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Aug 25, 2011

お知らせ 2011年8月25日 その2
Announcement August 25, 2011

タイトル:特別番組 アース・セレブレーション2011

Local radio station FM-NIIGATA (77.5MHz) will broadcast a special program on Earth Celebration. It will feature recordings from the Shiroyama Concert on Aug. 21 (Sun) and an interview with EC Executive Producer, Atsushi Sugano. Please tune in!
Title: Special Progam: Earth Celebration 2011
Broadcast Station: FM-NIIGATA (77.5MHz)
Broadcast Date: Aug. 28 (Sun) 19:00 - 19:55

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お知らせ2011年8月25日 その1
Announcement August 25, 2011


Earth Celebration 2011 was a great success and we would like to thank all the people who joined us for the festivities. We are pleased to announce that Earth Celebration 2011 can be viewed online via Ustream until August 31. You can watch highlights of the Shiroyama Concerts, the Kodo Parade, etc. The footage is only available for a short time, so please take a look soon.

USTREAM | EC2011 城山コンサートほか
Ustream | EC 2011 Shiroyama Concerts, etc

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Aug 18, 2011

見留知弘 2011年8月18日
Tomohiro Mitome Aug 18, 2011

今年も暑い夏がやって来ました! 今週末は、アース・セレブレーションですよ~。城山公園には特設舞台も出来あがり、イランからのゲスト、ラアナーイー・ファミリーとの稽古もすでに始まっております。少しだけですが、どんな音楽を聴かせてくれるのか楽器の写真をお見せします。

 ラアナーイー・ファミリー & 鼓童
 祝祭 ラアナーイー・ファミリー



Another hot summer is upon us! This weekend, it's Earth Celebration! We've built a special stage in Shiroyama Park, and we're rehearsing with our guest artists from Iran already. Here's a glimpse of the instruments they will use so you'll have an idea of what kind of music you'll hear from them.

This year's Shiroyama Concerts are:
【Aug. 19 Friday】
Ranaei Family and Kodo
【Aug. 20 Saturday】 
Ranaei Family
KO no kai
【Aug. 21 Sunday】 

We're waiting for you all! See you there!

Tomohiro Mitome

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Aug 06, 2011

山口康子 2011年8月6日
Yasuko Yamaguchi August 6, 2011




This weekend Ogi has a event called "Sazae Matsuri" where you can try grabbing sazae (turban shells) in shallow water while holding a torch in one hand. I heard that after the shellfish grab, the members of Ogi's Sazanami-kai would perform Sado's representative folk songs, so I went along to learn by watching. They performed four pieces: "Aikawa Ondo," "Sado Okesa," "Ryotsu Jinku," "Ogi Okesa."

As you'd expect, on the festival night when it's time for "Ogi Okesa" the dancers and musicians accompanying them look like they are having the most fun.The dance has slightly different moves to Sado Okesa, which are a little tricky, but I think that's what makes "Ogi Okesa" so captivating. We hope you'll join the "Ogi Okesa" workshop during Earth Celebration and experience the fun and intriguing world of "Ogi Okesa."

Earth Celebration 2011

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