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Jan 31, 2012

石塚充 2012年1月31日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Jan. 31, 2012


二年ぶりにお邪魔いたしますデンマーク、コペンハーゲン。今回はヨーロッパでも十本の指に入るという、素晴らしいコンサートホールで演奏させていただきました。築三年とまだ新しく、建物を見に遠くから足を運ぶ方もいらっしゃるというこのホール、ご覧のとおりものすごい美しさでございます! 音も大変に良いでございます! 現地の太鼓グループ「生動太鼓」さんの御尽力により、素敵な機会が実現されました。ありがとうございました!

It's 2 years since we were last in Copenhagen, Denmark. We performed at a wonderful concert hall, one of the leading ones in Europe. It was only 3 years old, and they say many people come from afar just to see the building. As you can see, it is really beautiful! And the sound is also very good. Thanks to the efforts of local taiko group Seido Daiko, we had this fabulous opportunity to perform here. Thank you very much!
To our tour members who took commemorative pictures, put them on the weblog!!!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Jan 27, 2012

石塚充 2012年1月27日
Mitsuru Ishizuka Jan. 27, 2012


One Earth Tour 2012 in Euro、北欧スウェーデンの大学街ウプサラ(Uppsala)にて初日の幕を開けました! 鼓童がスウェーデンに訪れるのは実に28年ぶり。おそらく初めてのお客様がほとんどだろうという客席はとてもあたたかく、とても気持ちの良い初日でありました。ツアーの舞台を初めて演出する船橋裕一郎を筆頭に、若い精鋭たちで巡る今年のヨーロッパ。この先の進化が楽しみです。

We had the opening night of our One Earth Tour 2012 in Europe in the university town of Uppsala in Sweden, Scandinavia! It was actually Kodo's first visit to Sweden in 28 years. Most of the audience was probably watching Kodo for the first time, and they were all so warm to us, so it was a really feel-good opening night. Yuichiro Funabashi is leading the tour as artistic director for the first time, and it's a sharp young cast on this European tour, so I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress from here.

The photo is completely unrelated, but here is Yosuke shopping at a kiosk in Sweden!

Mitsuru Ishizuka

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Jan 23, 2012

Melanie Taylor January 23, 2012

A few of us were up early enough on Monday morning to see the One Earth Tour members off when they left Kodo Village to head the ferry, to the airport, and off to Europe. Junior member Sho and staff Narumi (holding the farewell banner) have never left Japan, so it must be hard for them to imagine the long flight, let alone the languages and cultures that await our cast. I hope they can experience "One Earth" outside Japan with Kodo someday, too. Me? I'm thinking... I wish I could go and hear Kodo at the KKL in Luzern again. One Earth, many theatres, but only some that make taiko really sing. Bon voyage everyone! We're cheering you on!

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Jan 10, 2012

鼓童 News 2012年1月10日


文化出版局 ミセスオンライン

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