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Feb 29, 2012

新井武志 2012年2月29日
Takeshi Arai Feb 29, 2012




Today we have a joint rehearsal with the apprentices.
It's Onikenbai (demon sword dance).

The person at the end... from behind it lookslike Eiichi, aka Banana Odjisan?

Just as I thought, it is him.
So his leg is really all better now.
We can't let ourselves be beaten by the kids born in the 90's.
Of course, up in the front row, you can see our ensemble leader, too.

Takeshi Arai

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Feb 25, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年2月25日
Kodo News Feb 25, 2012

Kodo Apprentice Centre Featured on Hidetoshi Nakata Official Site

元サッカー日本代表の中田英寿さんが昨年11月に研修所に来所され、このたび中田英寿公式サイト「nakata.net」で紹介されました。中田さんは、日本文化をより多くの人に知ってもらう「きっかけ」をつくり、文化の継承・発展を促すことを目的に「ReVALUE NIPPON(リバリューニッポン)」というプロジェクトを立ち上げ、日本全国各地を取材されています。各地の工芸、食、芸能などを紹介するシリーズで現在、新潟県が取り上げられています。また公式携帯サイト(有料)では映像も配信されています。

佐渡島で育まれる音 太鼓芸能集団「鼓童」


Former Japanese soccer representative Hidetoshi Nakata came to the Kodo Apprentice Centre in November last year, and his visit was recently introduced on his official website. We hope you’ll take a look.
More details in English are on our website.

Sound Cultivated on Sado Island: Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble “Kodo”

Mobile Site

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Feb 22, 2012

鼓童が第33回松尾芸能賞<邦楽優秀賞>を受賞 2012年2月22日
Kodo Receives 33rd Matsuo Performing Arts Award for "Japanese Music" Feb 22, 2012






Kodo has been selected to receive the Matsuo Performing Arts Award for "Japanese Music" (presented by the Matsuo Entertainment Development Foundation), which is given to people in the performing arts world for their contribution to the preservation and elevation of Japanese culture and performing arts.
There is a long list of great performers who have been selected in the past. The awards ceremony will be held on March 29 in Tokyo and this year's recipients are as listed below.

*Grand Prix: Koki Mitani (scriptwriter)

*Award of Excellence: Kayoko Shiraishi (actor), Jun Anna (actor), Masao Sen (singer), Kodo (taiko performing arts), Takeharu Kunimoto (recitation of stories accompanied by shamisen)

*New Artist Award: Kankuro Nakamura (Kabuki), Eikichi Kiyomoto (Kiyomoto shamisen)

*Matsuo Performing Arts Award

This performing arts award was established in 1979 by the Matsuo Entertainment Development Foundation to bestow on people in the performing arts world. The objective of this award is to contribute to the support & promotion of Japanese traditional theater arts and the preservation & improvement of Japan-specific culture & performing arts.


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Feb 20, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月20日
Eri Uchida Feb 20, 2012


We came to Luzern, the beautiful lake town..



A big annual winter carnival is being held in the town now. There are a lot of parades all around the town and many people wear showy and fancy costumes. There was a great hustle and bustle in the town.


Confetti scattered all over.


Spirited costumes.

20120220eri05_185子供からおじいちゃんまで From small children to the elderly.


I guess he's pretending to be a sumo wrestler.

20120220eri07_185Little drummer.



Not only people in the parades, but also spectators put on great costumes. Everyone enjoyed themselves and this atmosphere naturally makes me smile.


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Feb 19, 2012

山口康子 2012年2月19日
Yasuko Yamaguchi Feb 19, 2012

東日本大震災により福島から避難して来られている皆さんに、佐渡太鼓体験交流館(たたこう館)で太鼓体験をしていただきました。同行のスタッフの方を含め、34人の方が参加してくださり、しんちゃんせんせいもパワーいっぱい! 皆さんにいろんな太鼓に触れていただきました。



なお、鼓童では「Heartbeat Project」の一環として、3月18日の「たたこう館まつり」第2部の「鼓童交流公演」に、佐渡島内に避難されている方々を対象にご招待をいたします。ぜひこの時にも、太鼓好きな方がたくさん集まってくださるといいなと思います。

Heartbeat Project

We invited Tohoku Pacific Earthquake evacuees living on Sado Island to experience taiko at Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan). Including some staff, 34 participants came to play many different kinds of taiko, and of course, Shinchan-sensei, the famous Tatakokan instructor, got excited!

Even now, about 100 evacuees are living on Sado Island. This year, it snows a lot and Sado Islanders are having a tough winter season. So, I can hardly imagine how hard life is for evacuees from the Pacific coast. We will be glad if they feel refreshed after they moved their bodies when they played taiko.

Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan) will host a festival on March 18. In the second part, we'll hold a Kodo Workshop-Performance and we would like to invite evacuees living on Sado Island to be our guests. We hope many taiko fans will gather for this event.

Heartbeat Project

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石塚充 2012年2月19日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 19, 2012



The final Dadan concert in Paris has come to an end. The Chatelet was a full house for all four days. It seems that the Dadan spirit echoed profoundly in the hearts of the Parisiens, and thanks to all the curtain came down amidst so much excitement.
Masaru Tsuji gave it his all, and he's exhausted. We're traveling to Switzerland today!
Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 18, 2012

洲﨑拓郎 2012年2月18日
Takuro Susaki Feb. 18, 2012



It is the last day of the Dadan concerts in Paris today, which welcomed sold-out audiences throughout its four-day showing.This beautiful theater was built in 1862. I wonder when we'll be back again, I hope it's as soon as possible.

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Feb 16, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月16日
Eri Uchida Feb 16, 2012




In Paris, France. I found a Dadan flier in a subway station!

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Feb 15, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月15日
Eri Uchida Feb 15, 2012

20120215eri01_185打男メンバーがパリで頑張っている間、ベルギーの人気バラエティ番組『De laatste show』に出演してきました。こじんまりとしたスタジオでの公開収録。鼓童がでると分かった途端、公開収録を見たいと言うお客さんからの問い合わせが殺到したと言う嬉しい声も聞きました。

20120215eri02_185 英語でインタビューされるということになり、緊張緊張・・・。

最後に演奏した屋台囃子は大盛り上がり。ベルギーに行くのは3月! これを見てお客さんがきてくれると嬉しいですね。

While Dadan members were performing in Paris, some of us appeared in a famous TV show in Belgium, called “De laatste show.” We performed in a small and cozy studio for the public. We were pleased to hear that many people had made inquiries to watch our performance in the studio.

I became very nervous when I had an interview in English, and I'm not sure it went well. ( I hope it did!)

The audience got so excited to see us play “Yatai-bayashi.” We hope many people will come to see our performances in Belgium in March after they enjoyed our performance today.


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Feb 13, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月13日 その2
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 13, 2012 Part 2


DADAN参加メンバーは早速今日から仕込みです。いつもお世話になっているスタッフチームも、一昨日から乗り込んで来てくださっています。頼もしい! DADAN海外進出、楽しみですね!

We're in Paris!
The Dadan members are setting up right away today. The staff that always work with us on Dadan arrived yesterday. How reassuring! I'm looking forward to Dadan's debut abroad!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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石塚充 2012年2月13日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 13, 2012



We were in Dublin until last night. We had two performances and a family concert. Dublin's a city of music, so I noticed that the audience was really into our performance and the little children at the famiy concert were moving to the beat as they listened.

And today we have arrived in Paris at last. The Dadan members have to perform something completely different to what they have been performing on this tour so far, so while they were waiting at the airport en route, they were checking their parts like mad. Personally, it's my first time ever in Paris and I'm excited!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 10, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月10日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 10, 2012


シュトゥットガルト、マンハイムの二連チャンを終えました! バタバタしていて劇場内で写真を撮れませんでしたので、おまけ写真ですみません。みんな元気です!

We finished our back-to-back concerts in Stuttgart and Mannheim! It was hectic and I didn't get any shots in the theaters, so excuse these consolation pictures. Everyone is well!
This year, I heard that everywhere is Japan is also receiving heavy snow, and Europe is also having a huge freeze, and Germany is a level of cold I'd not experienced before. I thought I'd be fine everywhere but Scandinavia, but in Germany I rushed out and bought a new coat...
Can't believe Germany is colder than Scandinavia...

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 09, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年2月9日
Kodo News Feb. 9, 2012



Announcement Regarding the Earthquake on Feb. 8, 2012

On Feb. 8, 2012, at 9:01 pm, there was an earthquake centered on Sado Island that measured 5+ on the Japanese earthquake scale. The earthquake caused damage in one area on the island, which included water outages, etc. There was fortunately no great damage to the Kodo Village facilities, Sado Island Taiko Centre, Kodo Apprentice Centre, and members' homes, etc. We thank everyone for their concern and assure you that we are all fine.

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Feb 08, 2012

内田依利 2012年2月8日
Eri Uchida Feb 8, 2012


The other day in Germany. I got good faces!


A clean-cut man, Yuichiro.


A shy boy, Mitsuru


A mischievous man, Shogo


A big soccer fan, Kazuki


Tsuyoshi eating ice cream in freezing day and Masayuki taking a lot of pictures by his new camera.


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大井キヨ子 2012年2月8日
Kiyoko Oi Feb 8, 2012




Today, I baked Amish bread. Following the recipe, I mixed rice flour and hard wheat flour. It turned out very moist. I used both a rice cooker and a frying pan. The rice cooker was so small that it took 3 hours to bake, but the frying pan needed only 15 mins to bake it, and everyone loved it. I also mixed in raisins, dried persimmons, walnuts and bananas.
I think that this bread is the best as a sweet for tea time. I baked many loaves, but they were eaten so quickly. Kodo Village is a good place for making a bunch of food!

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鼓童 News 2012年2月8日




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Feb 06, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月6日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 6, 2012



On the 4th and 5th, we had 2 performances in familiar Munich. The theater was also familiar to us, the same place that welcomes us each time, Gasteig. It's difficult to tell in the photos, but it has a very peculiar stage which has left-right asymmetry. From the audience perspective, it is interesting with its strange depth, but if you are standing on the stage, you can't tell if you are facing straight ahead or not sometimes, and it always makes us nervous. When we put the instruments on the stage as well, we have to check the positions more carefully than usual.
The tickets were sold-out for both days. During the curtain call, we received the famous German "foot-stamping,"so Munich was a great success!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 04, 2012

大井キヨ子 2012年2月4日
Kiyoko Oi Feb 4, 2012



One of our friends, who is a fisherman gave this: a kind of codfish, called “Godara” or “Hoteiuo.” It is one of the special fish which can be caught in winter. It lives by the seashore and has a big sucker, of which size is 4 cm diameter not to be flowed by the current. It looks like a tadpole and feels very slimly for its collagen. To get rid of it, we first poured the hot water. Then, the slime of the surface was taken off and the eggs inside the body came out. Recently, this codfish has been very rare. We had it with gratitude.

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Feb 03, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月3日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 3, 2012



Yesterday we had a performance in Dortmund. Soccer player Kagawa plays for Dortmund, and we also did our best here as Japanese representatives!

This photo is of Yuichiro Funbashi who is taking the reigns for the first time as artistic director on our tour!

This year Germany is cold, huh?

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Feb 02, 2012

石塚充 2012年2月2日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Feb. 2, 2012


ドイツにやってきました! 北欧から来たので少しは暖かいかと思いきや、無茶苦茶寒いです! でも負けません! …と言いたい…けど寒い…

We're in Germany! I thought it would be a bit warmer here coming down from Scandinavia, but it's really freezing cold! But I won't be beaten... is what I want to say... but I'm cold...
Today we performed in Essen for the first time. We had a drum skin tear, oh so soon in the tour, but that didn't stop us from giving our all in the performance at this fabulous hall!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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鼓童 News 2012年2月2日
Kodo News Feb. 2, 2012



番組名: 歌舞伎俳優 坂東玉三郎 ~京都賞受賞 未来へのメッセージ~
日時: 2月5日(日)16:30~17:13(予定)
放送局: NHK BSプレミアム
番組内容: 2011年11月に第27回京都賞「思想・芸術部門」を受賞した坂東玉三郎さんが、自らの舞台芸術に対する熱い想いについて若い人たちに向けて語る。

TV Broadcast Announcement

A program featuring Tamasaburo Bando, who won the Kyoto Prize for Arts and Philosophy in 2011, will be broadcast on TV.

Program Name: Kabuki Actor Tamasaburo Bando - The Kyoto Prize: A Message for the Future
Date & Time: Feb. 5 (Sun) 16:30 - 17:13 (TBC)
Broadcast Station: NHK BS Premium
Program Content: In Nov. 2011, Tamasaburo Bando won the Kyoto Prize for Arts and Philosophy, and in this program he talks to young people about his passion for performing arts.

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