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Apr 30, 2010

Melanie Taylor Apr 30, 2010


Here are some photo's from Shogo's project "Babel", currently in Brussels.
I was shown a lot of photos just now, but it is like hide and seek looking for our Kodo member... or "Where's Wally?" ;)

20100430melanie2_2Can you see any Japanese drummer hands in here?

20100430melanie3Turns out all the pictures I saw were the 14 international dancers. We hope to see some close ups of Shogo and the musicians in action soon. The show looks amazing... wish it would come closer to Sado.

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Apr 29, 2010

Melanie Taylor Apr 29, 2010

Photograph: Tristram Kenton

Yoshie has certainly made her mark on the London arts scene...

Here are some reviews from her London show of Gnosis on April 26th:

I personally love this comment by Will Gompertz, the BBC's arts editor.
"You need exceptional qualities to be able to drum to a high enough standard to become a Kodo member. Only a very remarkable individual could also dance at a sufficient level to warrant taking the stage with Akram Khan. Yoshie Sunahata has achieved both and more. She also sang beautifully. Inner power and some."

20100429melanie2Yoshie, we're all cheering you on from Sado! We hope the volcano stays still so you can fly to Denmark safely today!

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Apr 28, 2010

安藤良子 2010年4月28日
Yoshiko Ando Apr 28, 2010

3月の「鼓童 うぶすな」公演出演の後、世界14ヶ国から集められたアーティストが共演する舞台作品「Babel(バベル)」に参加するため、単独ベルギーに渡った吉井盛悟。その「Babel」が、現地でのリハーサル期間を経て昨日、ブリュッセルで初日を迎えました!



「盛ちゃん、頑張って! みんなで応援してるよ!!!」

Shogo left for Belgium by himself after the Kodo Ubusuna Peformances in order to join Babel, a project for which artists from 14 countries gathered to make the piece together. They finished their rehearsals yesterday and had their debut performance in Brussels.

-On the local Brussels TV news-

I guess they speak Dutch (Flemish)…. so I cannot understand what they are saying at all, but I recognized the sound of Shogo: in the middle of the video, Shogo is playing taiko and at the end, performers are dancing along with Tamayura-no Michi, composed by Shogo.

Shogo! Break a leg! We are all cheering for you!

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Apr 23, 2010

洲崎拓郎 2010年4月23日
Takuro Susaki Apr 23, 2010


月刊「鼓童」の入稿があと数時間後に迫っております。編集部は脇目もふらずにコンピュータと格闘しております。ソフトはInDesign CS3です。頑張っております。頑張っております。雰囲気をお伝えするため、写真は網点風にしてみました。


We are working to finish our next Japanese monthly newsletter "Kodo Kikanshi" and have only a few hours to submit the data to the printers. The editorial staff are working very hard at the computers. The editorial computer software is "In Design CS3." Yes, they are working so hard. To show the mood of the office, I dotted the picture to make it look like newsprint.

We are practicing for both the Spring One Earth Tour and School Workshop-Performance Tours now. Tomorrow, we will have the first run through for School Performance. Everyone is working very hard.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the theater somewhere soon!!

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Apr 20, 2010

洲崎拓郎 2010年4月20日
Takuro Susaki Apr 20, 2010




It is cloudy above Kodo Village today, but it has become warmer and is almost spring. Now, we are practicing for both the Spring One Earth Tour and School Workshop-Performance Tours.

On the table, spring has also come. As I asked the chefs of the day to take a picture, they smiled, holding sprouts of Aralia elata. (We often eat them at the beginning of spring.) Today’s lunch is tempura! Woohoo!

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青木孝夫 2010年4月20日
Takao Aoki Apr 20, 2010




Our cow, Kikuko gave birth to her second calf at 2am, April 13, 2010. The baby was a female and will be raised as a breeding cow. So, next year, you may see them walking together on Mt. Donden if you visit Sado Island.

I am thinking of a register name for her now.

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Apr 15, 2010

洲崎純子 2010年4月15日
Junko Susaki April 15, 2010






放映予定 4月24日(土)19:00〜20:00
番組名 熱血!ホンキ応援団(テレビ朝日系列全国ネット 毎週土曜日放映中)
出演 松岡修造(元プロテニスプレイヤー)、宮下純一(元水泳オリンピックメダリスト)ほか
番組サイト http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/nekketsu/

The TV program “Nekketsu! Honki Oendan” by TV Asahi came to Kodo Village recently. This is a documentary program, which MC Shuzo Matsuoka, a former professional tennis player, cheers on people who are working towards a certain goal very seriously.

This time, 3 teenagers enrolled at the Kodo Apprentice Centre to reach the goal of their taiko group. Eiichi Saito taught them “What impresses people when they see taiko performed? What is important to play taiko? “ with all of his heart.

It was filmed at the end of February, the most freezing cold season on Sado. They were able to see all kinds of Sado weather during their stay.

So many things happened during their visit. I remember a lot of good scenes…. For those of you who live within Japan, please look forward to seeing those scenes on TV!

Date: 19:00 to 20:00 on Apr 24 (Sat)
Title: “Nekketsu! Honki Oendan.” (broadcasted every Saturday on TV Asahi group.)
Appearing: Shuzo Matusoka (a former professional tennis player), Jun'ichi Miyashita (an Olympic gold medalist in swimming) etc.
The TV program website http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/nekketsu/

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Apr 14, 2010

西田太郎 2010年4月14日
Taro Nishita Apr 14, 2010



Can you guess what happened to make the Kodo women players look so serious?





Well, they are in the middle of a makeup lesson.

As one of our annual spring lesson programme, this year we got the chance to learn makeup techniques. Makeup experts from POLA Corporation, a cosmetic company, came from Tokyo to Sado to give us a basic makeup lesson. They have also supported us in preparation for our show before.

POLA staff also support the All Japan rhythmic gymnastic team called “Fairy Japan.”



Such beautiful ladies! We thank POLA for helping the Kodo ladies look their very best!

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Apr 08, 2010

齊藤栄一 2010年4月8日
Eiichi Saito Apr 8, 2010






Ah, spring has come.

Long time, no Banana Odjisan! My silly picture series has not been updated since January.

I had been unsure if I should show this camellia picture or not, and now the cherry blossoms have already bloomed… It is not a good time to show this picture any more, but I decided to show it to you.

Sorry that there are no jokes at all this time.

Eiichi Saito

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洲崎拓郎 2010年4月8日
Takuro Susaki Apr 8, 2010

鼓童「打男 DADAN」のDVD発売が決定いたしました。来月中旬発売予定です。7月のツアーに向け、盛り上がりましょう〜。

鼓童 | 「打男 DADAN」DVD

The new Kodo “Dadan” DVD will be on sale in mid-May. Watch it and to get pysched up for the "Dadan" tour in Japan in July!

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Apr 01, 2010

眞貝祐子 2010年4月1日
Yuko Shingai Apr 1, 2010



In the dining hall at Kodo Village, Dobashi and Masayuki are having a meeting, called "Men's Holiday Planning" At Kodo, there are bunch of members who love to just look at catalogues and "tools."



Smile! Yes, terrific! They are the members of the "Fishing Club," who are working hard to classify new fishing tools. Well, I wonder how their holiday will go... I hope they will report about it on this Kodo weblog♪



To the left: Masayuki, nicknamed "Prince," pretending to be a fish.
To the right: Dobashi, the leader of the Fishing Club. (Photo taken in Ibaragi, Oct 2009)

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新井和子 2010年4月1日
Kazuko Arai Apr 1, 2010



An ibis came by to Kodo staff, Taro's house!

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