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Nov 19, 2012

山口康子 2012年11月19日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Nov 19, 2012


秋の研修所のひとこま。このところ雨続きで、なかなかできなかった脱穀と干し柿作りを手分けして行う研修所長と研修生たちです。干し柿は1600個以上! も吊るしたそうですが、研修生の旺盛な食欲を見ると、お米も柿もあっという間になくなってしまいそうです。

A scene from the Kodo Apprentice Centre in autumn. The apprentices and the head of the centre worked together threshing rice and making dried persimmons after a stretch of rainy days. They made 1,600 dried persimmons. Judging by their robust appetites, both the rice and persimmons will be gone soon!

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Nov 17, 2012

山口康子 2012年11月17日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Nov 17, 2012




Shinchan-sensei(*) was invited to be the instructor for a training program offered by the Sado City Council Sports Promotion Committee. It was held at Kanai Noh Theater. We had a great experience with participants all wearing the same sportswear.
*Shinchan-sensei: Mr. Shinichi Sogo, the Tatakokan taiko instructor (Kodo Cultural Foundation staff member)

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Nov 04, 2012

見留知弘 2012年11月6日
Tomohiro Mitome Nov , 6, 2012





佐渡国羽茂郡 宿根木 有田久四郎 
佐渡国 小木町 佐々木伊八郎
佐渡国羽茂郡 深浦村 佐久間治右衛門


佐渡国羽茂郡 宿根木 佐藤伊左衛門

Now, we are performing at “Tamasaburo Bando Special Performances” in Kagawa Prefecture. The performance will close on 11th, but the tickets have already been sold out.
Kotohira-gū is a shinto shrine for a god of safe seafaring and prosperous business. Shukunegi area near Kodo Village was a port of Kitamae-bune, a shipping route in Japan from the Edo to the Meiji periods. I heard that many shipping agents from Sado had come to Kotohira-gū to pray and offer votive stone lanterns. So, I looked for them between the performances. I walked all around the precincts, but was not able to find them. Then, I found three on the street and one in front of the station, which are all written “Sado.” (I guess they were offered at the end of Edo or the Meiji period.)
Shukunegi Community Hall, which Kodo Special Performances were held last spring and summer, was used as a classical playhouse before. It is said that visiting Kotohira-gu had a great influence to Sado culture.
Tomohiro Mitome

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