoshi Nakata came to the Kodo Apprentice Centre in November last year, and his visit was recently introduced on his official website. We hope you’ll take a look.
More details in English are on our website.

Sound Cultivated on Sado Island: Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble “Kodo”

Mobile Site

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Feb 22, 2012

鼓童が第33回松尾芸能賞<邦楽優秀賞>を受賞 2012年2月22日
Kodo Receives 33rd Matsuo Performing Arts Award for "Japanese Music" Feb 22, 2012






Kodo has been selected to receive the Matsuo Performing Arts Award for "Japanese Music" (presented by the Matsuo Entertainment Development Foundation), which is given to people in the performing arts world for their contribution to the preservation and elevation of Japanese culture and performing arts.
There is a long list of great performers who have been selected in the past. The awards ceremony will be held on March 29 in Tokyo and this year's recipients are as listed below.

*Grand Prix: Koki Mitani (scriptwriter)

*Award of Excellence: Kayoko Shiraishi (actor), Jun Anna (actor), Masao Sen (singer), Kodo (taiko performing arts), Takeharu Kunimoto (recitation of stories accompanied by shamisen)

*New Artist Award: Kankuro Nakamura (Kabuki), Eikichi Kiyomoto (Kiyomoto shamisen)

*Matsuo Performing Arts Award

This performing arts award was established in 1979 by the Matsuo Entertainment Development Foundation to bestow on people in the performing arts world. The objective of this award is to contribute to the support & promotion of Japanese traditional theater arts and the preservation & improvement of Japan-specific culture & performing arts.

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Feb 20, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月20日
Eri Uchida Feb 20, 2012


We came to Luzern, the beautiful lake town..



A big annual winter carnival is being held in the town now. There are a lot of parades all around the town and many people wear showy and fancy costumes. There was a great hustle and bustle in the town.


Confetti scattered all over.


Spirited costumes.

From small children to the elderly.


I guess he's pretending to be a sumo wrestler.

20120220eri07_185Little drummer.



Not only people in the parades, but also spectators put on great costumes. Everyone enjoyed themselves and this atmosphere naturally makes me smile.


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Feb 19, 2012

山口康子 2012年2月19日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Feb 19, 2012

東日本大震災により福島から避難して来られている皆さんに、佐渡太鼓体験交流館(たたこう館)で太鼓体験をしていただきました。同行のスタッフの方を含め、34人の方が参加してくださり、しんちゃんせんせいもパワーいっぱい! 皆さんにいろんな太鼓に触れていただきました。



なお、鼓童では「Heartbeat Project」の一環として、3月18日の「たたこう館まつり」第2部の「鼓童交流公演」に、佐渡島内に避難されている方々を対象にご招待をいたします。ぜひこの時にも、太鼓好きな方がたくさん集まってくださるといいなと思います。

Heartbeat Project

We invited Tohoku Pacific Earthquake evacuees living on Sado Island to experience taiko at Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan). Including some staff, 34 participants came to play many different kinds of taiko, and of course, Shinchan-sensei, the famous Tatakokan instructor, got excited!

Even now, about 100 evacuees are living on Sado Island. This year, it snows a lot and Sado Islanders are having a tough winter season. So, I can hardly imagine how hard life is for evacuees from the Pacific coast. We will be glad if they feel refreshed after they moved their bodies when they played taiko.

Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan) will host a festival on March 18. In the second part, we'll hold a Kodo Workshop-Performance and we would like to invite evacuees living on Sado Island to be our guests. We hope many taiko fans will gather for this event.

Heartbeat Project

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石塚充 2012年2月19日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 19, 2012



The final Dadan concert in Paris has come to an end. The Chatelet was a full house for all four days. It seems that the Dadan spirit echoed profoundly in the hearts of the Parisiens, and thanks to all the curtain came down amidst so much excitement.
Masaru Tsuji gave it his all, and he's exhausted. We're traveling to Switzerland today!
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 18, 2012

洲﨑拓郎 2012年2月18日
Takuro Susaki Feb. 18, 2012



It is the last day of the Dadan concerts in Paris today, which welcomed sold-out audiences throughout its four-day showing.This beautiful theater was built in 1862. I wonder when we'll be back again, I hope it's as soon as possible.

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Feb 16, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月16日
Eri Uchida Feb 16, 2012




In Paris, France. I found a Dadan flier in a subway station!

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Feb 15, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月15日
Eri Uchida Feb 15, 2012

20120215eri01_185打男メンバーがパリで頑張っている間、ベルギーの人気バラエティ番組『De laatste show』に出演してきました。こじんまりとしたスタジオでの公開収録。鼓童がでると分かった途端、公開収録を見たいと言うお客さんからの問い合わせが殺到したと言う嬉しい声も聞きました。

20120215eri02_185 英語でインタビューされるということになり、緊張緊張・・・。

最後に演奏した屋台囃子は大盛り上がり。ベルギーに行くのは3月! これを見てお客さんがきてくれると嬉しいですね。

While Dadan members were performing in Paris, some of us appeared in a famous TV show in Belgium, called “De laatste show.” We performed in a small and cozy studio for the public. We were pleased to hear that many people had made inquiries to watch our performance in the studio.

I became very nervous when I had an interview in English, and I'm not sure it went well. ( I hope it did!)

The audience got so excited to see us play “Yatai-bayashi.” We hope many people will come to see our performances in Belgium in March after they enjoyed our performance today.


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Feb 13, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月13日 その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 13, 2012 Part 2


DADAN参加メンバーは早速今日から仕込みです。いつもお世話になっているスタッフチームも、一昨日から乗り込んで来てくださっています。頼もしい! DADAN海外進出、楽しみですね!

We're in Paris!
The Dadan members are setting up right away today. The staff that always work with us on Dadan arrived yesterday. How reassuring! I'm looking forward to Dadan's debut abroad!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2012年2月13日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 13, 2012



We were in Dublin until last night. We had two performances and a family concert. Dublin's a city of music, so I noticed that the audience was really into our performance and the little children at the famiy concert were moving to the beat as they listened.

And today we have arrived in Paris at last. The Dadan members have to perform something completely different to what they have been performing on this tour so far, so while they were waiting at the airport en route, they were checking their parts like mad. Personally, it's my first time ever in Paris and I'm excited!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 10, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月10日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 10, 2012


シュトゥットガルト、マンハイムの二連チャンを終えました! バタバタしていて劇場内で写真を撮れませんでしたので、おまけ写真ですみません。みんな元気です!

We finished our back-to-back concerts in Stuttgart and Mannheim! It was hectic and I didn't get any shots in the theaters, so excuse these consolation pictures. Everyone is well!
This year, I heard that everywhere is Japan is also receiving heavy snow, and Europe is also having a huge freeze, and Germany is a level of cold I'd not experienced before. I thought I'd be fine everywhere but Scandinavia, but in Germany I rushed out and bought a new coat...
Can't believe Germany is colder than Scandinavia...

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 09, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年2月9日
Kodo News Feb. 9, 2012



Announcement Regarding the Earthquake on Feb. 8, 2012

On Feb. 8, 2012, at 9:01 pm, there was an earthquake centered on Sado Island that measured 5+ on the Japanese earthquake scale. The earthquake caused damage in one area on the island, which included water outages, etc. There was fortunately no great damage to the Kodo Village facilities, Sado Island Taiko Centre, Kodo Apprentice Centre, and members' homes, etc. We thank everyone for their concern and assure you that we are all fine.

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Feb 08, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月8日
Eri Uchida Feb 8, 2012


The other day in Germany. I got good faces!


A clean-cut man, Yuichiro.


A shy boy, Mitsuru


A mischievous man, Shogo


A big soccer fan, Kazuki


Tsuyoshi eating ice cream in freezing day and Masayuki taking a lot of pictures by his new camera.


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大井キヨ子 2012年2月8日
Kiyoko Oi Feb 8, 2012




Today, I baked Amish bread. Following the recipe, I mixed rice flour and hard wheat flour. It turned out very moist. I used both a rice cooker and a frying pan. The rice cooker was so small that it took 3 hours to bake, but the frying pan needed only 15 mins to bake it, and everyone loved it. I also mixed in raisins, dried persimmons, walnuts and bananas.
I think that this bread is the best as a sweet for tea time. I baked many loaves, but they were eaten so quickly. Kodo Village is a good place for making a bunch of food!

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Feb 06, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月6日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 6, 2012



On the 4th and 5th, we had 2 performances in familiar Munich. The theater was also familiar to us, the same place that welcomes us each time, Gasteig. It's difficult to tell in the photos, but it has a very peculiar stage which has left-right asymmetry. From the audience perspective, it is interesting with its strange depth, but if you are standing on the stage, you can't tell if you are facing straight ahead or not sometimes, and it always makes us nervous. When we put the instruments on the stage as well, we have to check the positions more carefully than usual.
The tickets were sold-out for both days. During the curtain call, we received the famous German "foot-stamping,"so Munich was a great success!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 04, 2012

大井キヨ子 2012年2月4日
Kiyoko Oi Feb 4, 2012



One of our friends, who is a fisherman gave this: a kind of codfish, called “Godara” or “Hoteiuo.” It is one of the special fish which can be caught in winter. It lives by the seashore and has a big sucker, of which size is 4 cm diameter not to be flowed by the current. It looks like a tadpole and feels very slimly for its collagen. To get rid of it, we first poured the hot water. Then, the slime of the surface was taken off and the eggs inside the body came out. Recently, this codfish has been very rare. We had it with gratitude.

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Feb 03, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月3日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 3, 2012



Yesterday we had a performance in Dortmund. Soccer player Kagawa plays for Dortmund, and we also did our best here as Japanese representatives!

This photo is of Yuichiro Funbashi who is taking the reigns for the first time as artistic director on our tour!

This year Germany is cold, huh?

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 02, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月2日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 2, 2012


ドイツにやってきました! 北欧から来たので少しは暖かいかと思いきや、無茶苦茶寒いです! でも負けません! …と言いたい…けど寒い…

We're in Germany! I thought it would be a bit warmer here coming down from Scandinavia, but it's really freezing cold! But I won't be beaten... is what I want to say... but I'm cold...
Today we performed in Essen for the first time. We had a drum skin tear, oh so soon in the tour, but that didn't stop us from giving our all in the performance at this fabulous hall!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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鼓童 News 2012年2月2日
Kodo News Feb. 2, 2012



番組名: 歌舞伎俳優 坂東玉三郎 ~京都賞受賞 未来へのメッセージ~
日時: 2月5日(日)16:30~17:13(予定)
放送局: NHK BSプレミアム
番組内容: 2011年11月に第27回京都賞「思想・芸術部門」を受賞した坂東玉三郎さんが、自らの舞台芸術に対する熱い想いについて若い人たちに向けて語る。

TV Broadcast Announcement

A program featuring Tamasaburo Bando, who won the Kyoto Prize for Arts and Philosophy in 2011, will be broadcast on TV.

Program Name: Kabuki Actor Tamasaburo Bando - The Kyoto Prize: A Message for the Future
Date & Time: Feb. 5 (Sun) 16:30 - 17:13 (TBC)
Broadcast Station: NHK BS Premium
Program Content: In Nov. 2011, Tamasaburo Bando won the Kyoto Prize for Arts and Philosophy, and in this program he talks to young people about his passion for performing arts.

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Jan 31, 2012

石塚充 2012年1月31日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Jan. 31, 2012


二年ぶりにお邪魔いたしますデンマーク、コペンハーゲン。今回はヨーロッパでも十本の指に入るという、素晴らしいコンサートホールで演奏させていただきました。築三年とまだ新しく、建物を見に遠くから足を運ぶ方もいらっしゃるというこのホール、ご覧のとおりものすごい美しさでございます! 音も大変に良いでございます! 現地の太鼓グループ「生動太鼓」さんの御尽力により、素敵な機会が実現されました。ありがとうございました!

It's 2 years since we were last in Copenhagen, Denmark. We performed at a wonderful concert hall, one of the leading ones in Europe. It was only 3 years old, and they say many people come from afar just to see the building. As you can see, it is really beautiful! And the sound is also very good. Thanks to the efforts of local taiko group Seido Daiko, we had this fabulous opportunity to perform here. Thank you very much!
To our tour members who took commemorative pictures, put them on the weblog!!!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Jan 27, 2012

石塚充 2012年1月27日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Jan. 27, 2012


One Earth Tour 2012 in Euro、北欧スウェーデンの大学街ウプサラ(Uppsala)にて初日の幕を開けました! 鼓童がスウェーデンに訪れるのは実に28年ぶり。おそらく初めてのお客様がほとんどだろうという客席はとてもあたたかく、とても気持ちの良い初日でありました。ツアーの舞台を初めて演出する船橋裕一郎を筆頭に、若い精鋭たちで巡る今年のヨーロッパ。この先の進化が楽しみです。

We had the opening night of our One Earth Tour 2012 in Europe in the university town of Uppsala in Sweden, Scandinavia! It was actually Kodo's first visit to Sweden in 28 years. Most of the audience was probably watching Kodo for the first time, and they were all so warm to us, so it was a really feel-good opening night. Yuichiro Funabashi is leading the tour as artistic director for the first time, and it's a sharp young cast on this European tour, so I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress from here.

The photo is completely unrelated, but here is Yosuke shopping at a kiosk in Sweden!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Jan 23, 2012

Melanie Taylor January 23, 2012

A few of us were up early enough on Monday morning to see the One Earth Tour members off when they left Kodo Village to head the ferry, to the airport, and off to Europe. Junior member Sho and staff Narumi (holding the farewell banner) have never left Japan, so it must be hard for them to imagine the long flight, let alone the languages and cultures that await our cast. I hope they can experience "One Earth" outside Japan with Kodo someday, too. Me? I'm thinking... I wish I could go and hear Kodo at the KKL in Luzern again. One Earth, many theatres, but only some that make taiko really sing. Bon voyage everyone! We're cheering you on!

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Dec 14, 2011

Melanie Taylor Dec. 14 2011
メラニー・テイラー 2011年12月14日


Today we had our Concert for Kids ages 0-6 in the morning. They were so bubbly and energetic! Wriggling, bouncing, clapping, and swaying to the rhythms. Thank you everyone who came along!
I just wanted to let you know we still have tickets available for our performances on Dec. 16 (Fri) in the evening and Dec. 17 (Sat) in the afternoon. We'll be heading back to Niigata on Monday, so our 10 days of performances in Tokyo is now over halfway through. We're still going strong, fueled by great audiences every day. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Aoyama Theatre. Look for the big gold Kodo pillars in front of the theatre. You won't miss the entrance!

今日の午前中「Concert for KIDS ~0才からの鼓童~」の公演を行いました。子どもたちはとても陽気でエネルギッシュでした! 声を上げ、手をたたき、そしてリズムに乗って動き回ります。ご来場の皆様、どうもありがとうございました!



青山劇場で木曜日、金曜日、土曜日、そして日曜日に皆様のご来場を楽しみにしてお待ちしております。劇場の前に大きな柱に鼓童の金色のポスターがありますので 目印にして来てください。入り口を見逃すことはありません!

鼓童 | 東京公演

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Dec 12, 2011

鼓童 News 2011年12月12日その2
Kodo News Dec 12, 2011 Part 2


みんなで太鼓を叩いて元気になろう !

日時: 2011年12月17日(土)・18日(日)
時間: 各日 (1)10:00〜11:00 (2)14:00〜15:00
会場: 佐渡太鼓体験交流館(たたこう館)
定員: 25名
料金: 大人1,500円 小学生800円 未就学児無料

Tel. 0259-86-2320
Fax. 0259-86-2385

Chindon Kodon Presents:
"Taiko with Sammy"

You've probably seen the Sammy comics in Kodo eNews from time to time. Masami Miyazaki, a.k.a. Sammy, is going to hold taiko workshops for parents and kids on Sado Island.
A project to get warm and cheerful on cold wintery Sado!
Let's play taiko together and have fun!

Dates: Dec. 17 (Sat) & 18 (Sun)
Times: Two sessions daily, 10:00 - 11:00 & 14:00-15:00
Venue: Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)
Capacity: 25 people
Fee: Adults 1,500 yen, ages 6-11 800 yen, preschoolers receive free admission.
(This is a parent-child workshop, but adults are free to take part without kids.)

Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)
Tel. 0259-86-2320
Fax. 0259-86-2385

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鼓童 News 2011年12月12日
Kodo News Dec 12, 2011






Newspaper Article Announcements
Kodo-related articles were featured in some newspapers.

Asahi Newspaper Niigata Edition (Dec. 9)
This article and photo introduced Tomohiro Mitome. You can see the article on the newpaper's website.>My Town>Niigata

Nigata Nippo Culture Column (Dec. 8)
This article and photo introduced Kazuki Imagai, Shogo Yoshii, Tsuyoshi Maeda, and Mariko Omi.

Yomiuri Shimbun Capital Edition (Nov. 21)
This article and photo introduced Eri Uchida.

We hope you'll check these articles out!

(Translator's Note: Sorry for the late English translation. Please note these articles were in Japanese only.)

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Dec 07, 2011

Melanie Taylor Dec 7, 2011
メラニー・テイラー 2011年12月7日


Tonight we went to see Blue Man Group live at their theatre in Roppongi. What a fun night! It's been months since our collaboration for TV, and it was great to see Blue Man again, and with a really lively audience... not only all of us cheering loudly, but a lot of high school kids having a ball on their school trip! We'll certainly take these smiles and that energy to Aoyama Theatre with us tomorrow as we start our 10 days of performances. Thank you Blue Man! We look forward to returning the energy to you all when you all attend our performances over the next week and a bit!

今夜六本木のブルーマンシアターへ、ブルーマングループのライブを観にいきました。とても楽しい夜でした。 私たちのテレビ共演から数ヶ月が経ち、ブルーマンをまた観られて嬉しく思います。とても賑やかな客席でした。。。大きな声で応援していたのは鼓童の私たちだけじゃなくて、修学旅行中のたくさんの高校生も! この笑顔とエネルギーを明日青山劇場に持ち込み、自分たちの10日間の連続公演を始めます。ブルーマン、ありがとうございました! 私たちの公演でエネルギーをお返し出来ることを心待ちにしています!

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Dec 06, 2011

見留知弘 2011年12月6日
Tomohiro Mitome Dec. 6, 2011




<東京公演:こどもの城 青山劇場>
8日 18:30 開演
9日 18:30 開演
10日 14:00 開演
11日 14:00 開演
16日 18:30 開演
17日 14:00 開演
18日 14:00 開演

20日 新潟県・長岡市立劇場 チケット完売!
21日 新潟県・新潟県民会館大ホール 19:00 開演
24日 新潟県・アミューズメント佐渡 14:00 開演

鼓童 | ワン・アース・ツアー2011公演スケジュール

It's already December again, isn't it?

The 30th Anniversary Tour in Japan, which began on May 7, now has just four cities to go: Tokyo, Nagaoka, Niigata, and Sado.

The banner featuring Kodo written in calligraphy by the late artist Taro Okamoto has commemorated our tour throughout Japan, and each concert presenter has written a message on it, almost filling up the entire length. This banner will become a valuable story-telling piece of Kodo's history.

From December 8th, our concert series at Aoyama Theatre in Tokyo will begin.
Dec. 8 18:30 Start
Dec. 9 18:30 Start
Dec. 10 14:00 Start
Dec. 11 14:00 Start
Dec. 16 18:30 Start
Dec. 17 14:00 Start
Dec. 18 14:00 Start

Dec. 20 Nagaoka Shiritsu Gekijo, Nakaoka, Niigata SOLD OUT!
Dec. 21 Niigata Kenmin Kaikan Dai-Hall, Niigata City 19:00 Start Dec. 24 Amusement Sado, Sado Island, Niigata 14:00 Start

We're all waiting for you at the theaters!
Kodo | One Earth Tour 2011Schedule

Tomohiro Mitome

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吉井盛悟 2011年12月6日
Shogo Yoshii Dec 6, 2011


WOWOW、ザプライムショーに出演して参りました。「今を輝く女性」ということで、内田依利の特集を組んで頂きました! 依利もトークには緊張していたものの、いざ始まってしまえばジョンカビラさん、歌手のhitomiさんの自然な雰囲気に引きこまれてとても楽しそうでした!


We performed on WOWOW's "The Prime Show." They wanted to introduce a "shining lady of the moment" so they did a special feature on Eri Uchida! Eri was nervous about talking on TV, but once they began, they hosts Jon Kabira & hitomi drew her into a natural conversation that looked like a lot of fun!

This photo was taken outside the open-view recording studio by Masayuki. Thank you to everyone who came out in the cold to watch us!

Shogo Yoshii

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鼓童 News 2011年12月6日
Kodo News Dec. 6, 2011 Part 2


出演: 齊藤栄一、船橋裕一郎

Today Eiichi Saito and Yuichiro Funabashi will appear on tvk's program "Arigato!" We hope you'll tune in, if you're in Japan.

Program Name; tvk "Arigato!"
Dec. 6 (Tue) From 12:15
Appearing: Eiichi Saito, Yuichiro Funabashi
Program Website:

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Dec 05, 2011

吉井盛悟 2011年12月5日
Shogo Yoshii Dec 5, 2011


気になるぅ~!( ̄(工) ̄)

Photo by まさゆき さかもと

A general election?! Yoshikazu Fujimoto?!
Who on earth is he going to choose?
I wanna know!

Photo by Masayuki Sakamoto

Shogo Yoshii

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Dec 03, 2011

鼓童 News 2011年12月3日
Kodo News Dec. 3, 2011 Part 2

12月5日、英国王室臨席公演「The Royal Variety Performance 2011(ロイヤルバラエティパフォーマンス2011)」に鼓童が出演します。





Kodo Appearance in 2011 Royal Variety Performance (Manchester, UK)

We are pleased to announce that Kodo has been invited to appear in the prestigious Royal Variety Performance, a gala charity evening held annually in the United Kingdom, which is attended by members of the British Royal Family. The event is presented each year in aid of the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund, of which Queen Elizabeth II is patron. The performance is said to "showcase the very best in entertainment from around the globe each year" and Kodo is truly honored to be included in such company.

This year's Royal Variety Performance will be held at the Lowry's Lyric Theatre, Manchester, on Monday, 5th December 2011, in the presence of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal and Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, KCVO, CB, ADC(P). Kodo will be featured in a lineup including Tony Bennett, Barry Manilow, and Cee Lo Green, and the performance will be broadcast to a worldwide TV audience of over 150 million people. We hope you'll tune in, too.

Kodo Appearance in 2011 Royal Variety Performance

Appearing: Kodo (Kenzo Abe, Kenta Nakagome, Tsuyoshi Maeda)
Venue: Lowry's Lyric Theatre(Manchester, UK)
Performance Date: December 5, 2011
Broadcast Date: December 14, 2011


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鼓童 News 2011年12月3日
Kodo News Dec 3, 2011





Dec. 6 Live Kodo Appearance on WOWOW "The Prime Show"

Kodo will make a live appearance on WOWOW's free live broadcast information program, which covers the latest in world entertainment news. The program has a corner called "Entertainment Queen" that features women in the entertainment world, and this time they will take a close-up look at Kodo's young performer Eri Uchida. The segment will feature interviews with Uchida, scenes from rehearsals on Sado Island, and a live studio performance by four Kodo members. This is a free-to-air program, so anyone with a satellite receiver can tune in. We hope you'll enjoy the segment.

WOWOW "The Prime Show" (Free program)

Broadcast Date & Time: Dec. 6 (Tues) 18:55-19:50
Host: Jon Kabira
Daily Newscaster: hitomi
Appearing: Kazuki Imagai, Masaru Tsuji, Shogo Yoshii, Eri Uchida (Approx. 15-min. segment)

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Dec 02, 2011

吉井盛悟 2011年12月2日
Shogo Yoshii Dec 2 2011


We are now in Osaka. Masayuki paid a courtesy the representative of Osaka Taiko player.

Photo by Tomohiro Mitome
Shogo Yoshii

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鼓童 News 2011年12月2日
Kodo News Dec 2, 2011

30年ありがとう! 鼓童佐渡驛伝




みんな本当にありがとう !
[驛伝リーダー 今海一樹]

日時: 2011年11月19日 AM7:00スタート
天気: 曇りのち雨
走者: 57名 (舞台メンバー、スタッフ)
伴走者: 5名
総距離: 約114km
タイム: 10時間25分20秒

Kodo 30th Anniversary Ekiden (long-distance relay)

On November 19, the Kodo Ekiden started with the sound of Odaiko by Yoshiaki Oi at 5:00 am. We were caught in some showers in the middle of the relay, but we were able to pass the sash from one person to the next and the last runner, Kiyoko Oi, reached the goal at 6:00 pm,
2 hours earlier than we expected to complete the whole course. Thank you to all of you who cheer us on, both on Sado Island and from afar.

Kodo Member Greeting

(Above: We took the picture after the goal, wearing matching ekiden T-

“The relay sash, which tied our feelings towards the 30th anniversary and our appreciation to people on Sado, became our treasure. I was worried whether we would be able to make it without any accidents, and I was really glad that we did it when I heard and felt the sound and the passion of "Yatai-bayashi," which we played right after the goal. Thank you, everyone!”

(By Kazuki Imagai, Ekiden Leader)

Date & Time: Nov 19, 2011, start at 7:00 am.
Weather: Cloudy/ Rainy
Runners: 57 members (Performers and Staff) Companion Runners: 5 Total Distance: 114 km
Time: 10 hrs 25 mins 20 secs

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Nov 30, 2011

吉井盛悟 2011年11月30日
Shogo Yoshii Nov 30, 2011


明日はワンアースツアー30周年記念スペシャル 12月ファイナルバージョンの初日!!!!! トラックの運転でかたまった身体をほぐす! これが今夜の仕事です!!

It's almost time.
We left Kodo Village on Sado at 7:30am.
We arrived at Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater at 6:30pm.
11 hours of travel.
Tomorrow is the opening night of our One Earth Tour 30th Anniversary Special December Series!!!
I need to loosen up now, my body got all tight from driving the truck! That's my job tonight!

Photos: Masayuki Sakamoto
Shogo Yoshii

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大井キヨ子 2011年11月30日
Kiyoko Oi Nov 30, 2011




When it is the time of a freezing rain, nameko mushrooms usually show their faces. In this fall, the temperature is not as low as usual, so I had almost given up, but they knew the time to show up. Though they have rather grown too much, we ate them. They tasted very well.

Nameko mushroom will be served to our dinner table for a while. Today we stir-fried them by sesame oil and seasoned soy sauce, sugar & sake to add salted and sweetened flavor. We served them on a dish and poured grated radish & a citron before we ate.

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Nov 17, 2011

New Merchandise Announcement

Tシャツ 岡本太郎「鼓童」・スレート
T-shirt: Taro Okamoto "Kodo" - Slate



価格: 3,800円(税込)
鼓童の会会員価格: 3,400円(税込)

サイズ: S、M、L
素材: 綿100% 
シャツ色: スレートグレイ

鼓童Online Store | 鼓童Online Store(携帯)

This t-shirt features the Kodo kanji characters in calligraphy by Taro Okamoto, which are the symbol of our 30th anniversary tour, and the uroko (triangle scale) design from the Kodo stage costume. This shirt uses discharge printing, which makes the shirt more breathable and feel-good than a regular painted print.
NB* For orders in English, please email Kodo.

Price: 3,800 yen (Tax inc.)
Friends of Kodo Member Price: 3,400 yen (Tax inc.)

Sizes: S, M, L
Fabric: Cotton 100%
Shirt Color: Slate Grey

Kodo Online Store (Japanese) | Kodo Online Store - Japanese Mobile Phone Site

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Nov 03, 2011

石塚充 2011年11月03日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Nov 3, 2011

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜枠外〜 石塚充

少し間があいてしまいましたが、第一回大会、最後のエントリーになりました! 常日頃サングラスを愛用しているわけではないので、枠外とさせていただきエントリー。トラックの助手席にぽつりと置かれていた、誰のものともわからないそれをほんの出来心で手に取り、運転する先輩をよそにパチリ。うーむ‥‥むむむ‥‥ムリヤリ感が否めませんね‥‥

さてさて、第一回大会はこれにて閉幕となります! 果たしてベストグラッサーは? 皆さんは誰がお好きですか?!
Mitsuru Ishizuka

エントリーNo.1 新井武志!
エントリーNo.2 山口幹文!
エントリーNo.3 内田依利!
エントリーNo.4 土橋達也!
エントリーNo.5 小島千絵子!
エントリーNo.6 藤本吉利!
エントリーNo.7 船橋裕一郎!
エントリーNo.8 安藤良子!

1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award
-Extra- Mitsuru Ishizuka
I am sorry that I had not updated for long. This is the last picuture. I do not wear the sunglasses so often that this should be considered outside the normal entry.
These glasses were left on the passenger seat in a track. I didn’t know who they belong to, but I wore them partly out of curiosity. Gee.., you can tell that I am not used to wearing them!
Well, 1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award will close with my picture. Who will receive this award? Who do you prefer as the best sunglasses dresser?
Entry No.1 Takeshi Arai!
Entry No.2 Motofumi Yamaguchi!
Entry No.3 Eri Uchida!
Entry No.4 Tatsuya Dobashi!
Entry No.5 Chieko Kojima!
Entry No.6 Yoshikazu Fujimoto!
Entry No.7 Yuichiro Funabashi!
Entry No.8 Yoshiko Ando!

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Oct 18, 2011

上之山博文 2011年10月18日
Hirofumi Uenoyama Oct 18, 2011




今年5月、鼓童文化財団の第3種旅行業取得に伴い、小木地域の活性化を考える「小木三崎百年プロジェクト協議会」の主催で行うツアーです。佐渡に入ってからの宿泊・島内移動・食費などすべて込みで7,500円/人 でご旅行いただけます。(佐渡市助成金事業です。ただし、佐渡までの交通費は含まれておりません)ぜひともこの機会をお見逃しなく !


We can see the beautiful autumn sky on Sado Island. We have a special announcement for those of you who are interested in such a beautiful scenery. This tour will take you throughout Ogi Peninsula on Nov. 12 (Sat) & 13 (Sun). You can see a tub-boat fishing, listen to Kodo history at the old-style hall and enjoy all about the Peninsula. The fee is 7,500 yen for one person, including one-night stay, island transportation & 3 meals. We are sorry that English assistance is not available, but if you are interested, please contact us!
Sado Island Taiko Centre email: (The deadline is Oct. 28.)

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Oct 12, 2011

見留知弘 2011年10月12日
Tomohiro Mitome Oct 12, 2011



「踊る阿呆に見る阿呆、同じ阿呆なら 踊らな損々…」


開場18:00 開演18:30

Tokushima prefecture is famous of Awa Odori, a local dance style.
Yesterday, we had a day-off in Tokushima. I went to Awa Odori Hall with Eri and Shogo At this hall, you can see the demonstration with some explanations about the dance. We are usually instructors, but we were able to become the students and learned its basic dance form.
It had taken 7 years since our last performance in Tokushima.
Tomohiro Mitome

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Oct 10, 2011

小島千絵子・宮﨑正美 2011年10月10日
Chieko Kojima & Masami Miyazaki Oct 10, 2011

10月1日は久世エスパスでの公演日でした。会館の隣に旧遷喬尋常小学校(きゅうせんきょうじんじょうしょうがっこう)がありました。明治40年に建てられた木造校舎。一般公開をしており、これは是非見学をしようと千絵子さんと中に入ると・・・なんと! セーラー服!!! 学ランもあり、その制服を着て見学できるとのこと。キャーキャー言いながら記念撮影。


We had a performance at Kuse Espase Center in Okayama on Oct 1. Next to the theater, there is a building which used to be an elementary school. It was built in 1907 and made of wood. It is opened to public, so we went. There, we found old school uniforms which we can try on! We wore them and took some pictures.


Text by Masami Miyazaki
Photos by Chieko Kojima & Masami Miyazaki

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Oct 08, 2011

山口康子 2011年10月8日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Oct 8, 2011


I found such an old sweat shirt from Kansai Yamamoto’s fashion show in October, 1984. The style of our costumes were same as usual, but they were in pink!
I am not thinking to make series for this, but I will introduce something good if I find something interesting again.


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石塚充 2011年10月8日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Oct 8, 2011

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.8〜 安藤良子

スタッフサイドから今ツアーのサブマネージャー、あんでぃーが参戦! 見た目はちっちゃいですが、態度はとても大きい‥‥失礼、とても堂々としています! よく通るハイトーンボイスを武器に、毎日劇場を四方八方駆け回り大活躍。みなさん、劇場に来たら会えますよ!!

1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.8 Yoshiko Ando-
An assistant manager, Andy entered from the side of the staff. She is tiny, but her attitude is big.., sorry, I mean you are so dignified! Having high tone voice, she is running around the theater every day. You can meet her at the theater!
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No.7!

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Oct 06, 2011

石塚充 2011年10月6日その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Oct 6, 2011 Part 2




ポイントを儲ける話ししかしていません! おやすみなさい!!

After performing twice on Suo-oshima Island, we are having a relaxed time and chatting in the cottage. We have been talking airline mileage, Rakuten points, TSUTAYA points, Ponta card, Edy… oh, no, all of them are how to save the points on the cards! Good night!
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2011年10月6日その1
Mitsuru Ishizuka Oct 6, 2011 Part 1


おはようございます! 今日は山口県周防大島で二回公演です。ゆうべからのお宿は、なんとオートキャンプ場のコテージ。三、四人ずつのグループで各コテージに分宿しています。

Good morning! Today, we will have two performances on Suo-oshima Island, Yamaguchi. We were divided into members of 4 to 5, and have been staying at cottages since last night. In this cottage, Eiichi, Kenzo, Masauki and I are staying together. From the balcony, we can see Seto Island Sea. Such a beautiful place! We feel so good! I wish I could say “today is a day-off!”
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Oct 04, 2011

石塚充 2011年10月4日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Oct 4, 2011

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.7〜 船橋裕一郎

皆さんには意外なエントリーかも知れませんね。爽やかNo.1(自称)、スマイリー船橋くんです。今回のツアーでは、あんなことやこんなこと、たくさんの未経験パートに果敢に挑んでおります! 劇場でしかみられません!! 皆さんがまだ知らない船橋に会いに、ぜひ劇場に足をお運びくださいませ〜。

1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.7 Yuichiro Funabashi-
It could be unexpected for some of you to find his entry. This is smiley Yuichiro, the freshest man in Kodo(self-styled). At this tour, He has been trying so many parts he had never done. You can see his remarkable challenge only at the theater. Please try to encounter new Yuichiro!!
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No.6!

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Oct 03, 2011

小松崎正吾 2011年10月3日
Shogo Komatsuzaki Oct.3, 2011


高知に来ています。今日は我らが舞台監督、風間正文さんのお誕生日でした。若手と照明さんそして土橋さんでアットホームな雰囲気の誕生会となりました。いつもパワフルで若々しい正文さん! ステキな笑顔ありがとうございました。おめでとうございます!

We are in Kochi. Today is a birthday of Masafumi, a stage director. Young members and staff gathered to have a party for him. He is always powerful and young. Thanks for a nice smiling! Happy birthday!

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石塚充 2011年10月3日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Oct 3, 2011

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.6〜 藤本吉利〜

さて真打ち登場! さすが男前、なんでも似合うんですね〜。あれ? よく見るとサングラスではない?? でもでも、さすがなんでも似合うんですね!! おやすみなさい!!

1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.6 Yoshikazu Fujimoto-
Yes, here came a star performer! He is such a gentleman, who can suit on anything. What? Are these not sunglasses?? Well, well, even that, he looks good on them! Have a good sleep!!
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No.5!

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Oct 01, 2011

石塚充 2011年10月1日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Oct 1, 2011

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.5〜 小島千絵子



1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.5 Chieko Kojima-
“They are for reading,” said Chieko, but entered. She is always eating something at a green room, though she is so small… does her physical power and vitality come from her appetite?
Chieko with kibidango, millet dumpling, specialty of Okayama
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No. 4!

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Sep 29, 2011

石塚充 2011年9月29日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Sep 29, 2011

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.4〜 土橋達也


1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.4 Tatsuya Dobashi-
He is our stage director, who is also said the best fashionable among Kodo members.
The stage manager is a hard job: fishing, playing darts, playing catch, batting practice… hectic!
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No.3!

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山口幹文 2011年9月29日
Motofumi Yamaguchi Sep 29, 2011




Kodo fans in front of the theater before the door opening.
They paused when I was trying to take a picture of them. They seemed to pretend Yosuke on a poster. Motofumi Yamaguchi

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Sep 28, 2011

石塚充 2011年9月28日その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Sep 28, 2011 Part 2

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.3〜 内田依利


1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.3 Eri Uchida-
Eri also works as a bus driver assistant. She bought sunglasses because it is too shinny to sit on a front seat in the bus. What is that on her head, something strange… a sunshade? Or a kind of fashion from Nagoya, her hometown?
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No.2!

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石塚充 2011年9月28日その1
Mitsuru Ishizuka Sep 28, 2011 Part 1

第一回 輝け! 鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞


〜エントリーNo.2〜 山口幹文


1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.2 Motofumi Yamaguchi-
There is another popular man with glasses; Mr. Yamaguchi. He has not been in the tour for a long time, and came back with his new piece, “Harukanarumine.” He is doing his best for his performance and making coffee at a green room.

Mitsuru Ishizuka
Check Entry No.1!

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Sep 27, 2011

石塚充 2011年9月27日その3
Mitsuru Ishizuka Sep 27, 2011 Part 3


ワン・アース・ツアー班、今日は岡山市で久々のお休み。たまたま車で二時間くらいのところで本番があった交流学校公演班を覗きに行って来ました! 若手中心の舞台でとても清々しく演奏している姿をみて、身も心もグッと引き締まりました!! こちらの方は一般の皆さんにみていただく機会があまりなく、ちょっぴり残念です。みんな引き続きがんばってね。

We, One Earth Tour members, had a day-off in Okayama. I went to see Kodo School Performance, driving for 2 hours. This school tour is mainly lead by young members, and I braced myself up as I saw their fresh and pure performance . I am sorry that there are hardly chances for you to see it. I hope they will keep doing their best.
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2011年9月27日その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Sep 27, 2011 Part 2

第一回 輝け!鼓童ベストグラッサー大賞

~エントリーNo.1~ 新井武志


1st Best Kodo Member with Sunglasses Award -Entry No.1 Takeshi Arai-
As we think of a member with sunglasses, that is him! There should be not so many people who suit on this kind of sunglasses. He may be a stern look, but not really. Please speak to him with your courage.
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2011年9月27日 その1
Mitsuru Ishizuka Sep 27, 2011 Part 1




30th Anniversary Tour is roaring!
Today, we are traveling from Shigu, Wakayama to Okayama. In the bus, Motofumi and Shogo, a junior member, are sleeping well. It is nice to see those of them who are a veteran player and a just fresh player lean on each other. Yes, it is a special tour!
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Sep 22, 2011

草洋介 2011年9月22日
Yosuke Kusa Sep 22, 2011


We are traveling from Osaka to Ehime, a long drive. We are taking a lunch break now.



Masayuki and Eri are playing catch. Takeshi also joined. Ooops, a ball went somewhere…, where is it?



Here, Nobuyuki is doing exercise, hanging down from an iron rod. Yoshikazu came, too, and said, “I used to chin myself 10 times before…”



Motofumi is working on his computer. He is as same as in a bus, too. He is busy!


We, members of the One Earth Tour, are doing good and having a good trip.

Yosuke Kusa

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安藤良子 2011年9月22日
Yoshiko Ando Sep 22, 2011


秋のワン・アース・ツアー、関西 、関東、東海地方を巡り、明日は愛媛県・内子座での公演です。今日は東大阪から四国までの長距離バス移動、夕方から仕込みです! ただいま観覧車があるサービスエリアでしばしの休憩タイムです。

We have been traveling Kansai, Kanto and Tokai during One Earth Tour Japan, fall season, and will be performing in Uchiko-za Ehime, tomorrow. We are traveling from Higashiosaka to Shikoku and will set up the stage from this evening. Now, we are taking a break at a service area on highway, which has Ferris wheel.

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Sep 21, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月21日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 21, 2011


「Tシャツギャラリー」6回目はEC1997。EC10周年を迎えたこの年は、なんと! 「太鼓体験塾」のスタッフTシャツがあったんですねー。スタッフTシャツ=黒、という方程式から遠く隔たった若竹色のTシャツ。体験塾のスタッフは研修生も含めて人数が多く、黒いTシャツの人にずらりと取り囲まれると圧迫感を感じるのでは、という理由から、体験塾が行われる春の季節にふさわしいさわやかな色で作ってみたものです。


アーカイブ | EC1997

『EC Tシャツギャラリー』第5回もみる!

"T-shirt Gallery" Part6 from EC1997
This year celebrated 10th anniversary and made staff T-shirts for Taiko workshop “EC Pre-event: Taiko Experience.” Usually, T-shirts for staff are black, but this T-shirt is green yellow. We made them for this event season color, spring, because there were many staff joined in it and we thought it must have been stressful to be surrounded by a bunch of black t-shirts.
By the way, I went on a business trip to Tokyo and just came back to Sado. It was hot like summer, but the fall has already started in Sado! It is not suitable to wear T-shirt any more. Freezing!
So, I’ll take a break for this series. Thank you!
Archive | EC 1997
Check “EC T-shirt Gallery” Part 5!

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Sep 18, 2011

山中津久美 2011年9月18日
Tsugumi Yamanaka Sep 18, 2011




Iwakube Festival,
Sunny (It was stormy yesterday, and no shower at all during the demon dance. Miracle!)
There were not many visitors from outside of village and some ex-apprentices this year. It has been 50 years since one of my relative becomes a demon, which is a very important role at the festival.
TV reporter came to cover it and most of men who usually get drunk and have fun during festival were all so quiet this year. They may get drunk at the party afterward!
※Iwakubi community on Sado is Tsugumi’s hometown. In Kakinoura community near Iwakubi, there is Kodo Apprentice Centre, which used to be Iwakubi Junior High School, Tsugumi’s alma mater. Kodo Apprentices join Iwakubi Festival every year.






top left: A performance at Tsugumi’s cousin’s house.
He used to be a master for the apprentices and passed away at the beginning of this year. He must have looked down many demon dances from heaven.
top right: A performance at my house.
Roso, an old priest is a messenger of Shishi, a lion. You can see Roso in Kodo’s piece, “Un” and this is arranged for the stage.
down left: O-jishi, a big lion at my house
He turns around three times in front of the house when Roso delivers a prologue. There are many Shishi on Sado, but this style appears only in Iwakubi.
down right: performance at my house.
At first, a blue demon and a red demon dance together and then, participants without masks dance to be requested by tips.

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Sep 16, 2011

小見麻梨子 2011年9月16日
Mariko Omi Sep 16, 2011





Now, we are in Koide, Niigata. This guesthouse is surrounded by golden ear of rice. On the ground floor, there is a Japanese style fireplace, and we are having a meeting…, no,! We are actually playing karuta, a Japanese style card game.
The members of School Performance Tour are all doing great!

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Sep 15, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月15日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 15, 2011

『EC Tシャツギャラリー』5回目は1995と1996です。





アーカイブ | EC1995 | アーカイブ | EC1996

『EC Tシャツギャラリー』第4回もみる!
『EC Tシャツギャラリー』番外編もみる!

“EC T-shirt Gallery” Part 5 from 1995 & 1996

There were some unique t-shirts like the one printed all the way on the hem, but no t-shirts have not been kept in good enough to wear. The only one I have is a cushion made of t-shirt with pink stars. One of Friends of Kodo members loves to make original goods from our EC t-shirts, scarves, cloths, etc. This cushion is good to feel. I love to use it.

In 1996, a main visual design was printed on the t-shirt. Please take a look on the technique by MW Atlantis Factory. The neck has become a little loose, but it is still one of my favorites.

By the way, we held continuous workshop at the Earth Celebration in 1996 for the first time. Since then, I had lead “Let’s Play Samba” with a percussionist, Ryo Watanabe for 10 years. (The picture above: all participants gathered and performed at Shiroyama Park at the end of the workshop day. /photo by Shigeru Yoshida.)

Archive | EC1995 | Archive | EC1996

Check “EC T-shirt Gallery Part4”
Check “EC T-shirt Gallery Extra"

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Sep 14, 2011

大井キヨ子 2011年9月14日
Kiyoko Oi Sep 14, 2011




I found a comb of the wasps which had been seen since the Earth Celebration period. They made a comb by the iron pipe of the hat in front of the Kodo office. It was as big as a basketball and filled with wasps. Today in the afternoon, the expert came over to wipe it out.

He put the comb in the plastic bag. He said that we could eat the warms because he had not sprayed insecticide on it yet, but no one wanted to do. Instead, Masami and Naomi got it because they were curious to see the inside. The first wrap was eaten by wasps quickly, so he wrapped 3 times and waited to see until they don’t move.

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Sep 13, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月13日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 13, 2011

20110913yasuko1_185px2007年にメンバー有志で、スコットランドの「エジンバラ・フェスティバル」を見学に行った時に買い求めたTシャツとエコバッグです。中心に「フリンジ」の文字が。ご存じの方も多いと思いますがECのフリンジのアイデアは、このエジンバラフェスティバルを参考にさせていただいたものです。実際にエジンバラを訪ねた時には、あまりの規模の大きさに驚くばかり。(フリンジの会場は約400ヶ所! プログラムだけで佐渡の電話帳以上の厚みがありました!)いつかECもこんな巨大なフェスティバルに育つのだろうかと、想像してはみましたが… まわりの渦巻きをよく見ると、LEAVING→TRAVELING→ARRIVING(出発して、旅して、到着して)から始まって、予約したり、食べたり、飲んだり、歩いたり、眠ったり、起きたり、笑ったり。おしまいは、WE CAME TO A FESTIVAL AND DISCOVERED A→FRINGE と、フリンジに至るまでの道筋のようなものが書き記されています。



It has been still hot on Sado Island and I am still wearing t-shirt. Today, I am sending you the extra report.
I would like to introduce a t-shirt and an eco-bag I bought at Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, where some of Kodo players went together in 2007. There is the word “fringe” in the middle of both of them. You may know that we got the idea of the fringe at the Earth Celebration from this festival. When we visited Edinburgh, we were very surprised at it was such an enormous event. (There were 400 fringe venues and the fringe brochure was like a book!) I am trying to imagine that one day, the Earth Celebration will grow up such a gigantic festival…. If you see the words around the “fringe,” it says “LEAVING → TRAVELING → ARRIVING → RESERVING → EATING → DRINKING → WALKING → SLEEPING → WAKING → SMILING…,” and it ends with “WE CAME TO A FESTIVAL AND DISCOVERED A→FRINGE. It is like a direction how you get to the fringe.
Here are some pictures from the Edinburgh Festival in 2007. (To the left) I can’t help being attracted to the ticket boxes. (To the right) There were some pay fringes, but there were a lot of people who performed in the grounds and on the streets.

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Sep 12, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月12日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 12, 2011




アーカイブ | EC1994

『EC Tシャツギャラリー』第3回もみる!

"T-shirt Gallery" Part4 from EC1994
This t-shirt was printed by MW Atlantis Factory. The gradation of the illustration on the flyer is reproduced very beautifully. The navy t-shirt has big illustrations on both front and back, and has powerful design. I liked it very much, so I wore it many times, but the neck is still fine.

In this connection, you may know that t-shirt can last for long if you put it in the laundry net when you do the laundry. If it has tiny printing, it is much better to turn it inside out to wash. Please try it!
Archive | EC1994

Check "EC T-shirt Gallery" Part3

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Sep 10, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月10日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 10, 2011


アーカイブ | EC1993

『EC Tシャツギャラリー』第2回もみる!

“T-shirt Gallery Part3” from EC1993
The character on the flyer was called “Man Holding The Earth.” The t-shirt called “Earth Celebration,” which has same design with the staff t-shirt, became the hot item, and I remember that we even sold displayed t-shirts.
Archive | EC1993

Check “EC T-shirt Gallery” Part 2

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Sep 09, 2011

お知らせ 2011年9月9日
Announcement Sep. 9, 2011

9月23日放送予定のNHK教育テレビ「にっぽんの芸能 芸能百花繚乱」の収録が昨日、鼓童村で行われ、司会の南野陽子さん、古谷敏郎アナウンサーが来島されました。明日(10日)の朝、古谷アナウンサーがパーソナリティーのラジオ番組「土曜あさいちばん」にて、鼓童の紹介があります。是非、お聴きください。


Yesterday, NHK came to Kodo Village to film a program for "Nippon no Geino" (Japan's Performing Arts). The program hosts were Yoko Minamino and Toshiro Furuya. Tomorrow morning, Toshiro Furuya will introduce Kodo on the radio program "Doyo Asa Ichiban." Please tune in if you can!

NHK Radio #1 "Doyo Asa Ichiban"
Sep. 10 (Sat) 7:20-7:27am

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山口康子 2011年9月9日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 9, 2011


アーカイブ | EC1992

『EC Tシャツギャラリー』第1回もみる!

“T-shirt Gallery” Part2
The design of EC1992 flier is one of my favorite. I forgot to tell you that the designer of EC1988 was by Seitaro Kuroda(K2), EC1989 was by Toshio Shiratani(NOMADE), and Hideaki Masago has been in this position since 1990. The letter “つ” (tsu) has become a regular design on sales T-shirt and appeared with the color changed every year.
EC Archives | EC1992

Check “EC T-shirt Gallery” Part1

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Sep 08, 2011

中込健太 2011年9月8日その2
Kenta Nakagome Sep 8, 2011 Part2





My mobile phone was pinched in the car door. It was transformed into the design for our hands, based on the human engineering(!?), but it cannot work anymore. If you need me, please come to see me directly!

Kenta Nakagome

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中込健太 2011年9月8日
Kenta Nakagome, Sep 8, 2011


ECが終わってから雑誌「Tarzan(ターザン)」の取材に行って参りました! 雅幸さんと私は緊張しながらも撮影とインタビューを受けてきました。みなさん見てください!!

雑誌「Tarzan(ターザン)」(9月29日発売号)にて 坂本雅幸、中込健太が写真入りで紹介されます。ぜひご覧ください。

After the Earth Celebration, Masayuki and I were interviewed by the magazine, “Tarzan,” as we felt tense. Please check it!!

This issue of a magazine “Tarzan” is published on September 29. Masayuki Sakamoto and Kenta Nakagome are introduced with their photos. Please read this issue.
*Please note that those pictures and the actual interviews are not related.

Kenta Nakagome

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Sep 07, 2011

中込健太 2011年9月7日
Kenta Nakagome Sep 7, 2011



僕たちは普段色んな作業やリハーサルの時など立ちっぱなしの時間が多く、足が疲れることも多いです。しかし、太鼓を打つのにはやはり足腰が大事!! 脚絆をすると本番までに足の疲れを軽減し、足を意識するのにも役立つ気がしています。という訳で、脚絆が今、見直されつつあります!!

Kyahan, Japanese leggings

We easily get tired of our legs because of our regular works and rehearsal time. But, the lower body is very important for taiko players!! These leggings help you to release from the tiredness of the legs and to be conscious about your legs. So, we are thinking better of Kyahan now!!

Kenta Nakagome

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Sep 06, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月6日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 6, 2011

鼓童30年の歩み展・スピンオフ企画『EC Tシャツギャラリー』

Spin-off project of "30 Years of Kodo" Exhibition: “EC T-shirt Gallery.”


EC1988のTシャツが、事務所のとある所で発見されたのを機に始まりました。鼓童30年の歩み展・スピンオフ企画『EC Tシャツギャラリー』! どこまで続けられるかわかりませんが、1989年以降は自分のタンスの引き出しから探せる限りご紹介してみます。


アーカイブ | EC1988 | アーカイブ | EC1989

アーカイブ | EC1990 | アーカイブ | EC1991

We decided to start this profect, when EC1988 T-shirt was found in the office one day. I am going to introduce some T-shirts after 1989. No one knows how long we can continue, though...

Part 1: EC 1988-1991

The one I am holding is EC1988 T-shirt. The one I am wearing is EC1989 staff T-shirt. The back print came from a face printing of the poster model, Bob Ward. (A former apprentice and a Kodo staff at that time.)
EC Archives | EC1988 | EC Archives | EC1989

The one I am holding is EC1990 T-shirt. The one I am wearing is EC1991 T-shirt, which has the names of the performers. This is very unique, comparing with others. As I remember, the designs of the T-shirt are only 2 to 3 types those days.
EC Archives | EC1990 | EC Archives | EC1991

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Sep 05, 2011

中込健太 2011年9月5日
Kenta Nakagome Sep 5, 2011


We had Ogi Festival on August 29 & 30. I joined “Kojishimai,” which is a local ritual dance with a lion's mask. Kodo’s float is a good one. And, please come to see this kind of local performing arts, too. Those lion masks are so cute!! You may be able to find me in the picture below.




▲This is Kodo’s float during the festival. We pull it as we walk along. After the Earth Celebration, we live up this festival to thank people in Ogi town. Please come to Ogi festival, too. This is so much fun!

Kenta Nakagome

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Sep 03, 2011

山口康子 2011年9月3日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Sep 3, 2011


EC期間中に天南荘で行った展示を、ツアー出発前のメンバーの皆にもゆっくり見てもらいたくて、本部棟の廊下に並べました。急遽開催!『鼓童30年の歩み』展 in 鼓童村です。

At the hallway in the Kodo main building, we are holding "30 Years of Kodo" Exhibition for Kodo members who are about to leave for upcoming tour. This exhibition was also held at Tennanso during the Earth Celebration.

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Aug 25, 2011

お知らせ 2011年8月25日 その2
Announcement August 25, 2011

タイトル:特別番組 アース・セレブレーション2011

Local radio station FM-NIIGATA (77.5MHz) will broadcast a special program on Earth Celebration. It will feature recordings from the Shiroyama Concert on Aug. 21 (Sun) and an interview with EC Executive Producer, Atsushi Sugano. Please tune in!
Title: Special Progam: Earth Celebration 2011
Broadcast Station: FM-NIIGATA (77.5MHz)
Broadcast Date: Aug. 28 (Sun) 19:00 - 19:55

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お知らせ2011年8月25日 その1
Announcement August 25, 2011


Earth Celebration 2011 was a great success and we would like to thank all the people who joined us for the festivities. We are pleased to announce that Earth Celebration 2011 can be viewed online via Ustream until August 31. You can watch highlights of the Shiroyama Concerts, the Kodo Parade, etc. The footage is only available for a short time, so please take a look soon.

USTREAM | EC2011 城山コンサートほか
Ustream | EC 2011 Shiroyama Concerts, etc

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Aug 18, 2011

見留知弘 2011年8月18日
Tomohiro Mitome Aug 18, 2011

今年も暑い夏がやって来ました! 今週末は、アース・セレブレーションですよ~。城山公園には特設舞台も出来あがり、イランからのゲスト、ラアナーイー・ファミリーとの稽古もすでに始まっております。少しだけですが、どんな音楽を聴かせてくれるのか楽器の写真をお見せします。

 ラアナーイー・ファミリー & 鼓童
 祝祭 ラアナーイー・ファミリー



Another hot summer is upon us! This weekend, it's Earth Celebration! We've built a special stage in Shiroyama Park, and we're rehearsing with our guest artists from Iran already. Here's a glimpse of the instruments they will use so you'll have an idea of what kind of music you'll hear from them.

This year's Shiroyama Concerts are:
【Aug. 19 Friday】
Ranaei Family and Kodo
【Aug. 20 Saturday】 
Ranaei Family
KO no kai
【Aug. 21 Sunday】 

We're waiting for you all! See you there!

Tomohiro Mitome

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Aug 06, 2011

山口康子 2011年8月6日
Yasuko Yamaguchi August 6, 2011




This weekend Ogi has a event called "Sazae Matsuri" where you can try grabbing sazae (turban shells) in shallow water while holding a torch in one hand. I heard that after the shellfish grab, the members of Ogi's Sazanami-kai would perform Sado's representative folk songs, so I went along to learn by watching. They performed four pieces: "Aikawa Ondo," "Sado Okesa," "Ryotsu Jinku," "Ogi Okesa."

As you'd expect, on the festival night when it's time for "Ogi Okesa" the dancers and musicians accompanying them look like they are having the most fun.The dance has slightly different moves to Sado Okesa, which are a little tricky, but I think that's what makes "Ogi Okesa" so captivating. We hope you'll join the "Ogi Okesa" workshop during Earth Celebration and experience the fun and intriguing world of "Ogi Okesa."

Earth Celebration 2011

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Jul 23, 2011

2011年7月23日 ジョン・V・ルース駐日米国大使、鼓童訪問
Jun Akimoto July 23, 2011


ジョン・V・ルース駐日米国大使が、新潟市でのお仕事の後、ご家族(奥様、息子さん、娘さん)とご一緒に佐渡まで日帰りで足を伸ばし、鼓童を訪ねてくださいました。佐渡も鼓童も初めてという大使、鼓童の男性メンバーが「Uzushio」と「巴」の2曲を演奏させていただきました。なんと演奏の後は大使もバットを握り、平胴太鼓で爆音セッションに突入! とても気さくでオープンな方で、鼓童との出会いを楽しんでいただけたようでした。ぜひまたご家族でゆっくりと佐渡に来ていただきたいですね。



USA Ambassador to Japan H.E. John V Roos was in Niigata on business, and after that he came to Sado Island with his family (wife, son & daughter) and they visited us at Kodo Village. It was the ambassador's first time coming to Sado and seeing Kodo, and some of our male performer's played "Uzushio" and "Tomoe" for his family. After the performance, the ambassador threw himself in to have a go at making some noise himself with the bat on our hirado-daiko! He was such a good humored, open person, and it looked like he really enjoyed his visit with us. We hope to see the whole family back on Sado one day for a longer stay.

Embassy of the United States of America
Ambassador Roos on Twitter!/AmbassadorRoos

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Jul 18, 2011

春日志津 2011年7月18日
Shizu Kasuga July 18, 2011


今年のEC城山コンサートの演出家で、宣伝にも引っ張りだこの裕一郎さん! 今日は、佐渡汽船両津港の『海鮮横丁』でBSNラジオ「ゴゴラク!IN 佐渡〜公開生放送」の取材でした。パーソナリティーさんには、太鼓体験も楽しんでいただきました。みなさん、EC来て下さいね〜!

The EC Shiroyama Concert artistic director Yuichiro is also working hard doing publicity! Today he had a radio interview at Kaisen Yokocho at Ryotsu Sado Kisen Ferry Port for the BSN Radio live show "Gogoraku! in Sado." The radio personalities enjoyed their taiko experience with Yuichiro.
Everyone, please join us for EC!

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Jul 11, 2011

山口康子 2011年7月11日
Yasuko Yamaguchi July 11, 2011



We're envelope stuffing to send out our July Kodo Japanese newsletter.
Every month the apprentices help us do this work, but this month it's just staff... and then a mighty helper came along to join the ranks.
"Is it a secret that you're on Sado?"
"No, but just take the photo from behind" he said.
So I'll leave his name unsaid.

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Jul 09, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年7月9日
Narumi Matsuda July 9, 2011


The battery of my car had died at Kodo Village while I was on tour for 2 months. And, there was a vigorous vine growing up through my car. I was really impressed by its vital energy.

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Jul 08, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年7月8日
Takuro Susaki July 8, 2011



Sado Television came to interview us about Earth Celebration 2011. Is our excited artistic director, Yuichiro Funabashi, a little bit nervous in front of the camera?

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Jul 07, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年7月7日
Narumi Matsuda July 7, 2011






Today, July 7, is the Star Festival. It was also the last of 3 days having Ryutaro Kaneko as our teacher at the Apprentice Centre.

In the dining room, there was a bamboo decoration and apprentices made wishes by writing them on the strips of paper. I also made a wish. For some reason, there was a rule that one person could make three wishes, but no one knows why.

For dinner we had handmade nagashi-somen: boiled thin noodles carried in water down a trough, then caught with chopsticks and eaten. The bamboo trough was, of course, prepared by the apprentices. It had a nice slope and the noodles flowed cooly in the cold water through the room. Everyone gathered around the bamboo. And, at the top of the trough, there were 1st graders working hard releasing the noodles downstream.

We all enjoyed the taste of summer.

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石塚充 2011年7月7日
Mitsuru Ishizuka July 7, 2011



It's the windscreen wipers again. It's the opposite version of last time...

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Jul 02, 2011

大井キヨ子 2011年7月2日
Kiyoko Oi July 2, 2011

- Kousa Dogwood Flowers -
From the start of June it flowers for about a month. You can see alot of these in the mountains on Sado. This snap is from Makoto Shimazaki's place. (Kodo Cultural Foundation President)

- Making Plum Vinegar -
We collected the Japanese plums (ume) from the tree at our vege patch before the heavy rains came. We got the ingredients together, sterilize the bottles, and pickled them all. This is the perfect refreshment for summer exhaustion. This year's batch will be used next year. If you leave it sitting for a year, the vinegar becomes mellow and easy to drink.

- Cotton Shoots -
We were given some cotton seeds. Maybe it was just the right temperature for sprouting, but it only took 3 days from pouring water over them for the roots to come out. And it was 5 days for the shoots to come out. I grew them this far in a tray, and then hurried to plant them in the field. I was really careful not to damage the roots and shoots when I transplanted them.
These buds were photographed on the 7th day. They are a bit too close together, so I might have to move them again.

- Shiitake Mushroom Farm Logs -
This spring I planted shiitake fungus. Before the rainy season, I plowed them and made sure the shiitake fungus was moving around alot in the logs. This is the 6th year we've had dried shiitake mushrooms as a part of our meals at Kodo Village. The other day we had them in rice with bamboo roots and one of our members said the texture was like an abalone. I was so happy to hear that! The bamboo roots are also from the bamboo thickets of Kodo Village.

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Jul 01, 2011

お知らせ 2011年7月1日
Announcement July 1, 2011








Announcement: Akram Khan's "Gnosis" feauturing Yoshie Sunahata to be broadcast on NHK Premium

Late tomorrow night (Saturday, July 2) Akram Khan's "Gnosis" featuring Kodo's Yoshie Sunahata will be introduced on NHK Premium.

Date & Time: July 2 (Sat) 23:30-2:55

Program Title: Premium Theater

Contents: Dance Report

1) Paris Opera Ballet Performance - Angelin Preljocaj's "Siddharta"

2) Montpelier Dance Festival 2010
Alonzo King's "Refraction"
Akram Khan's "Gnosis" (Featuring Yoshie Sunahata)
Merce Cunningham's "Roaratorio"

Kodo Website


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メラニー・テイラー 2011年7月1日その2
Melanie Taylor July 1, 2011 Part 2


On Monday, I went to two primary schools in Niigata to see and photograph the School Workshop-Performances. The audiences were really excited, and everyone had a good time.



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メラニー・テイラー 2011年7月1日その1
Melanie Taylor July 1, 2011 Part 1

I went to join the OET in Shibata, Niigata on Sunday to take some photos for the August issue of Kodo eNews. In low lighting, it is really difficult to take clear shots of our performers because they move about so much. But I love the way certain blurs show the speed and energy, so it's hard to delete them because each one is a little live story to me. This picture is in the opening number, "Honoka," which means flame's fire. Easy to imagine if I tint the blurs a little orange ;)

日曜日に鼓童eNews (英文ニュースレター) の8月号の取材の為、新発田のOET公演にツアーに合流してきました。演奏者の動きがかなり激しいので、暗めの照明の中はっきりした写真をとるのは相当難しいです。でも、ブレた写真の中にはスピード感とエネルギーを感じられるものもあり、私は好きです。一枚一枚にストーリーがあり、なかなかブレ写真を消せません。

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Jun 29, 2011

安藤良子 2011年6月29日
Yoshiko Ando June 29, 2011




Here's a shot from the School Workshop-Performance tour in the morning, doing the soundcheck for Chonlima.

Hey, there's someone smiling straight at my camera...

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Jun 26, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月26日
Takuro Susaki June 26, 2011




Today is our performance in Shibata.
Motofumi, thank you for taking the time to pose for me during your busy preparations.

Oops, they're calling you!

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Jun 24, 2011

安藤良子 2011年6月24日
Yoshiko Ando June 24, 2011





This School Workshop-Performance Tour is visiting primary schools in Niigata City. It's 30 minutes until our afternoon performance. You can see some of the male members lying on the stage...

And then along comes Masami!
They are not napping, they are psyching up together!

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石塚充 2011年6月24日
Mitsuru Ishizuka June 24, 2011



Before we set off each day, the young members clean our bus for us. Mari and Maya work together to clean the top of the windows. Way to go, girls!

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Jun 18, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年6月18日
Narumi Matsuda June 18, 2011




〜Tomakomai Performance in Hokkaido〜

[Top Left] It's not a dad watching his kid do homework. Tomohiro is watching over Yosuke and Kenta while they sign their autographs. Today they have 25 to sign, so they are really getting into it.
[Bottom Left] Audience members queuing in the morning. Thank you!
[Right] Masaru's father gave the Kodo in Tomakomai Committee a huge flower arrangement.

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船橋裕一郎 2011年6月18日
Yuichiro Funabashi June 18, 2011

Note 4 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director


Here is the third in my series about Sado sightseeing.
There are a lot of good spots in the town area of Ogi.

The local pharmacy with stained glass and a modern ceiling and

this former Japanese inn, which is now a cultural property

and this fish monger which had great octopus being dried on the day I went by.

Even now they use this shaved ice (kakigori) maker

at this store to make fluffy ice desserts.

ECは3日間! 楽しみどころがたくさんありますよ。

Well, there are too many places to introduce in this small blog space...
During the Kodo Parade and on the Explore Ogi tours, see if you can find these places for yourself.
EC is 3 days long! There's a lot exciting things to look forward to!

Yuichiro Funabashi


Click here to see "Note 3 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director"

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月18日
Takuro Susaki June 18, 2011


空 Sora

小島千絵子 Chieko Kojima

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Jun 17, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月17日
Takuro Susaki June 17, 2011


空 Sora

辻勝 Masaru Tsuji
内田依利 Eri Uchida

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Jun 16, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月16日
Takuro Susaki June 16, 2011


大太鼓 O-daiko

見留知弘 Tomohiro Mitome

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Jun 15, 2011

安藤良子 2011年6月15日
Yoshiko Ando June 15, 2011



The School Workshop-Performance Tour had morning and afternoon performances at a school in Tokyo today.
We received welcome messages from the pupils!


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松田菜瑠美 2011年6月15日
Narumi Matsuda June 15, 2011



公演を告知してくれている自動販売機を見つけました! 応援ありがとう!

In the lobby at one of our venues.
I found a vending machine that was advertising our concert! (It reads "Kodo One Earth")
Thanks for your support!

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月15日
Takuro Susaki June 15, 2011


空 Sora

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Jun 14, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年6月14日
Narumi Matsuda June 14, 2011




The OET team had a day off in Obira, Hokkaido. Kazuki arranged a park golf outing. This course faced the sea and it felt so good being in the great outdoors.

It was right next to the hotel, so some members watched the match from their rooms.

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月14日
Takuro Susaki June 14, 2011


三宅 Miyake

小田洋介 Yosuke Oda

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Jun 13, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月13日
Takuro Susaki June 13, 2011


木遣り Kiyari

見留知弘 Tomohiro Mitome

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Jun 11, 2011

船橋裕一郎 2011年6月11日
Yuichiro Funabashi June 11, 2011

Note 3 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director



Here is the 2nd installment in my sightseeing on Sado series.
I'll tell you a scenic viewpoint I recommend. It's not far to stretch your legs from the main shopping street in Ogi (well, only 10 mins. by car...) and on the way to Sawasaki. The sight is so good from the Chojagabashi bridge. It's beautiful in the daytime and the evening, too.



アース・セレブレーション(EC)では周遊バスツアー企画などもありますので是非! コンサートのチケットも絶賛発売中です。

This is at Sawasaki Lighthouse. The photographer is really getting into the shoot.

At Earth Celebration (EC) there are Sightseeing Bus Tours you can go on! EC Concert Tickets are on sale now and selling well!

Yuichiro Funabashi


Click here to see "Note 1 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director"

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月11日
Takuro Susaki June 11, 2011


円かさそ Matoka Saso

小島千絵子 Chieko Kojima

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Jun 10, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月10日
Takuro Susaki June 10, 2011



小見麻梨子 Mariko Omi

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Jun 09, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月9日
Takuro Susaki June 9, 2011



辻勝 Masaru Tsuji

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Jun 08, 2011

見留知弘 2011年6月8日
Tomohiro Mitome June 8, 2011







The Kodo 30th Anniversary Book was sent to us on tour!!!
Yosuke is reading it already, I wonder what part he is up to?

It's Kodo's history all in one book.
You can buy it when you come along to our performance venues in Japan.

Also available at the Kodo Online Store in Japanese

Tomohiro Mitome

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宮﨑正美 2011年6月8日
Masami Miyazaki June 8, 2011



On the way from Fuchu,Tokyo to Sanjo, Niigata... well not really on the way but on a big detour, we went to Matsumoto in Nagano. We went to see former Kodo member (1984-1992) Leonard Eto giving a school performance to high school students. It was a "Blendrums" performance, a collaboration with tap dance, guitar, and drums. The taiko drums blended with and a array of musical styles, and you could really feel how much fun the performers were having throughout the performance. It's a taiko performance at schools like we do, but in such a different style... I sure our performers must have gotten some new ideas from it...

After the performance we went to say hello, and all the performers joined us for a group photograph. Thank you so much, you must have been exhausted after such an energetic show!

Masami Miyazaki

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月8日
Takuro Susaki June 8, 2011


巴 Tomoe

小田洋介 Yosuke Oda

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Jun 07, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月7日
Takuro Susaki June 7, 2011


焔の火 Honoka

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Jun 06, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月6日
Takuro Susaki June 6, 2011


焔の火 Honoka

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Jun 04, 2011

船橋裕一郎 2011年6月4日
Yuichiro Funabashi June 4, 2011

Note 2 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director


で、第1弾です! 観光船にのってきました。

Yesterday, we had an interview by Joetsu City's free paper "cocola" and the theme was "A Spot We Recommend" so we took them on a tour around the Ogi Peninsula. I can't actually say everything I want to in one go, so I'll add more another time.
So, here's part one! We went on a sightseeing boat.


Actually, it was a motor boat, so it was quite a speedy and thrilling experience!


You can see the EC concert venue, Shiroyama Park. Our poster visual this year must have been taken from somewhere out here.


もちろん名勝地、秘境? にも向かいます。




Of course, we also went to other beautiful places and secluded locales.
It was actually my first time on speed boat, and it was so exciting!
Another thing that's exciting is that EC tickets went on sale on June 1st!

To be continued >>>

Click here to see "Note 1 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director"

Yuichiro Funabashi

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Jun 02, 2011

安藤良子 2011年6月2日
Yoshiko Ando June 2, 2011

Even earlier than yesterday, it's 8:30 am in this picture. We are in the middle of our sound check.

Sorry all my photos are taken from so far back. I came a little closer. This is the members on the Kodo School Workshop Performance Tour practicing the Okinawa drum part for "?????," the opening number.


The opening number composer Masayuki Sakamoto, and the artistic director Masami Miyazaki are both so serious.

Tomorrow the tour members are going from Niigata to Tokyo to perform at the "Tsuneichi Miyamoto 30 Year Posthumous Forum" on June 4 in Fuchu!


For details about the forum and performance, please see our website.

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洲崎純子 2011年6月2日
Junko Susaki June 2, 2011

「いのちもやして、たたけよ。- 鼓童30年の軌跡 -」(30周年記念本)がついに完成しました!




鼓童オンラインストアで6月末までにお求めいただいた方には送料が無料になります。同じくこの期間、鼓童グッズ全商品も送料無料です。公演会場でも販売します。お求めはぜひ鼓童で! (全国の大型書店、Amazonでもお求めになれます。)


The Kodo 30th Anniversary Publication "Inochi Moyashite, Tatakeyo. – 30 Years of Kodo -" is ready!

Kodo staff started this book project in 2009, and with the help of writers, editors and publishers, it's finally been printed. 40 people from Kodo and outside the group were interviewed to make this book. Thank you very much to all the staff and everyone who let us interview them and gave us data for this book.

This book takes a look at Kodo and its antecedent Sado no Kuni Ondekoza's history, and leads all the way up to Kodo today. It also takes a look a how the current members feel as part of the group today. I'm a little nervous about the feedback we are going to get about this book, but I really hope everyone will have a look at it.

The book goes on sale next week!

It's available at the Kodo Online Store in Japanese and orders to our store will receive free shipping in Japan until the end of June. Other Kodo merchandise will also receive free shipping in Japan until the end of this month. It's on sale at our performance venues in Japan too. Please buy a copy! (NB* This book is written in Japanese, with no English translation.)

In these pictures, you can see three of us from the editorial team, thrilled to have the finished product! From left to right, Yasuko Yamaguchi, Junko Susaki (me), and Erika Ueda. It even comes with a Kodo bookmark!

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May 30, 2011

安藤良子 2011年5月30日
Yoshiko Ando May 30, 2011



A morning scene from the School Workshop-Performance Tour.
One day before a performance at a primary school in Niigata City, we had breakfast at 6:30am and arrived at the school before 8am. This photo was taken at 9am. You can see 4 of the 7 cast members in this picture. Someone stretching in front, someone sitting on stage practicing chappa, someone facing the stage practicing the flute, and someone practicing playing "Chonlima." Can you tell who each person is?

Our morning performance started at 10am. No one has time to even think about being sleepy. We need to be at full speed from early in the morning!

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May 29, 2011

石塚充 2011年5月29日
Mitsuru Ishizuka May 29, 2011


 〜届けよう 心の鼓動〜」



Thank you very much to everyone who came to join us yesterday, despite the bad weather, at "Eastern Japan Support Fumi no Miyako Charity Concert Kodo x Siena Beat - Todokeyo Kokoro no Kodo (Let’s Send Our Heartbeats) -" at the Bunkyo Civic Centre. We saw a lot of people who traveled a long way to join us, and the audience was so warm!
It was meant to be a simple 90-minute concert, but when it finished, well, what a concert full of wonderful times it was! It made the presenter cry and the stage manager cry, but... in a really good way!

It was our first time performing with Siena Beat. Their performance was great of course, but they were so accommodating and such great people, that even though we had almost no time to prepare together, our sound came together so well. Thank you very much Siena Beat!

We are going to take the energy we received from everyone who attended and Siena Beat, and take it with us to the next places on our tour!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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May 28, 2011

船橋裕一郎 2011年5月28日
Yuichiro Funabashi May 28, 2011

Note 1 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director


しかし! 夏のお待ちかね、アースセレブレーションの構想は着々と進めております。今年は昨年以上に盛り上がる!! と妄想はふくらむばかりです。


城山コンサート演出・構成担当 船橋裕一郎

Right now our performers are flitting all over Japan on the One Earth Tour and School Workshop-Performance Tour. While they are all doing their best, I am here by myself on Sado teaching the apprentices and preparing for the fall tour and beyond, but it's lonely being the only performer here. When I sit down to work at my desk like now, the rehearsal hall falls into dead silence.,,
But I can't wait for summer and I'm working on plot after plot for Earth Celebration. My wild ideas are growing bigger and bigger as I think "This year will go off even more than last year!!!"

From now on, I plan to regularly post entries on an EC corner of this blog. Don't miss it!

Yuichiro Funabashi
Shiroyama Concert Artistic Director
Earth Celebration 2011

Yuichiro Funabashi

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洲崎拓郎 2011年5月28日
Takuro Susaki May 28, 2011


空 Sora

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May 27, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月27日その2
Takuro Susaki May 27, 2011 Part2


三宅 Miyake

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洲崎拓郎 2011年5月27日
Takuro Susaki May 27, 2011


屋台囃子 Yatai-bayashi

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May 26, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月26日
Takuro Susaki May 26, 2011


大太鼓 見留知弘
O-daiko Tomohiro Mitome

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May 25, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月25日
Takuro Susaki May 25, 2011


大太鼓 藤本吉利
O-daiko Yoshikazu Fujimoto

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May 24, 2011

石塚充 2011年5月24日
Mitsuru Ishizuka May 24, 2011


In Nagano Prefecture, we are at the Matsumoto Shimin Geijutsukan. It's still new, and such a feel-good theater. After all the equipment and instruments are loaded in, first everyone gathers on stage to do the spike (stage marking).


Tomohiro is in charge of cutting the vinyl tape into the right shapes and lengths for our spike. You can tell he is a craftsman when you see how beautifully he creates his pieces.
Kenta is the leader of the spike. It's hard to tell in this picture, but he is marking the center line which everything is measured from.





Chieko is checking the position for her dance.
Motofumi is finding the position for the Miyake set, Yoko is handing out the pieces of tape.
Yoshikazu is putting the lanterns on the cart.

Everyday, from veterans to newcomers, we all work together to prepare our performance.


Mitsuru Ishizuka

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May 23, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月23日
Takuro Susaki May 23, 2011


神祇の太鼓 Jingi no Taiko

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May 21, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月21日
Takuro Susaki May 21, 2011


三宅 Miyake

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安藤良子 2011年5月21日
Yoshiko Ando May 21, 2011





We receive a lot of reports from the One Earth Tour, and now our own School Workshop-Performance Tour is about to start. But the first performance was not at a school. It was at a special event.
Today we performed in a charity concert at the South Exit of Niigata Station. It was a short 30 min.-performance, but they built a special stage just for Kodo!
The backdrop featured the firey Kodo characters in calligraphy by artist Taro Okamoto, and it made for a powerful collaboration with our drums on stage.

It was raining an hour or so before our performance, but just before we went on the sun came out. It's only May, but the sun was almost burning, and we thank the people who came and stayed in the sun to enjoy our performance.

From Monday, we'll be performing in gyms at Niigata City schools, 2 performances a day each morning and afternoon. We'll be taking the cheery beats of Kodo's drums to the children!

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May 20, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月20日
Takuro Susaki May 20, 2011


三宅 Miyake

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May 19, 2011

石塚充 2011年5月19日
Mitsuru Ishizuka May 19, 2011

結成30周年ツアー、始まってます! 京都からスタートし、奈良、立川、所沢、宇都宮とここまでに5回の公演を終えました。各会場ともたくさんのお客様にご来場いただき、たいへん盛り上げていただいております。みなさんに少しでも元気になってもらえたらと旅をしている私達ですが、逆にみなさんから元気や勇気、パワーをたくさんいただいてます!

みなさんからもらったみなぎるパワーを次の街へ、さらにその次の街へと届けることが 私達の大切な役割。がんばります!!各地のみなさん、ぜひ劇場に会いに来てくださいませ。新曲「焔の火」も絶好調です!

Our 30th Anniversary Tour in Japan is underway! We started in Kyoto, and have performed in Nara, Tachikawa, Tokorozawa, & Utsunomiya: 5 performances so far. So many people came to each venue and they were all really lively audiences. We are on tour hoping to make the people who see us cheerier, but instead we are getting a lot of cheer and encouragement from them, and so much energy.

It's our important role to take the energy and cheer we get in one town to the next town, and further. We'll do our best!!! Everyone all over Japan, please come and see us! Our (my) new piece "Honoka" is on fire!

Little giant Tomohiro.
Always practising like crazy.

勝さん。 何を練習しているのでしょうか。。??
Masaru. What do you think he is practising?
Find out at the performance!

Mari. This time she'll be performing that certain part... !

Our beast, Yosuke.
Looks are deceiving, he's actually quite theoretical.

The newbies on their first tour, Maya and Rai.
When you come to the performance, please look out for which parts they are playing!

And you heard already, but Eiichi aka Banana Odjisan is off the tour for a while. Please wait for his recovery!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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May 18, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年5月18日
Takuro Susaki May 18, 2011


焔の火 Honoka

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お知らせ 2011年5月18日
Announcement May 18, 2011

「鼓童ワン・アース・ツアー2011 結成30周年スペシャル」出演者休演のお知らせ





Kodo 30th Anniversary One Earth Tour 2011 Japan - Cast Change Announcement

This is a cast change announcement for our current One Earth Tour due to a performer's injury.

On May 17, Eiichi Saito was performing when he tore his left calf muscle. We apologize for the sudden change, but due to this injury Eiichi will not be performing from our May 18 performance until further notice so he can concentrate on receiving medical treatment. At this stage, we can not say when he will return to the stage, but he will do his utmost to recover as soon as possible and return to the tour.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to seeing Eiichi Saito on stage during this tour.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


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May 17, 2011

新井和子 2011年5月17日
Kazuko Arai May 17, 2011



演奏後 遊歩道を散策。立派な天然杉に囲まれ、しばし下界を忘れる心地よいひとときでした。



Yuichiro Funabashi performed at the opening ceremony of the Osado Ishina Natural Japanese Cedar Walkway, singing Kiyari and playing O-daiko.

After his performance, we walked along the new track. Surrounded by amazing natural cedars, it was a feel good break from the world below.

For details, please visit this website (in Japanese only)

Niigata Prefecture Website

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May 02, 2011

齊藤栄一 2011年5月2日
Eiichi Saito May 2, 2011




バナナおぢさんに出来ること。それっ、ニッポン チャチャチャ。フレーッ、フレーッ、ニッポン!!! みんなで協力して頑張りましょうね。


The Kodo 30th Anniversary One Earth Tour in Japan is about to start.

But times are still tough in Japan. There are a lot of people who can't think about things like this right now. But we are going to do what we can right now, one thing at a time.

What Banana Odjisan can do. Sore! Nippon! Cha cha cha. Hooray, hooray, Nippon!!! Let's work together and do our best, ok?

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the theaters.

Eiichi Saito

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Apr 20, 2011

新井武志 2011年4月20日
Takeshi Arai Apr 20, 2011


出発はいつじゃ!? と、うずうずしております。


Last week our new trucks arrived.
They are dressed up especially for our 30th Anniversary tour!
"When are we getting on the road?!" they ask impatiently.

Everyone, if you see them in your town, give them a friendly wave, ok?

Takeshi Arai

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Apr 19, 2011

鼓童結成30周年記念商品のご案内 2011年4月19日
Kodo 30th Anniversary Commemorative Goods Announcement Apr 19, 2011



・鼓童 暁 結成30周年スペシャルアルバム 初回限定版 [CD + DVD]
・鼓童提灯 (会場販売はございません。オンライストアのみの販売になります。)
・山口幹文監修 佐渡産真竹「真笛」は2011年5月上旬販売予定です。





We have some new items at the Kodo Online Store to mark our 30th anniversary year. We hope you'll join the celebration with some Kodo memorabilia and by joining us at the theaters, too.

・[CD + DVD] Akatsuki - Kodo 30th Anniversary Special Album Limited Edition
・[Tenugui Towel] Kodo 30th Anniversary Commemorative Taro Okamoto “Kodo” Tenugui Towel (Indigo Blue or Red)
・[T-shirt] Kodo 30th Anniversary Commemorative Taro Okamoto “Kodo” Wickron Tee - Black

▼For details and to purchase;

Kodo Online Store in English

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Apr 18, 2011

Heartbeat Projectのおしらせ
Heartbeat Project Announcement





On March 11, the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake struck, overwhelming us with the forces of nature. The following weeks have been a rude awakening to the many problems that plague societal support systems, and it is clear that much struggle still lies ahead.

For three decades now, Kodo has been thinking about the life force of human beings, the heartbeat that drives that force, the importance of existing in harmony with nature, and the sense of hope that these things cultivate within us all. The performing arts were born from these very basic building blocks of life, and we believe wholeheartedly in the power that art possesses to evoke change. With a renewed sense of purpose, we look ahead and begin our journey anew.

Through music and performance, we intend to show our support for those who continue to struggle in the wake of the disaster, and by sending this continual message, to help maintain awareness of their plight in the minds of people in Japan and around the world. Towards this end, we have begun the Heartbeat Project, a multifaceted undertaking designed to support relief efforts and the people of the affected regions. Some elements will include new recordings for this specific purpose, as well as charity concerts, fund-raising events et al. We look forward to taking hopeful steps forward, together with you all.


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Apr 14, 2011

齊藤栄一 2011年4月14日
Eiichi Saito Apr 14, 2011







Hi, it's me, Banana Odjisan. Sorry to have been out for touch for so long.

It's finally spring at Kodo Village. No matter what, spring always comes, doesn't it? Thank you Spring!

And when it's spring, we have "sansai" (edible wild plants). Between rehearsals, I head for the mountains...

but get a little carried away, and end up being a little (?) late! Sorry!!!

*The picture is of shiitake mushrooms (from Kodo Village), and then going clockwise we have rocket/rucola (from the Kodo vege patch), Angular Solomon's-seal (not telling where it's from), and chives (they are abundant around here).

Eiichi Saito

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Apr 05, 2011

石塚充 2011年4月5日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Apr 5, 2011



皆様からの暖かいエールのおかげで、北米ツアー班は無事に、みな元気で帰国することができました。日本に残っていたチームで先月末に行われたブルーマンとのコラボレーション、こちらも無事に終了。大変喜んでいただくことができました! ありがとうございます!!

四月に入って。さっそく新しい動きを開始しており、メンバーは熱の入った稽古を繰り広げています! みなさんにお会いできる日を心待ちにしております。

Sorry for not writing for a while!

Thanks to your many cheers, our North America tour team returned to Japan safe and well. The Kodo members who had stayed in Japan had a collaboration with the Blue Man Group at the end of last month that was completed successfully. Everyone was pleased with the result. Thank you!!!

It's April. We are now working on new things right away, and our members are doing all kinds of intense rehearsing! We are sincerely looking forward to seeing everyone on our next tour.

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 21, 2011

北米ツアー班より 2011年3月21日
From the North America Tour Members Mar 21, 2011









We pray for the souls of the people who lost their lives in the Tohoku Earthquake, and we pray for the victims in the affected areas and their families, hoping from the bottom of our hearts that their lives will become peaceful again very soon.

The Kodo North America Tour members have just one more performance left on this tour, the finale in Utica, New York. We are all well, without any injuries or illnesses. We have received many, many emails and phone calls asking about our members and their families. Thank you all so very much.

Being in a faraway foreign land, and using info technology tools to learn about such a disaster in your homeland, we were impacted so greatly as to ask ourselves why we were here now and what we were doing. The powerlessness of being too far away to help was frustrating, and every time we'd see the news or newspaper our eyes would fill with tears.

But, what we can do where we are right now is to give our greatest performance to the audience that sits before us, and to let them know what is happening in Japan now and get them to understand that situation. So everyday we are all working together on stage to do just that.

The concert presenters and audience members are asking us "Is Japan OK?" "Can I do anything to help?" "If I can help, just tell me what to do", and they are taking the initiative to ask for donations. Everyone is truly encouraging us to play on.

In Japan, there is a movement saying "Cheer up Western Japan, let's all support Eastern Japan!" and we've seen news of other initiatives, too. People calling out to other people and supporting one another. To do that, Kodo is determined to do what we can with all our might.

One performance to go.
We'll be taking all the power we received in North America back to Japan with us very soon.

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Mar 14, 2011

Red Cross Society Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief



The Red Cross Society is accepting donations to help victims of the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

Japanese Red Cross Society Online

International Red Cross Appeals for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief

New Zealand:
United Kingdom:
United States of America:

American Red Cross via iTunes and


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Mar 11, 2011

Our Heartfelt Condolences to the Tohoku Area Pacific Ocean Offshore Earthquake Victims






We wish to offer our heartfelt condolences to all those who have been affected by the Tohoku Area Pacific Ocean Offshore Earthquake and giant tsunami.

The damaged areas are places we visit on our One Earth Tour and School Workshop-Performance Tour, and we are deeply concerned about all the dear people we know there. As we watch the disaster unfold on the news, our hearts go out to all the victims and their families.

We pray that the aftershocks will end immediately.

Sado Island, where Kodo is based, was fortunately spared from the harming effects of this earthquake.

We are sure that support for the affected areas will be necessary for a long time, so we are thinking about how we can be of assistance, too.


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石塚充 2011年3月11日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 11, 2011

「Grand Theatre」というこちらのシアター、客席との距離が近くこぶりでとても可愛らしい劇場でした。ほとんどのお客様が初めて鼓童をごらんになったらしく、1曲終わるごとに拍手よりも先に驚きの声やため息があちこちで聞こえ、とても初々しい雰囲気のあたたかいコンサートとなりました。



Our first visit to Kingston, Ontario.
Our performance here is at the Grand Theatre. It is such a cute theatre where the distance between the stage and audience is really close. Apparently most of the audience had come to see Kodo for the first time, and as each piece ended, before the applause we could hear their surprised voices and gasps. It was a really fresh feeling, warm concert.

After the performance, the performers and the audience all left, and the taiko remained with an air of composure on the stage. I want to watch and learn from their splendid example.

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 08, 2011

石塚充 2011年3月8日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 8, 2011







Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This theater has a really artistic design. The ceiling is amazing!

Today all 2300 seats were full!
We are so thankful!

((((LION ROAR))))

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 07, 2011

石塚充 2011年3月7日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 7, 2011

モントリオール公演2日目! ここモントリオールはあの世界的サーカス集団「シルクドゥソレイユ」の本拠地です。本番前のセッティングの時間、袖中でブレイクダンスを踊る人物を発見!!

Our second performance day in Montreal! Montreal is the home to international circus "Cirque du Soleil." When we were setting the stage before our performance, we saw someone breakdancing in the wing!! Could it be...?

...perhaps it's.... a member from Cirque du Soleil?!




... it was our own bouncy Shogo!!

Don't over do it and tire yourself out now, ok?

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 05, 2011

石塚充 2011年3月5日 
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 5, 2011

20110305mitsuru0_185ケベック州モントリオール2Day's、初日です! びっっっしりと詰まった、3000近くの真っ赤な客席。







20110305mitsuru2_185pxですが、お客さんはめちゃめちゃホットでした! じっっくり静かに聴きいり、1曲終わるたびに猛烈な拍手!!


It's our first of two days in Montreal, Quebec! There were almost 3000 bright red seats paaaaaaaaaacked into the theater.

That's something Masaru muttered when he got into the theater and saw the seats.

"'s like salmon roe (eggs)..."

... just as you'd expect from a guy from Hokkaido!

Montreal is so cold!!


But, the audience members are so warm! They listened carefully and quietly to each piece and broke into violent applause after each one!! Even our members who were freezing in this cold area had toasty warm hearts thanks to the audience!!!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 04, 2011

石塚充 2011年3月4日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 4, 2011












A travel scene day scene -14-

Taking 2 connecting flights to get to Montreal, Canada. On the way I snapped pictures of:

*A woman reading a book. And for some reason a guy sketching that woman

*Another guy peeking at the sketch the guy is drawing of the woman

At Cleveland Airport

*A guy surrounded by guys as he sketches a woman

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 03, 2011

石塚充 2011年3月3日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 3, 2011



おっっ! いよいよメンバーが袖中にやってきました!







Our second day performing in Pittsburgh. I'm in the wing just before the concert... all the drumsticks, flutes and cymbals for the performance are lined up. For performers who are in a lot of pieces, if they get the layout of their gear wrong, it could mean they are late for their spot on stage, so it is really important to get it laid out just right. My mischievous heart tells me to quietly change one stick's position... which is not allowed. But at times my hands have almost moved to make mischief like this... I'm itching to do that.

10 minutes before the performance.

Oh! The performers have come into the wings!

O-daiko player Kenta.

As expected, he looks different than he did during the day, his expression is tenser!!!

Now, onto the stage!

This is the view just before going on stage!

Give it your all again today please!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Mar 02, 2011

石塚充 2011年3月2日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Mar 2, 2011


「Byham Theater」。客席の天井には美しい青空が広がっております。そこから美しい天使さんたちが楽しそうに踊っております。






Byham Theater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The ceiling in the theater has a beautiful blue sky spanning it, with beautiful angels dancing happily.

Angels, blue skies, and fundoshi (loin cloths)
... it was another good performance today!!

Backstage, our stage manager Dobashi was looking sad.

Can someone please cheer him up?

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 28, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月28日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 28, 2011


インディアナ州インディアナポリス公演! 赤いですね。。。このところ赤い客席の劇場が続いていますかね。。。すると、ブログの絵に変化が無くなってしまいますかね。。。それでもやっぱり毎日毎日、劇場との出会いは楽しいです! 音も毎回違ってドキドキびくびくします!!







Our Indianapolis concert in Indiana! It's red, huh... we have been coming across a lot of red seat theaters recently, haven't we...
So maybe the blog looks like we haven't changed anything... even if it seems the same, actually seeing all the different theaters each day is fun! The sound is so different in each theater I have butterflies in my stomach!!

On the bus after the concert.

Having given it his all, this is what is left of Masaru.

Here is Nobu's full-body cute smile!! The root of his troubles as the new guy is that no-one leaves comments on his photos.

You all did a great job today, too!!!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 27, 2011

西村信之 2011年2月27日
Nobuyuki Nishimura Feb 27, 2011



そしてそのBloomingtonは北米ツアーのパブリシスト(宣伝の協力をしてくれている方々)として鼓童を支えてくださっているRock Paper Scissors(ロック、ペイパー、シザーズ)の本拠地でもあります。ご存知のとおりRock Paper Scissorsとはじゃんけんのグー、パー、チョキと言う意味で、そんな洒落っ気のある名前を会社名にしてしまうほど茶目っ気のある皆さんは、とても愉快で良い人たちばかりでした。今回初めて事務所へお伺いさせていただきました。

We had our performance in Bloomington on the 25th. As Mitsuru's photos showed, it was a huge theater, but its layout made it easy to see from even right at the back, and the sound and vibrations in the theater were good.

Our publicist for the North America tour, Rock Paper Scissors, is based in Bloomington. You know the game Rock Paper Scissors ("Janken" in Japanese), well such a stylish name really suits the fun, happy people in this company. This was our first visit to their office.

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Feb 26, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月26日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 26, 2011


インディアナ州ブルーミントン! インディアナ大学の劇場にて。前日の舞台&7時間移動もなんのその、本日も良い舞台でした!! 北米ツアー班、ノリにのっています!!!

そしてそして、日本では「岡本太郎100祭」の本番当日ではないですか! もうすぐ本番ではないですか! 栄一さん、知弘さん、裕さん、洋介に雅幸、演出に幹文さん という超豪華メンバーでお目見えです。 皆様ぜひぜひ六本木ヒルズへ。ニューアルバムに収録した「焔の火」もやります! 世界初演となります! 作曲者は現在インディアナ州におりますが! やっちゃうそうです! 観たいのに!!

Bloomington, Indiana! We're at the theater at Indiana University. Even though we had a performance followed by a 7-hour journey yesterday, our performance was good today, too! The NA tour cast is really riding the wave!!!

Ooh, and, in Japan today's the day of the "Taro Okamoto 100th Birthday Event," isn't it? It's almost showtime, isn't it? The all-star cast of Eiichi, Tomohiro, Yuichiro, Yosuke and Masayuki, with artistic director Motofumi, will be there. Everyone, please head on over to Roppongi Hills! They'll be performing "Honoka" from our new album. It will be the world premiere of this piece live! The composer is in Indiana at the moment, but they'll play it anyway it seems! Even though I wanted to see it!!!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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見留知弘 2011年2月26日
Tomohiro Mitome Feb 26, 2011



From 7pm today, we will perform at the Taro Okamoto 100th Birthday Event at Roppongi Hills Arena, in Tokyo. It is a free event, so please come and see our performance after work or while you are out shopping. Come on down to feel the sound of taiko echo off the buildings in Roppongi!

Tomohiro Mitome

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Feb 25, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月25日その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 25, 2011 Part2

今日の舞台はお昼。学生さん向け1時間プログラムでした。6歳から17歳まで約2000人が集まってくださって、叫び声や笑い声をまじえつつ、とても一生懸命聴いてくれました。ありがとう! そして終演後、なんと鬼の7時間バス移動。。。明日も舞台があります。な。。。なんてことだ!

2nd day in Ann Arbor! Today's performance was one-hour program matinee for students. About 2,000 kids aged from 6 to 17 came and they listened very carefully and were shouting and laughing. Thanks so much! After the performance, we traveled by bus for a grueling 7 hours... we will have a performance tomorrow, too... Yikes!


A travel scene day scene -11-
Sleeping face series, number 5. This is Mari, who tries new positions like Chomlima and chappa. Although she is very small, she is a glutton! ...excuse me. I mean she eats a lot. She must be surrounded by food even in her dreams!



A travel day scene -12-
This is Kenzo, who hugs the back of a chair and gazes off into the distance as he thinks of his wife left in Japan... Is he thinking of her, or just counting how many times he can go to Cheese Cake Factory during the tour? (He loves Cheese Cake Factory, an American cheese cake chain shop.)

カメラをむけても集中していて気づきません!! すごい! 真面目だ! 決して気づかないふりではありません!! ブログ用にやってもらったわけでもありません!!


A travel day scene -13-
This is Tokio, practicing "Monochrome" even during our travel time. He was concentrating so hard that he didn't notice that I was taking a picture. Amazing! He is serious! He wasn't pretending not to be aware of me. He wasn't asked to do so for this weblog. But, he smiled afterwards.

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2011年2月25日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 25, 2011


雪の降り積もるミシガン州アナーバーにやってきました。こちらもツアーのたびに訪れるおなじみの街。個人的にすごく好きな街でもあります。雪だらけです! カリフォルニア、アリゾナにオクラホマと、これまで暖かいお日様の下でぬくぬくとすごし緩みきった私達の身心には、この突き刺すような寒さはこたえます。ここから先はずっとこんな感じなんですね。。冬なんだからこれで当たり前! これが普通!! と自分たちを励ましつつがんばります!


さてさて、アナーバーの街には劇場がたくさんあります。今回はクラシックのホール「Hill Auditorium」での公演。どでかいです。最上階から舞台を見下ろすと大太鼓も人も米粒のようです。。。小さい。。。しかし、米粒たちはがんばった! 今日の舞台は米粒魂で会心の出来だったんではないでしょうか!!

We came to Ann Arbor, Michigan, covered with snow. This is also a well-known town for us, which we visit almost every time. I personally like this town very much. There's a lot of snow! After we spent our time under the warm sun in California, Arizona and Oklahoma, and this coldness is stabbing my body. I believe that the places we will go afterward are like this..., "it can't be helped because it is winter," we encourage ourselves and do our best! Freezing... By the way, there are a lot of theaters in this town. This time, we performed at Hill Auditorium, a classical hall. It's enormous. As you see from the top to the stage, the Odaiko and performers are like grains... small..., but these grains did very well! I am sure that today's performance was so good because of this small grain-heart!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 24, 2011

藤本容子 2011年2月24日
Yoko Fujimoto Feb 24, 2011




What do you think Ayako and Yoshie are doing? On the 26th, Kodo will play "Tomoe" at Taro Okamoto's 100th Birthday Event at Roppongi, Tokyo. They are making "Kekomi" a kind of black belt to hide the taiko platform. This belt is very long: 10cm × 4m53cm. I am sure that you usually just see the taiko and performers, but please check those hidden parts once in a while, too.
This is Masafumi, who must have directed them to make "Kekomi." He is a Kodo stage manager. He can make all kinds of props. He is usually in the wings of a stage, but sometimes shows up on the stage in his black clothes. However, he is the one who suits pink when he is away from the stage. Today, he is doing a collaboration with a cyclamen in his pink sweater. They must be feeling the air of spring... I wonder who he is talking on Skype?

Yoko Fujimoto

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Feb 23, 2011

お知らせ 2011年2月23日
Notice Feb. 23, 2011



鼓童 | WOWOW特別番組「ブルーマン×鼓童 BLUE MAN MEETS 和太鼓!」公開収録に抽選でご招待!

Kodo will perform with the famous blue trio Blue Man Group in a collaboration for a special WOWOW commemorative television program. Famous for their creative, free use of their own original percussion instruments, Blue Man will entwine with Kodo to create an out-of-this world experience. This unique occasion will be recorded at the Roppongi Blue Man Theater in front of a studio audience. Kodo will invite 100 people (50 pairs) to join us at the recording of this special program.

Kodo | WOWOW Special Program
Studio Audience Invitations by Lottery!

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西村信之 2011年2月23日
Nobuyuki Nishimura Feb 23, 2011


アメリカのエンターテイメントの殿堂といえばカジノ!! そしてミュージック!! そしてそして日本でも有名なHard Rock Cafe!! そのコラボレーション!? によるHard Rock Casino Tulsaの劇場で公演しました。会場ではHard Rockという言葉にテンションが上がったあるメンバーが、同室のメンバーにひんしゅくをかうといったこともありましたが、みな楽しくやっております♪


Casinos, music and the Hard Rock Café are some of the major entertainment attractions in the U.S., which are also famous in Japan!! At the theater of Hard Rock Casino Tulsa, we enjoyed a collaboration of all three of them when we performed today. One of us, who got too excited with the name of "Hard Rock," was annoying his roomate with his hype, but we are all enjoying staying here♪
We were introduced to Cherokee, Native Americans in Tulsa, and heard their history, music and arts. Then, we had an improvisation session together with their flute and our flute, and did their special dance to make a friendship stronger. We got to learn a lot of things from them.

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Feb 22, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月22日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 22, 2011


イリノイ州シカゴ! シカゴにやってきました!! こちらシカゴシンフォニーオーケストラホールはアメリカ五大オーケストラのひとつ、シカゴシンフォニーのお膝元でとっても由緒正しき名ホールです。われわれ鼓童も北米ツアーのたびにお世話になっています!


We are in Chicago, Illinois! Chicago Symphony Orchestra Hall is one of 5 big orchestra halls in the U.S, and very famous for its rich history the Chicago Symphony. We visit this hall whenever we come to Chicago on the North America Tour. The sound echoes well, but not too much, and the sound of taiko and other musical instruments get along together to be heard comfortably. The audience listened to us intently, so today's concert was very profound.

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 21, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月21日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 21, 2011


オクラホマ州タルサの本番日。劇場は「Hard Rock HOTEL&CASINO」というホテルとカジノ、さらに劇場まであるという一粒で何度も美味しい大〜きな複合施設の中。我々の宿も同じ施設内です。他のお客様方は、朝からカジノで一儲けという不健康(?)さ。いや。。。こちらではこれがふつうなのか。。。?! 劇場の方は、普段はロックなどスピーカーからがんがん大音量で発信する音楽が中心。完全ナマ音の私たちの音がどれほど届くのか? 果たして届かないのか?! 内心ちょぴり心配でしたが集まってくださったお客さんの静かさ、じっと聴き入るマナーの良さにこちらがびっくりするほどでした。今度はリゾートで来てみたい!!

The performance day in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The theater is a part of "Hard Rock HOTEL & CASINO," which is a kind of compound building, including a hotel, a casino and a theater. Our hotel is a part of it, too. Most of the guests gamble at the casino from the morning... is it normal here? The theater is usually used for loud musical concerts using big speakers. We don't use them, so I wonder how far we can reach into the audience. I was worried at first, but I turned out to be amazed that the audience was very quiet and listened attentively to our sound. I hope to visit here again just for my vacation!





A travel day scene -9-
When we waited for our flight at the airport, Kazuki and Mari were practicing "Jang-Gwara." And, in came Masaru, who was trying to be in my picture. Eri joined the practice and it heated up, And, here, again, is Masaru, who just wants to be in a picture.



A travel day scene -10-
Today, we waited a lot during our travel. Shogo was playing using Kusasuke. Kazuki and Eri started playing something strange. There were some bizarre things happening at Chicago Airport that evening.

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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松浦充長 2011年2月21日
Mitsunaga Matsuura Feb 21, 2011

【新商品情報】鼓童長袖Tシャツ 2011
【New Product】 Kodo Long Sleeve T-shirt 2011


好評いただいた2010レギュラーTシャツのフロントのデザインを使った長袖Tシャツの登場です。 黒地に印刷色は桃色がかったオフホワイト(背面プリントはありません)。まだ肌寒い中、インナーにも稽古着にも幅広く使えますよ。


サイズ:S・M・L・XL  素材:綿100%
シャツ色:ブラック   プリント色:オフホワイト

鼓童Online Store | 鼓童Online Store(携帯)

We welcome the logo design from the front of our popular 2010 tour t-shirt onto a long-sleeved tee for 2011. This is a black t-shirt with a pink-hued off-white print. (No print on back of shirt.)
It's still cold, so it's good for using as an inner layer or for training!

Price in Japan 3 500 YEN (Inc. tax)
Price Outside Japan 3 334 YEN
Friends of Kodo members receive a discount (orders must be sent by email for this discount)

Sizes: S, M, L, XL Fabric: Cotton 100%
T-shirt Color: Black Print Color: Off-white

Kodo Online Store in English

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Feb 20, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月20日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 20, 2011




鼓童の公式競技としてすっかり定着した「蹴鞠(けまり)」。これがけっこうハマるんです! 燃えるんです!


南部は暖かく、運動に最適です! これから寒い地域に突入するのが怖い。。。

A travel day scene -8-
We want to do exercise to refresh ourselves during a break time of a long bus trip, and also for the next performance. Hacky sack has become an official activity in Kodo. It is a lot of fun. We get so excited! This is Mari, using a jump rope which she just bought, and a dancer, Kenzo, who makes weird steps using the same rope. In the South, it is warm and it is nice to do exercise! I am scared to head into the freezing places, though...

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 19, 2011

洲崎拓郎 2011年2月19日
Takuro Susaki Feb 19, 2011



Today's lunch at Kodo Village is pizza! It is cooked in a steel drum by open flame. Please forgive the burnt side. The dessert was banana pizza. Thanks Masayan, today's chef!

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見留知弘 2011年2月19日
Tomohiro Mitome Feb 19, 2011


おはようございます、ただいま新潟県の六日町に来ております。温泉御宿 龍言さんの大広間にて本日 八つ峰に 和楽が響き 龍躍る夜〜大人の流儀〜公演です。昨日の午後から入りまして公演の準備をし、出演者として、また宿泊のお客さんとしても堪能している真っ最中でございます。



Good morning! I am in Muikamachi, Niigata now. This is a special ensemble to perform in an evening of “essential Japan” at the Ryugon Traditional Japanese Inn. We came here yesterday afternoon and prepared for the performance. We are enjoying ourselves not only as performers, but also as guests. We saw the famous "mochi, steamed rice cake, pounded without water" being made, and had it as soon as it was ready. Afterward, we were guided around the hotel. There was a gigantic snow igloo in the garden which cannot be compared with the little one we made, so we all went in. We will have a rehearsal this afternoon and have a performance. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Tomohiro Mitome

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Feb 18, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月18日その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 18, 2011 Part2


深夜のバス移動でやって参りました! おなじみ、テキサス州ダラス!! 今回で7度目の訪問となりまして、会場は心機一転、2年前に出来たばかりの「Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House」でやらせていただきました。どでかくて綺麗な劇場です! 2200の客席が、なんと完売! 北米ツアー、いい調子です!!



We came to Dallas, Texas by midnight bus! This is our 7th visit. We performed at the Margot Bill Winspear Opera House which was just built 2 years ago. It is an enormous and beautiful theater. The capacity is 2,200 and the tickets were sold out! Our North America Tour is doing very well!!
I was happy to hear people join us to yell "Wasshoi," which we yell during "Sora," and people kept yelling it in the lobby and everywhere after the performance.
But, I'm sleepy

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2011年2月18日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 18, 2011


このツアー初めてのオフがあけ、テキサス州オースチンでの公演。劇場に入ってみて、こ、ここか〜! と思い出しました!! 楽屋通路の壁には、この劇場で上演されたたくさんのプロダクションの壁画 (?!) &サインがぎっしり。2007年に鼓童が描いたものも、ばっちり残っていました! (過去のブログ参照)

ちなみに、今日のケータリングのディナーはタイカレーでした! やったね!



After our first day-off on this tour, we had a performance in Austin, Texas. As I entered this theater, I remembered "Oh, it's THIS place!" On a wall of the green room hall way, there are a lot of pictures and autographs by performers who have performed at this theater. This is the one we, Kodo, wrote in 2007. (Please check the past weblog.)
By the way, today's catering dinner is Thai curry. Yay! By the way, I ate Thai curry for lunch, too. Yes, it's delicious. By the way, I ate Thai curry for lunch and dinner yesterday, too. Of course, it was so good. This is a report that "curry is delicious."
The End.

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 17, 2011

藤本容子 2011年2月17日
Yoko Fujimoto Feb 17, 2011





One day this month. a rescue party came over to my house for snow shovelling.
The day before, Yoshikazu came back from Australia, which was 34℃, and had cleared the entrance of snow since this sunny morning. The rescue party shoveled away snow which fell down from the roof. We had a lot of snow, which almost smashed our oil tank. We were separated into two teams and cleared the snow. While we were both away from home, it snowed over and over without melting, and it piled about 50cm in front of the house and we could not come close to the house even by car. Now, I feel relieved. I believe people living in snow fall areas are having a very hard time every year. I recognized the power of snow. Anyway, thanks for the Kodo members' help!

Yoko Fujimoto

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Feb 16, 2011

石塚充 2011年2月16日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb 16, 2011


A travel day scene -5-
This is Kusasuke sleeping as if he was very smart and intelligent. In this tour, he shows his multiple talents to play Miyake left-handed, and plays Monochrome, chappa and shinobue (bamboo flute)... but his only fault are his smutty glasses...



A travel day scene -6-
Shogo and Kenta have often been sharing their earphones and listening to something together grinning. So fishy.. Masayuki will get jealous of you guys.



勝: 海外も通じるはずなんだけどさ~、電波入んないんだよね。。
充: どっか設定をいじるんじゃないですか?
勝: うん。。どうやんのかわかんないんだよね。。
充: 海外ローミングなんちゃらってとことか~。。
勝: あ~。。ツアー出る前に電話とめてきたんだけど、それかな~、電波入んないの。。。


A travel day scene -7-
Masaru was staring his mobile phone.
Masaru (Ma): It is supposed to work here, but I cannot catch the network...
Mitsuru (Mi): I guess you have to change the setup somewhere.
Ma: Yes, but I do not know how.
Mi: I think something like "roaming abroad."
Ma: Oh, I stopped my contract before leaving for the tour. Is that why I cannot catch the network?
Mi: Well, it may be..., I mean, it's got to be the reason why.
Ba doom, ching!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 15, 2011

中込健太 2011年2月15日
Kenta Nakagome Feb 15, 2011






This morning, we ordered steaks with great enthusiasm: men cannot conquer the American continent without having steak for breakfast! You see that a huge steak came with potatoes like mountains, three sunny-side eggs, toast, orange juice and coffee! With a howling vigor, we finished up our steaks and were satisfied with ourselves, and then, we swore to ourselves