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Jun 29, 2011

安藤良子 2011年6月29日
Yoshiko Ando June 29, 2011




Here's a shot from the School Workshop-Performance tour in the morning, doing the soundcheck for Chonlima.

Hey, there's someone smiling straight at my camera...

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Jun 26, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月26日
Takuro Susaki June 26, 2011




Today is our performance in Shibata.
Motofumi, thank you for taking the time to pose for me during your busy preparations.

Oops, they're calling you!

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Jun 24, 2011

安藤良子 2011年6月24日
Yoshiko Ando June 24, 2011





This School Workshop-Performance Tour is visiting primary schools in Niigata City. It's 30 minutes until our afternoon performance. You can see some of the male members lying on the stage...

And then along comes Masami!
They are not napping, they are psyching up together!

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石塚充 2011年6月24日
Mitsuru Ishizuka June 24, 2011



Before we set off each day, the young members clean our bus for us. Mari and Maya work together to clean the top of the windows. Way to go, girls!

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Jun 18, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年6月18日
Narumi Matsuda June 18, 2011




〜Tomakomai Performance in Hokkaido〜

[Top Left] It's not a dad watching his kid do homework. Tomohiro is watching over Yosuke and Kenta while they sign their autographs. Today they have 25 to sign, so they are really getting into it.
[Bottom Left] Audience members queuing in the morning. Thank you!
[Right] Masaru's father gave the Kodo in Tomakomai Committee a huge flower arrangement.

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船橋裕一郎 2011年6月18日
Yuichiro Funabashi June 18, 2011

Note 4 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director


Here is the third in my series about Sado sightseeing.
There are a lot of good spots in the town area of Ogi.

The local pharmacy with stained glass and a modern ceiling and

this former Japanese inn, which is now a cultural property

and this fish monger which had great octopus being dried on the day I went by.

Even now they use this shaved ice (kakigori) maker

at this store to make fluffy ice desserts.

ECは3日間! 楽しみどころがたくさんありますよ。

Well, there are too many places to introduce in this small blog space...
During the Kodo Parade and on the Explore Ogi tours, see if you can find these places for yourself.
EC is 3 days long! There's a lot exciting things to look forward to!

Yuichiro Funabashi

Click here to see "Note 3 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director"

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月18日
Takuro Susaki June 18, 2011


空 Sora

小島千絵子 Chieko Kojima

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Jun 17, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月17日
Takuro Susaki June 17, 2011


空 Sora

辻勝 Masaru Tsuji
内田依利 Eri Uchida

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Jun 16, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月16日
Takuro Susaki June 16, 2011


大太鼓 O-daiko

見留知弘 Tomohiro Mitome

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Jun 15, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年6月15日
Narumi Matsuda June 15, 2011



公演を告知してくれている自動販売機を見つけました! 応援ありがとう!

In the lobby at one of our venues.
I found a vending machine that was advertising our concert! (It reads "Kodo One Earth")
Thanks for your support!

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安藤良子 2011年6月15日
Yoshiko Ando June 15, 2011



The School Workshop-Performance Tour had morning and afternoon performances at a school in Tokyo today.
We received welcome messages from the pupils!


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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月15日
Takuro Susaki June 15, 2011


空 Sora

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Jun 14, 2011

松田菜瑠美 2011年6月14日
Narumi Matsuda June 14, 2011




The OET team had a day off in Obira, Hokkaido. Kazuki arranged a park golf outing. This course faced the sea and it felt so good being in the great outdoors.

It was right next to the hotel, so some members watched the match from their rooms.

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月14日
Takuro Susaki June 14, 2011


三宅 Miyake

小田洋介 Yosuke Oda

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Jun 13, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月13日
Takuro Susaki June 13, 2011


木遣り Kiyari

見留知弘 Tomohiro Mitome

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Jun 11, 2011

船橋裕一郎 2011年6月11日
Yuichiro Funabashi June 11, 2011

Note 3 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director



Here is the 2nd installment in my sightseeing on Sado series.
I'll tell you a scenic viewpoint I recommend. It's not far to stretch your legs from the main shopping street in Ogi (well, only 10 mins. by car...) and on the way to Sawasaki. The sight is so good from the Chojagabashi bridge. It's beautiful in the daytime and the evening, too.



アース・セレブレーション(EC)では周遊バスツアー企画などもありますので是非! コンサートのチケットも絶賛発売中です。

This is at Sawasaki Lighthouse. The photographer is really getting into the shoot.

At Earth Celebration (EC) there are Sightseeing Bus Tours you can go on! EC Concert Tickets are on sale now and selling well!

Yuichiro Funabashi


Click here to see "Note 1 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director"

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月11日
Takuro Susaki June 11, 2011


円かさそ Matoka Saso

小島千絵子 Chieko Kojima

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Jun 10, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月10日
Takuro Susaki June 10, 2011



小見麻梨子 Mariko Omi

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Jun 09, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月9日
Takuro Susaki June 9, 2011



辻勝 Masaru Tsuji

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Jun 08, 2011

見留知弘 2011年6月8日
Tomohiro Mitome June 8, 2011







The Kodo 30th Anniversary Book was sent to us on tour!!!
Yosuke is reading it already, I wonder what part he is up to?

It's Kodo's history all in one book.
You can buy it when you come along to our performance venues in Japan.

Also available at the Kodo Online Store in Japanese

Tomohiro Mitome

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宮﨑正美 2011年6月8日
Masami Miyazaki June 8, 2011



On the way from Fuchu,Tokyo to Sanjo, Niigata... well not really on the way but on a big detour, we went to Matsumoto in Nagano. We went to see former Kodo member (1984-1992) Leonard Eto giving a school performance to high school students. It was a "Blendrums" performance, a collaboration with tap dance, guitar, and drums. The taiko drums blended with and a array of musical styles, and you could really feel how much fun the performers were having throughout the performance. It's a taiko performance at schools like we do, but in such a different style... I sure our performers must have gotten some new ideas from it...

After the performance we went to say hello, and all the performers joined us for a group photograph. Thank you so much, you must have been exhausted after such an energetic show!

Masami Miyazaki

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洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月8日
Takuro Susaki June 8, 2011


巴 Tomoe

小田洋介 Yosuke Oda

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Jun 07, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月7日
Takuro Susaki June 7, 2011


焔の火 Honoka

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Jun 06, 2011

洲﨑拓郎 2011年6月6日
Takuro Susaki June 6, 2011


焔の火 Honoka

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Jun 04, 2011

船橋裕一郎 2011年6月4日
Yuichiro Funabashi June 4, 2011

Note 2 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director


で、第1弾です! 観光船にのってきました。

Yesterday, we had an interview by Joetsu City's free paper "cocola" and the theme was "A Spot We Recommend" so we took them on a tour around the Ogi Peninsula. I can't actually say everything I want to in one go, so I'll add more another time.
So, here's part one! We went on a sightseeing boat.


Actually, it was a motor boat, so it was quite a speedy and thrilling experience!


You can see the EC concert venue, Shiroyama Park. Our poster visual this year must have been taken from somewhere out here.


もちろん名勝地、秘境? にも向かいます。




Of course, we also went to other beautiful places and secluded locales.
It was actually my first time on speed boat, and it was so exciting!
Another thing that's exciting is that EC tickets went on sale on June 1st!

To be continued >>>

Click here to see "Note 1 from Yuichiro, EC Artistic Director"

Yuichiro Funabashi

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Jun 02, 2011

洲崎純子 2011年6月2日
Junko Susaki June 2, 2011

「いのちもやして、たたけよ。- 鼓童30年の軌跡 -」(30周年記念本)がついに完成しました!




鼓童オンラインストアで6月末までにお求めいただいた方には送料が無料になります。同じくこの期間、鼓童グッズ全商品も送料無料です。公演会場でも販売します。お求めはぜひ鼓童で! (全国の大型書店、Amazonでもお求めになれます。)


The Kodo 30th Anniversary Publication "Inochi Moyashite, Tatakeyo. – 30 Years of Kodo -" is ready!

Kodo staff started this book project in 2009, and with the help of writers, editors and publishers, it's finally been printed. 40 people from Kodo and outside the group were interviewed to make this book. Thank you very much to all the staff and everyone who let us interview them and gave us data for this book.

This book takes a look at Kodo and its antecedent Sado no Kuni Ondekoza's history, and leads all the way up to Kodo today. It also takes a look a how the current members feel as part of the group today. I'm a little nervous about the feedback we are going to get about this book, but I really hope everyone will have a look at it.

The book goes on sale next week!

It's available at the Kodo Online Store in Japanese and orders to our store will receive free shipping in Japan until the end of June. Other Kodo merchandise will also receive free shipping in Japan until the end of this month. It's on sale at our performance venues in Japan too. Please buy a copy! (NB* This book is written in Japanese, with no English translation.)

In these pictures, you can see three of us from the editorial team, thrilled to have the finished product! From left to right, Yasuko Yamaguchi, Junko Susaki (me), and Erika Ueda. It even comes with a Kodo bookmark!

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安藤良子 2011年6月2日
Yoshiko Ando June 2, 2011

Even earlier than yesterday, it's 8:30 am in this picture. We are in the middle of our sound check.

Sorry all my photos are taken from so far back. I came a little closer. This is the members on the Kodo School Workshop Performance Tour practicing the Okinawa drum part for "?????," the opening number.


The opening number composer Masayuki Sakamoto, and the artistic director Masami Miyazaki are both so serious.

Tomorrow the tour members are going from Niigata to Tokyo to perform at the "Tsuneichi Miyamoto 30 Year Posthumous Forum" on June 4 in Fuchu!



For details about the forum and performance, please see our website.


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